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The Dhole King was dead; his true form reappeared and became a mutilated carcass within the mountains. It was terrifying to know that such a powerful beast king had been reduced to such a state.

The group behind them truly wanted to run away immediately; even the Dhole King had been utterly destroyed within a few hits!

The Golden Lion King’s expression was extremely cold as he approached step by step. Chu Feng had, in his presence, killed one of his subordinates—this came across as a huge provocation. In addition to the presence of old grievances, his murderous intent was now torrential!

"The one who provoked the Elder Lion King should also be you, right?" the Golden Lion King inquired.

"I do, indeed, want to try some lion meat!" Chu Feng looked at him calmly. This time, his main aim was to kill this lion within the misty valley.

Last time at the Vatican, this Golden Lion King was extremely bossy and domineering; he had wanted to kill Chu Feng and the two oxen. Now, the tables had turned and he was about to slaughter his first lion.


The Golden Lion King roared; the golden glow on his body grew even more resplendent as his golden hair danced about him.

The people behind trembled as they involuntarily retreated. The Golden Lion King’s roar filled them with a deep sense of dread—years before, he was the king of the beasts, and now, still, he was the Golden Lion King, claimed to be unparalleled within the same realm.

"Very good, I had always hoped that you would survive. Who would’ve thought that the heavens would fulfill my wish!"

The Golden Lion King exploded with golden flames as his aura surged, his whole person enshrouded in golden yellow lights and emanating a terrifying pressure.

Last time, he was wounded by Chu Feng’s diamond chakram. The lion king had viewed this as a great disgrace and would go frantic whenever he thought of it. He truly wanted to kill this human with his own hands.

However, when he heard that Chu Feng had died, it caused him no end of frustration, having lost even the opportunity to kill the bastard himself.

However, at this moment, such an opportunity had presented itself.

Around them, the others were all edging away. They did not want to be around the area when the two kings started fighting. They were clear just how strong the Golden Lion King was; as soon as he went mad, he would slay all gods and deities that he came across.

As for this Demon King Chu, even though they could not see through him, he was extremely astonishing!

Roasting the White Bear, flattening the Vatican and even claiming that he wants to taste the meat of the Lion lineage—this was not only shocking but also crazy!

"It’s not certain who will be killing who!" Chu Feng stared at the Golden Lion King.

"With just you?! If you didn’t catch me by surprise last time, you wouldn’t even be worth discussing. What do you think you are?!"

The Golden Lion King’s expression was cold as he struck out with a killing blow, bringing with it a tyrannical murderous intent. He wanted to hack off Chu Feng’s head right away.

He was extremely disdainful and proud. He firmly believed that he could sweep away his enemy, and that apart from the entities with six severed shackles, he had no need to fear anyone at all.


The lion king’s palm was blindingly resplendent and surging with divine lights. The energy flooded out like a broken dam, causing the nearby trees and rocks to shatter and burst into pieces.

This was all caused by the outflow of his mysterious energy.

Chu Feng was fearless as he stepped forward to meet his adversary. His fists bombarded the Golden Lion King. The two were embroiled in melee combat; they exchanged fists and palms, filling the whole area with thunderous explosions.


The mountainous woods exploded as dust and smoke filled the air. The countless trees and shrubs in the vicinity were all ground into pieces immediately. Even the earth and cracked open, revealing dark ravines.

The two were attacking with wild abandon, and neither party held back.

The two retreated simultaneously, unable to deal with the other party.

In the distance, the group of people were all scared out of their wits. Just how powerful were they? The battle had only just begun, and the destruction was already evident. If they went up there, they would immediately be turned into meat paste.

The Golden Lion King’s long hair glowed resplendently like the sun. He actually smiled, revealing his snow-white teeth, evidently very excited.

He was like a madman excited by the thrill of the hunt. He had always been disdainful of others; by encountering a true expert, he was filled with motivation and spirit.

"Now this is interesting. If I directly killed you, that would be too boring!" he quietly muttered. However, his voice reverberated thunderously throughout the whole area.

Behind him, the group of experts were all palpitating. All of them were uneasy and afraid; the lion king had gone berserk.

Chu Feng replied, "It truly is interesting. After I kill you, I’ll stew a pot of lion meat. That ought to shut the old lion up. He truly thinks his threats will work against me."

In the distance, the remaining troops were all stunned. This person was not inferior to the Golden Lion King in all aspects.

