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"Schiller, that bastard is also coming? I’m definitely going to beat him to death this time!" The black yak’s nostrils were steaming. After careful thought, the whole tragedy at the Vatican was orchestrated by this old knight, harming so many king level experts. They, themselves, had almost died there.

"Can you even win?" Yellow Ox shut him up with a single question.

Schiller was an expert with six severed shackles; only people like the Mastiff King would be able to fight head-on against him. Even though the black yak had severed his fifth shackle and was now very strong, he was still not Schiller’s match.

The sixth shackle was extremely difficult to sever—people at that level were extraordinarily powerful and stood high above the rest, enough to look down on all the kings.

Chu Feng did not join in on their pointless conversation. He was busy regulating his condition, prepared to plant his seed and evolve once again!

"I will undergo my evolution in the Ox King Palace," Chu Feng announced. The seed in the stone box was a secret that could not be revealed to anyone else. It must even be kept a secret from the other kings of Kunlun.

Otherwise, there would certainly be a huge disaster—a storm of fresh blood.

A large hall within the Ox King Palace had its roof punctured, scattering the tiles everywhere.

Because, from past experiences, Chu Feng knew that the sprouting of this seed was related to the splendor of the stars, moon and morning light.

Chu Feng took a deep breath and regulated himself. His whole body was sparkling with a translucent glow as he stored his vast blood energy within—he was extremely powerful!

At this moment, on the floor of this hall, a huge pit had been dug out, revealing the soil underneath. Chu Feng opened the human height beast skin bag and poured its contents into the hole.

Scarlet light surged out from within, bathing the entire hall in resplendent lights. The crystals were simply too brilliant.

From afar, it was like a red flame erupting from the large hall.

The black yak stood guard outside, while Yellow Ox watched the interior. They acted as Chu Feng’s dharma protectors, preventing any outside disturbance from reaching him. The two oxen stood in a solemn formation.

Chu Feng retrieved the stone box from his chest. Opening it, he saw three seeds; two were in their original condition, dried and devoid of vitality. Only one of them was showing signs of vigorous life.

Moreover, this seed was special—it was completely golden yellow and resembled an inch-long sword. It felt heavy on the hand and was much weightier than metal!

It was unbelievable, but this was definitely a seed!

Even Chu Feng did not know what to say; the seed would change into different forms with every evolution, but transforming into a sword came as a great surprise.

"Can I use it as a flying knife?" he had this idea, but he never dared to try, afraid that the seed would be destroyed. That would mean losing a great treasure!

He was now about to plant the seed and allow it to sprout. If there were no accidents, the seed would grow and once again evolve.

This also meant that the small sword would disappear and turn into something else.

Chu Feng was really curious and wanted to try it out before the change. He was now very well versed in the control of his psychic powers and believed that he would be able to control the force well.


Golden light brilliantly shone as the entire hall was suffused with sword aura; that little seed was astonishingly suitable to use with the Imperial Sword Technique. If he did not know beforehand that it was, in fact, a seed, he would have believed that this was a tiny flying knife.

Yellow Ox was seated within the palace and immediately noticed something was wrong. He swiftly arrived and saw this scene couldn’t help becoming stunned.

Chu Feng controlled the inch-long golden weapon which was emanating strong golden lights. This was a type of formidable blade that could easily slice through the walls of this sturdy hall.

Chu Feng was shocked; he felt that this little blade was too mysterious. It did not look like a seed at all—it looked more like a divine weapon!

He had a feeling that this seed was even more suitable for spiritual control than the scarlet flying knife. This was a weapon made to be controlled with the spiritual arts.

Yellow Ox was also stunned, his eyes round as he stared at the little seed. He murmured, "How is this possible?"


Chu Feng took a risk and performed a test; the little blade actually pierced through a huge pillar within the hall. One had to know that these pillars were refined from spiritual iron and upon it were carved dragons and phoenixes, something that supported the entire hall.

However, the inch-long blade actually pierced through easily—how sharp and hard was it?!

With a swoosh, golden light flashed as the little sword landed in Chu Feng’s palms. He observed carefully; it was radiant and unharmed.

"This item is truly extraordinary!" Yellow Ox rushed over with a solemn expression. He then took the little sword and studied it closely.

"Do you recognize its origins?" Chu Feng asked.

"I’ve heard legends of a type of weapon which did not belong to our world, but to another frightening great realm. There were legends of a weapon which was grown from a tree that could vanquish all foes!" Yellow Ox’s expression was solemn.

According to him, that weapon was terrifying to the extreme and was the guardian treasure of a certain holy land with a heritage tracing back tens of thousands of years.

Since the legends were not from his world, Yellow Ox had only heard of it and was not privy to the details.

Chu Feng and Yellow Ox studied the weapon together and found that it was extremely suitable to use with the spiritual arts. Every time it was utilized, even during the process of injecting spiritual energy into the blade, it felt extremely relaxing and there was no energy loss.

At last, Chu Feng didn’t want to part with the seed. If he planted this rare weapon, it would be lost forever.

"Ah, blast it. I’ll have to plant it." Chu Feng finally made up his mind and decided that no matter how powerful the weapon was, it was not comparable to personal strength.

"It’s not an ultimate weapon anyway. Perhaps the next evolution would be even more powerful," Yellow Ox consoled.

