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Beneath the vast and majestic Kunlun, the great battle was increasing in intensity.


The Snow Panther King of Kunlun was extremely fast; he morphed into his true form and streaked across the battlefield, like a bolt of lightning before stomping onto a giant beast. With a loud thump, a descending claw slashed open its skull, killing the opponent.

Within the battleground, giant beasts lay in pools of blood. It was a bitter fight.

Through 10 rounds of battle, three Kings had been lost on Kunlun’s side in addition to many more that were wounded. The Western camp had also suffered similar casualties.

This was, however, not the end. In fact, the battle had just begun.

The two sides continued to send forth experts to do battle!

People who came back alive were delighted; especially those who had come from afar to aid Kunlun in its time of need. According to prior arrangements, as long as they helped Kunlun overcome this catastrophe, they would be able to obtain a mountain in Kunlun to use as their dao grounds. In the future, they would have the right to accompany the kings of Kunlun to enter the Home of Myriad Gods.

There were friends among those who had been invited, who came without a second thought. There were also strangers, who came here due to the incentive.

Naturally, there were also people who came without being invited; people who did not want to see the lands of the East occupied by those of the West.

At the bottom of the mountain, the fragrance assailed the nostrils.

The returning experts were all laughing as they walked. Returning in victory from a life and death battle caused them to be greatly delighted and relaxed. But, when they arrived back at the base, they all felt amazed.

Who was roasting meat?

Very soon, they saw Chu Feng.

After the world revived, Kunlun was vast and elegant; raging waterfalls and flowing streams existed in abundance, hence, there was no shortage of water supply; the bird had long since been washed clean.

At this moment, the Hummingbird King was already skewered and being roasted on the fire. It had already taken on a fragrant golden hue after being basted with honey. Apparently, it was almost done.

"I say, brother, didn’t you also go out to battle just now? Could it be that you have expended too much energy? You’re actually roasting a turkey in this situation!" A king level expert laughed.

He was also a combatant and had seen Chu Feng join the battle; he never thought, however, that Chu Feng would be the one to return first.

"Brother, please give me a drumstick. Seeing you cook has truly stirred my appetite." The Snow Panther approached the bonfire; he had washed away the blood and dirt from his previous battle and was smiling with his long hair spread out over his back.

In the vicinity, many people were rendered speechless. Apparently, those who had just returned from the battlefield did not know that the quarry was a bird race king.

"Brother, it's not that I'm stingy. It is truly a situation where the demand exceeds the supply—I’m about to faint from the hunger. After a while, I’ll go kill another beast king and share it with you."

He was rather dissatisfied; this bird king was simply too small. On the way back, its feathers were all puffed up and appeared to be over a meter long. However, after plucking them clean, the bird was not much bigger than a chicken.

"This is a bird king?!" The Snow Panther along with the others were all stunned.

This beast king, after removing its beautiful plumage, was extremely small.

However, after careful thought, Chu Feng found it to be quite natural—the hummingbird was, after all, one of the smallest birds in the world. Under normal circumstances, it would only weigh a few grams.

This beast king had grown to this size due to gaining spirituality.

Finally, the Hummingbird King was ready to eat. Chu Feng was like a reincarnated person who had starved to death in his past life; he wolfed down the whole meal in but an instant. Very soon, even the bones had been picked clean.

"How fragrant! I want to eat more!" He sighed with an oily bone in his mouth, savoring the aftertaste.

The Hummingbird King was quite tasty; its skin was crisp and golden, while the meat was succulent and juicy. It was not greasy at all.

In the distance, the Magpie King and the Golden Monkey felt their scalp grow numb after witnessing this spectacle. They remembered Chu Feng prowling around their camp the previous night.

They secretly felt relieved—if not the great battle was imminent, their fates might not be so different from the Hummingbird King.

"I’m going to battle again, to kill another beast!" Chu Feng exclaimed.

The people in the vicinity wore odd expressions; other people battled to fulfill their duties or to gain a foothold in Mount Kunlun. And then we have this person… what was he trying to do? He was simply looking to sate his appetite!

"Who dares to face me?!"

At this moment, a thunderous roar came through from the Western camp and shook all the king level experts. Everyone felt their body grow tense.

Additionally, those who had not reached the king level started trembling and almost couldn’t stand upright.

"I shall take you on!" A breaking roar clashed with the terrifying roar, dissipating it and preventing it from further harming the less powerful beings. The Mastiff King had taken to the field.

Chu Feng was shocked—the other side had fielded their peerless experts? He hurriedly pushed his way to the front of the crowd.