The Golden Lion King’s glare was as sharp as a blade; he coldly laughed as he steadily approached. His whole being became increasingly dazzling, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to look straight at him.

At this moment, he was like a god, enshrouded in brilliant golden lights, and emanating vast and terrifying fluctuations.

Any other entity from the same realm would find it difficult to even face him, let alone fight against him. His suppressive aura was just too strong, causing everyone to tremble before him in fear.

This was all due to his light golden blood energy. As he circulated his breathing technique, his body would emanate terrifying energy comparable to vast seas, undulating like the tides.

It was as if a deity had descended to the mortal world! His golden light gave off such an illusion.

The light surged outward from him and throughout the whole mountain and forests, causing all the beings to tremble in fear. After breaking four shackles, he had arrived at the heights of that realm.


The Golden Lion King roared. He stepped forth amidst the golden sea and attacked Chu Feng, his fist grew, akin to a small yet invincible mountain, and came hurtling towards the latter.

It was obvious that the Golden Lion King had previously encountered great fortune and obtained a mysterious inheritance which included fist and breathing techniques. Now he was holding nothing back as he threw everything he had at Chu Feng. It was a terrifying spectacle to behold.

If it was a normal king level entity, even if their realms were reversed, that single palm would have turned him into paste.

However, how could Chu Feng be inferior to him? Even though he had broken one less shackle than the lion king, he possessed the miraculous breathing technique which allowed him to undergo huge upgrades to his constitution with each breakthrough. This allowed him to have a powerful advantage over other opponents.

The Demon Ox Fist was incomparably grand. It was as if one had reached the ancient times; the bloody sun hung high in the skies as the desolate lands stretched endlessly over the horizon. A great yak held up the skies above and stepped on the nine underworlds below. With a great roar, it tore apart the skies and would soon step into the universe.


After this kind of fist was thrown out, it directly shattered the incoming golden light and came into contact with the Golden Lion King’s palm. Terrifying energy rippled outward and exploded violently.

In the vicinity, rocks the size of millstones were, like blades of grass in the wind, tossed high into the air as trees were uprooted and ground to dust.

The destruction caused by the clash between two experts was astonishing; the surrounding mountainous lands were all in ruins.


As the two clashed, flashes of intense lightning could be seen, which was accompanied by thunderous explosions. This was the light emitted after their fists and palms struck each other—a frightening sight to behold.

After they broke through the sound barrier, the air exploded and the mountains collapsed as giant trees were destroyed and rocks were shattered. This was a sight that would cause anyone to feel their blood run cold.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Chu Feng and the Golden Lion King continuously traded blows. The two took to the skies, stepping on treetops and mountains, moving hundreds of meters with every flight during their aerial melee.

They were comparable to gods!

The others who witnessed this battle were all dumbfounded. Some of the quasi-kings were trembling in fear as the aura of the combatants caused them to be greatly intimidated.

The two tore through the skies as if they were actually flying. This kind of battle was impossible for the group of observers.

Eyes glittering, one of the spectators took out his communicator. He wanted to announce this news to the outside world—at the next moment, he was screaming in agony as he suffered the same fate as the previous aggressor.

A scarlet flying knife had shot over and cut off one of his arms to the shock of everyone present!

Chu Feng, naturally, could not let them leak information because he still had another group of vampires that he needed to deal with. He wanted to kill everyone within the valley.

The Golden Lion King’s eyes shot out cold light—Chu Feng had, once again, attacked his subordinate without any regard for him.


The Golden Lion King shouted as he formed seals with both hands. The patterns were odd and unfathomable but emanated a vast and majestic spirit akin to a deity forming hand seals to suppress myriad foes.

One could vaguely make out a silhouette appearing behind him. It was indistinct, but it resonated with his hand seals and reinforced his secret technique; the energy produced was vigorous and tyrannical.

Within the blink of an eye, the Golden Lion King’s strength increased explosively and his golden light was even more intimidating. The mountains and forests were illuminated with his brilliance as if enshrouded in the rays of the morning sun.

At the same time, Chu Feng circulated his special breathing technique and the spiritual image of his Demon Ox Fist appeared. A yak holding up the heaven and earth, surrounded by a multitude of stars, roaring and tearing through the starry skies!


The two experts clashed once again, utilizing their ultimate moves.