Chu Feng buried the seed and the box together within the brilliant red crystals. A patch of lustrous red like the misty twilight engulfed the entire hall.

Now it was time to patiently wait, and as such, Yellow Ox left the hall.

However, this time, it took quite long. The whole night had passed and yet the seed had not sprouted; this caused Chu Feng to be uneasy.

However, one could see the lights emitted by the crystals were all concentrated on the stone box. This was proof that it was effective and that the seed was absorbing the energy from the crystals.

The black yak and Yellow Ox both came to look on. They were both nervous just like Chu Feng, hoping that the process would be successful.

The two oxen had gained great benefits from Chu Feng back at the Vatican, and this time, they hoped that Chu Feng would be able to successfully evolve and break another shackle.

Finally, as the sun rose and the morning light came flooding down, the seed started to show some changes.

In truth, the morning light did not directly fall upon the area within the enclosed halls. But, at this time, a sound came through from under the red crystals accompanied by golden light. It was a sprout!

"It always sprouts at a specific time. It is probably not due to the sun, moon or stars," Chu Feng concluded in surprise.


Suddenly, a sharp aura blossomed from the ground as a beam of golden light rushed out. The seed had indeed sprouted and grown into a golden sword tip!

"Is this really a plant?" Chu Feng was astonished; it was too odd.

He closely and thoroughly observed, then he discovered that the sprout was not different from a blade at all. It was incomparably sharp, and it glowed with resplendent lights as it slowly emerged from the earth.

The black yak and Yellow Ox both excitedly rushed in.

Following that, the blade grew longer and longer, from one inch to three then to a meter. It was as if an exceptionally sharp blade was coming into being.

This blade was overflowing with light; its hilt was connected to the root of the plant and above it was the glorious snow white blade. To the untrained eye, it was definitely a divine blade.

Chu Feng pulled out a strand of hair and placed it gently on top of the blade. Blowing gently on it caused the hair to be cut in two.

"What a good weapon!" This was the first time the black yak had seen a seed grow into a sword.

Yellow Ox was also sent into a daze; he could not see through it at all.


The meter long sword emitted a crisp sound as it started to grow branches on its sides; before long, it started to grow at a visible rate until, two hours later, it was the size of a man.

Its shape was odd. The main trunk was golden yellow, it looked somewhat like a tree, albeit all the leaves took the shape of blades.

The whole tree was full of little blades, all of them glittering with an eye-catching brilliance. Soon, a terrifying sword aura began to emanate from it.

"This is a little bit similar to the sword tree of Mount Shu’s Sword Palace!" the black yak exclaimed. However, he shook his head later on, claiming that there were certain differences.

The two cranes obtained an ancient inheritance after founding the Sword Palace of Mount Shu. Apart from that, the most valuable thing on the mountain was that sword tree; the flower buds that it produced were all in the shape of swords, ringing with metallic sounds.

The sun had climbed very high and yet the tree was still growing.

It was now over three meters all, filled with sword-like leaves and producing jingling metallic sounds when it swayed in the wind, filling the whole area with sword qi.

At this moment, the outside world was in a turmoil.

It was now being widely circulated in both the East and the West that the experts with six severed shackles had all gathered at Mount Kunlun and were ready to begin this historic battle.

The whole world was focused on the imminent battle.

It could be said that the people were all paying attention to the first clash between the East and the West in many years.

No one was able to guess the outcome.

The atmosphere was tense, and all eyes were on Mount Kunlun; everyone was waiting for the huge battle to begin.

At the same time, other news was spreading around at a rapid pace.

For example, news that Chu Feng was alive and back at Mount Kunlun. This caused huge waves among the netizens, but in the face of the upcoming decisive battle, this alleged news was drowned out without any facts to support it. Many people found the news too hard to believe.

"What a vast and majestic mountain range. Even standing here allows one to feel a tangible splendor. As expected of Mount Kunlun!"

At this time, a pale middle-aged man walked up. His head was devoid of hair, not unlike a monk, as he stood gazing at the base of Mount Kunlun. This was, indeed, the Ancient Yoga Guru Fanlin.

The Black Dragon was also present to personally accompany this honored guest.

Not far away, an old man with blonde hair and golden eyes walked over. He carried himself with great majesty and power, and every step he took shook the lands. This was the Elder Lion King.

This was not being done purposefully; merely that his power was extremely terrifying. Without intentionally reigning it in, it would emanate constantly.

"Ha, the Home of Myriad Gods in the depths of Mount Kunlun belong to us. We will head there for deification!" Another blonde old man appeared; he looked as if he was an elderly gentleman, however, he was, in fact, the Vampire King.

Behind him was a large group of experts, converging upon Mount Kunlun, ready to strike at a moment’s notice.

"Schiller has arrived and is now taking a rest. We only need him before we can start the assault!"

The great battle would erupt at any moment!

At the Ox King Palace, within the mountain range.

The golden tree had already grown over three meters tall, and the barks had started to crack. It was comparable to the opening scales of a golden dragon as the whole tree was filled with sword-shaped leaves and emanating myriad lights.

It was at this moment, that a flower bud formed.

This was not only Chu Feng’s chance but it was also an opportunity for the seed itself to evolve.

And there was, indeed, something special about the flower bud this time!

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