At this moment, the whole battleground had quieted down.

The Arctic King slowly advanced towards them; his build was tall and stout, his white hair billowing behind him. He appeared rather barbaric, and his eyes were burning like the sun. A powerful aura that shook the earth and sky emanated from his body, causing the whole battlefield to tremble.

This was a being with six severed shackles; its wild blood energy surged out from within, almost drowning out the sun and the moon. It was a dangerous situation.

The Mastiff King emerged. He stood straight and tall—with long dark hair, prominent facial features and a cold glint in his eyes, he was the very picture of determination.

With two peerless experts taking to the field, the armies from both sides drew back, allowing them to occupy the whole battlefield.

In the distance, the reporters and agents were shocked. "Quick, fall back!"

These people pulled back further, knowing that once those experts started to fight, the damage would be terrifying. The destructive shockwaves from the battle would, no doubt, cover a wide area.

The normal beast kings were done testing each other out.

It was now time for a clash between the peerless experts; both sides wanted to understand the strength of the enemy’s six shackles severed experts.

"Kill!" the Mastiff King roared as he turned into a flash of dark light that shot out with amazing speed.

"Roar!" the Arctic King let out a roar that shook the mountains and streams. With white light shining on his body, he also dashed out.

Many people were sent into a daze due to their roars; some almost fainted and many more felt their hairs stand on end.


The great earth trembled and the mountains shook as the two collided, thus began a great battle.

Fists and palms struck each other as flashes of energy shone with extreme brilliance. Many people had to close their eyes at that moment.

The mountains trembled as if a meteor had struck the earth; the whole area lost its calm.


They fought with great intensity. The scene of these two experts clashing into each other was a horrifying sight.


Accompanied by great roars, the two experts repeatedly clashed, allowing the masses to see just how terrifying a battle between two experts with six severed shackles was. They were indeed able to look down upon all other king level entities.

They moved with extreme speeds, comparable to wind and lightning. The air exploded repeatedly where they fought.

Chu Feng’s expression became solemn. After severing his fourth shackle, he had thoroughly evolved and obtained a speed four times that of sound.

He had previously thought that with his speed, he would be able to stand at the apex. But, this battle proved him wrong—the two peerless beast kings both possessed the same speed. Every move would break the sound barrier, and the explosions produced were comparable to the descent of heavenly lightning. The explosions never stopped for a second.


The air vibrated intensively as the two exchanged blow at inhuman speeds.

The Arctic let out a sudden roar. His right hand suddenly transformed into a large white claw that was several meters long. He slashed toward the Mastiff King, enveloping him in the wide attack.

The Mastiff King’s expression did not change. While maintaining his human form, his right hand transformed into a black claw which faced off against the Arctic King’s.


The resultant sound waves shook the whole area like a thunderbolt.

Between the two experts, mysterious energy surged out and immediately split the earth wide open.

Within a blink of an eye, their palms returned to their previous form.


A sonic boom resounded as they moved again at extreme speeds. Within the blink of an eye, they had charged to one side of the battlefield, as if they were flying, and landed on the summit of a hill.


The peak was blasted apart as their feet landed, sending a huge crack into the earth. The two experts were the epitome of strength and vigor.

They rose once again and dashed through the battlefield.

In the distance, the agents and reporters were green. They were secretly relieved that they decided to move away at the right moment. Otherwise, they would probably be dead without a doubt.

These people had swiftly retreated once again, seeing that their parameter of safety had once again shifted.


The Arctic King roared. While in his human form, his head transformed into its true form. Opening his large jaws and revealing his terrifying fangs, the Arctic King bit down at the mastiff.

The Mastiff King dodged swiftly as the mountain beneath him was bit off by the giant bear head—it was such a fearsome sight to behold!

The next moment, the Arctic King had, once again, come charging over in his human form.


The Mastiff King was extremely tyrannical as he actively attacked with a large black claw. The attack enveloped the whole mountain and came hurtling down upon the Arctic King.

"Oh god!"

The spectators were all trembling with excitement and fear.

At this moment, the whole world was focused on this battle. People across the world were observing through live cameras and saw this scene quite clearly.


The Mastiff King’s claws covered the whole of this hill and smashed it to pieces, sending rocks and debris flying everywhere.

The Arctic King moved away, evading the blow. He opened his mouth and shot out a boundless and chilling white light.

The people were all stunned as the whole battlefield became sealed in ice. The few surrounding mountains and forests became encased in ice, turning everything into ice sculptures.

The Mastiff King appeared on a distant mountain; he had long since evaded this attack.