Tides of mud and earth surged out as the surface of the earth thoroughly collapsed. Larva gushed out from within and devoured the earth and rocks with their blazing flames.

The two flew back in opposite directions; Chu Feng’s body shook as intense pain rose up in his chest, his face slightly pale. Encountering an equally powerful opponent, he had to go all out with his attack!

In the distance, the corner of the Golden Lion King’s mouth was dripping with blood. Rage was written all over his face; he couldn’t believe that he had sustained injuries with such an exchange.


The Golden Lion King roared—suddenly, sand and rocks flew apart. The mountain shook as streams of lava shot up into the sky.

The famous lion’s roar sonic attack!

Not far away, the group of people were shocked. Some of the quasi-kings screamed in agony, covering their ears with their hands and retreating even further.

The Golden Lion King had gone berserk; his messy golden hair danced in the wind. It was as if he had been immolated. Powerful fluctuations akin to that of an erupting volcano could be detected from him.

With a boom, he stepped forth. He was still using his lion’s roar, shaking and fracturing the mountain. The normal beast kings were no longer able to hold on at this point as a light golden ripple spread out from him, tearing everything apart.

Thump! Thump! Thump…

Giant rocks were burst apart as trees and bushes were torn to shreds.

The Golden Lion King rushed over for a decisive clash against Chu Feng. His light golden blood energy spilled out from his body and suffused the air around him, accompanied by terrifying energy undulations.

Chu Feng stood in the distance and let out a loud roar. The Demon Ox Roar went head-on against the lion roar in an intense clash.

Lion fists and palms struck out violently at supersonic speeds, causing huge explosions and shooting out intense beams of light.

This was an alarming battle between experts!

A warrior with three severed shackles who was able to fight to this degree was unprecedented; his destructive power was frightening. No other kings at the same level were his match.


With a jump, they appeared hundreds of meters away, tearing through the skies and arriving at a low mountaintop.

The two had each sustained injuries in the intense clash, causing blood to splash out everywhere.


The Golden Lion King’s palm struck out and was evaded by Chu Feng. A torrent of golden energy destroyed the top of the small mountaintop, sending rocks flying into the air.


Chu Feng utilized his Divine Feet and stepped towards the Golden Lion King. With a strike, he sent the latter flying. As his feet landed on the mountain, a large part of the summit, once again, was fractured.

This kind of power, that could easily destroy a mountaintop, was extremely terrifying. It was enough to shock the world.


Chu Feng was sent flying into the distance. He had been hit by a palm strike to the left shoulder, which was now in intense pain. He coughed up large amounts of blood; obviously, he suffered a grievous injury.

However, the Golden Lion King’s wounds were even worse. After he had received a punch to the chest, fresh blood spurt out in every direction. The wound was large and bone-deep.

Chu Feng stood from afar and revealed an expression of shock. If it were any other king level entity, this punch would’ve smashed them into pieces, and yet the Golden Lion King was able to defend against it.

"I’ll kill you!" the Golden Lion King roared in anger. In a direct clash, he had actually gotten off worse than Chu Feng. He was now frantic.


At this moment, his breathing became more rapid as his mouth and nostrils expired golden mist. Finally, it grew into a storm. During expiration, the airflow caused the surrounding rocks and stones to shatter—its sharpness was comparable to that of a sword.

He rushed through the air toward Chu Feng.

Light shot out from within Chu Feng’s eyes as his whole body circulated the special breathing technique. All his pores were open and "breathing" energy. Every movement that passed caused brilliant lights to emerge from his body.


The short mountain thoroughly collapsed as Chu Feng and the Lion King clashed once again in a life or death battle.

The two moved about like bolts of lightning amidst the thunderous explosions. The two changed their battlefield quite often because, within the short period of fighting, they had demolished over ten short mountains in the vicinity.


Finally, the Golden Lion King let out an unresigned roar—he no longer had the strength to reverse the situation. He had been struck upward into the air as Chu Feng’s fist penetrated his chest, leaving a bloody, see-through hole.


Following that, Chu Feng utilized his Divine Feet to kick the lion’s chest until it collapsed. The lion was sent flying into the distance and landed at the base of the mountain with a loud plop.

Chu Feng jumped off from the mountaintop; this height was nothing to the current him as he landed straight like a nail that cracked open the earth. He lowered his head to look at the blood-soaked Golden Lion King.

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