The cold air was extremely terrifying. It contained a lethal destructive energy within and was not as simple as it would seem.

The two experts with six severed shackles took their intense battle further and further into the depths of Mount Kunlun.

No one dared to approach them. All they could do was wait patiently.

In the opposite direction, the agents and reporters were nervous. A fight at this level signified a clash between peerless experts. This was indeed an exceptional battle, and yet, they were unable to get a close-up shot of the scene.

In the outside world, people were no longer able to see the image of the two experts. Everyone fell into momentary silence before bursting into a clamor.

At the base of Mount Kunlun, where the armies of the East and the West were facing off, it was quiet. There were no intense battles taking place while the people were waiting for the two peerless experts to decide a victor.

"I’m so hungry!"

Chu Feng rubbed his stomach. That small hummingbird did not make a satisfying meal for him.

Some people from the Western camp were glaring at them. "Where’s the Hummingbird King?! What have you done to him?"

"Eaten!" Chu Feng replied.

"Are you courting death?!" The people from the other side were infuriated.

Chu Feng’s eyes were cold. If it was not for Yellow Ox’s dissuasion, he would've gone out to battle.

"Are you challenging me? I promise to kill you in a while!" Chu Feng replied.

"Don’t be rash, wait for the experts to be embroiled in melee, then we can kill our way over," said Yellow Ox.

This was a plan that they had already discussed beforehand. It was necessary to avoid being targeted by the experts with six severed shackles, especially since Chu Feng had caused such a stir in the West. If someone guessed his identity and connected the dots, it would be very dangerous!

"Don’t worry! With us around, do we even have a need to fear them?" A voice came through from behind them.

The speaker was an old ape. He stood there exuding an aura of great benevolence, like an elder monk.

Chu Feng was momentarily astonished as he recognized the person’s identity. He was the Elder Ape of Great Woods Temple—the first beast king to establish his own sect!

"Brother, how many experts do we have on our side at the level of six severed shackles?"

The black yak asked without holding black, walking up to the Elder Ape to greet him intimately. He had boasted before that the Elder Ape was his sworn brother.

However, Yellow Ox revealed the ugly truth. The black yak had snuck into the Great Woods Temple to steal the fruit from the Vajrapani Bodhi Tree and was caught by the Elder Ape. He escaped only after receiving a harsh beating.

"Suffice to say that you need not worry. Just fight to your heart’s content and have no fear of those experts." The old ape calmly smiled. "This is the East after all. This is no place for them to behave atrociously!"

At this point, the Elder Ape’s words were extremely tyrannical as two beams of light shot out from his eyes. "The tiger wishes to harm man, but man also wishes to subdue the tiger. Since they have come, they will have to pay the price!"

After hearing these words, the trio felt greatly reassured. They knew that the Eastern kings would have made sufficient preparations and they had no need to overly fear the Western experts.

However, Chu Feng mentioned something else. "I sort of caused too great a ruckus in the West.

"You can still go out and fight," replied the Elder Ape. However, he did inquire just what it was that Chu Feng had done.

"I flattened Vatican and established the Gourmet Rankings," Chu Feng replied.

The Elder ape was stunned. Even a being as powerful as he was felt somewhat speechless. After all that clamor, the "fierce person" who had stirred up the West was this little bastard.

He felt quite the headache. It seemed that he needed to monitor Schiller carefully.

"Go, it’s nothing to worry about!" the Elder Ape replied resolutely.

"Very well!" Chu Feng felt relieved.

Actually, he was not that afraid. Even if Schiller made a move, Chu Feng would still be able to wound him if he utilized the diamond chakram at full capacity.

At this moment, within the Western camp, some experts were starting to shout out challenges.

Yellow Ox, the black yak, and Chu Feng moved to the front, ready to make their move.

Chu Feng appeared and shouted across the field, "So noisy! Anyone who isn’t satisfied can step out!"


Immediately, an expert rushed out. This beast king was tall and sturdy; his eyes were crackling with cold arcs of electricity.

"You really ate the Hummingbird King?"

"Indeed!" Chu Feng spat out a bone. "it tasted quite good!"

"Die!" the opponent roared, shaking the heaven and earth.

"You actually look quite tasty yourself. I’ll roast you too!" With that, Chu Feng rushed out and directly launched an attack.

In the distance, the agents and reporters were all shaken. That man truly resembled the dead Chu Feng.

"Isn’t that Chu Feng?!" some people voiced their suspicion.

A few experts from the Western camp also noticed something wrong.

"Isn’t Chu Feng dead?!"

"Could it be that I’m overthinking it? Could the incidents in the West have something to do with him?!"

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