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The fiery lights danced within the midst of this mysterious valley. This was an odd sight because usually, the valley was dull and dark.

"Death is akin to an extinguished lamp. Even beings as strong as kings would die all the same when killed; their bodies are flesh and blood all the same."

Chu Feng mused as he roasted the dragon’s meat. His movements were skilled and practiced; he started seasoning the meat just as it turned golden. These skills were gained through repeated practice.

It was just as he said: the king level entities were extremely powerful during life that they could defend against missiles and firearms.

However, once dead, they were unable to circulate the mysterious energy within their body, and their miraculous properties would rapidly disappear.

They were all made of the same flesh and blood; none of them were made of steel, and none of their basic properties had changed. With the passage of time, they would be no different from the flesh and blood of a normal person—they would rot all the same.

"I have to take advantage of the freshness and prepare the food," Chu Feng muttered.

The mouth-watering aroma emitted from cooking the king level ingredients invaded his senses.

There were a number of unopened red wine bottles here along with vodka and brandy, moreover, there were also a lot of other items like cigars.

Chu Feng laid back on the deckchair and poured himself a glass of red wine before starting to eat his roasted dragon meat, luxurious to the extreme.

He had evidently come here to lie in wait for the incoming enemy to start a massacre. Yet, here he was, lounging in leisure as if he was on a holiday.

The Grey Falcon’s wings had been roasted golden yellow; he sprayed some red wine over the wings and continued his barbeque, saying, "Wine marinated ribs are no match for wine marinated wings."

Over the course of a few days, he had already fried, stewed and roasted all the best parts of the two beast kings and had eaten his fill.

As he waited at the passage, having nothing better to do, he started browsing the internet. There he saw that some people had constructed a ranking for the experts from the Eastern punitive expedition.

The Earth Dragon and the Grey Falcon were actually in the rankings!

"What sort of strength ranking is that? It’s more like a gourmet ranking!" Chu Feng posted a comment below and unexpectedly invited a host of replies and discussions.

"Brother, you are overestimating yourself. The experts in the ranking are all king level entities, do you even dare to eat one?"

Many people laughed at this.

"Let alone you, who among the king level experts had eaten shackled realm life forms as food?"

Many people felt this conversation was interesting and were chiming in with mockery.

Chu Feng silently posted some photos of his barbeque session outside of Jerusalem; there were no words or captions, just photos.

The people: "..."

Afterwards, someone with keen eyesight noticed something odd about the photo. There was one among them that was slightly different from the ones that had been previously released.

This immediately caused a huge stir!

The whole group became clamorous.

"The great deity of Jerusalem has finally revealed himself. May I ask how good the White Bear’s meat tastes?"

"Oh god, that valiant and ferocious person is you? Oh heavens, you are simply too bold! After eating the White Bear, do you plan on eating the beast kings on the strength rankings?"

The fierce person from the Holy City had appeared, and this caused a huge sensation.

Originally, the Eastern punitive expedition’s strength ranking was a serious and formal matter. However, after the distribution of a pictures, everything was left with a bad aftertaste.

Many people arrived, curious as to the situation with the ferocious person.

This person was just too mysterious. After barbecuing the White Bear, this person had not revealed himself at all. Now, he had reappeared and was focused on the Eastern punitive expedition’s strength ranking. This astonished everyone.

No matter if it was in the East or the West, it caused a huge stir.

The White Bear had been eaten by someone, and the person believed to be the culprit had revealed himself. How could this not cause great waves?

After being checked by experts, that photo was indeed genuine and was taken at around the same time as the ones that had been circulated before.

This was indirect proof that the culprit or someone who has a relationship with the culprit had made an appearance.

The post, which had received the ridicule and mockery of the people, immediately become a hot post, with several thousand people replying at the same time.

Gourmet Rankings!

This was the opinion that the fierce person had of the expedition’s strength rankings. Now, no one came forth to mock him.

"Deity, are you going to make another move? Which beast king have you to planned to eat?"

"Expert from Jerusalem, which one suits your taste?"

"Fierce man, please take action quickly. The people of the East welcome you and support you; please rush to the base of Mount Kunlun to eat the Black Dragon King and the Arctic King. They should taste quite exquisite."

This simple comment shocked the world and caused waves of excitement.

In truth, this incident was even more serious than the people had thought. Some of the corporate powers had sent agents to investigate whether this expert from Jerusalem was really going to take further action.

The White Bear was an expert with four severed shackles and yet he had become food in the end. This case was not publicized, and the people were all curious about the truth.

The people from the Eastern punitive expedition were incensed and apprehensive at the same time. Was this fierce and violent bastard about to make another move?

Especially Schiller, the Black Dragon, and the Arctic King—the three of them were greatly astonished. They were wondering just when had they offended the expert from Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, Chu Feng was still leisurely waiting for the arrival of the reinforcement army. If it was not for the fact that he didn’t want to reveal himself, he would have already posted the pictures of him roasting the Earth Dragon and the Grey Falcon. That would surely put a dent in the eastern expedition’s morale.

Now, he was only hoping that the Golden Lion King and the vampires would arrive sooner.

However, his recent irresponsible actions had deeply affected matters, causing the top level experts to frown.

Finally, the Elder Lion King spoke, rallying the morale of the Eastern punitive expedition. He resolutely claimed that he never had second thoughts about his decision to attack Mount Kunlun.

"I don’t care who you are and where you’re from. When I cross over to the East and you dare to appear in front of me, I will definitely kill you!"

The Elder Lion was extremely tyrannical. He had his lack of fear or concern for any and all challenges. So much that he did not even care if this ferocious person was the resident expert of the Holy City.

This was unparalleled confidence!

"I wonder what lion meat tastes like, I’m very much looking forward to it!" Chu Feng finally commented. This was posted right under the strength rankings post.

For this, he had especially found a translation software. Although he knew some lousy English, he was not familiar with the language used in the Holy City.

Very soon, the East and West were all shaken and incomparably excited. Would this be a showdown akin to a comet falling into the vast seas?

The Elder Lion was very tyrannical, but the ferocious person was also very intrepid. He dared to claim that he wanted to eat lion meat. This expressed his lack of fear or regard towards the lion king; this was a challenge!

The lion was incomparably cold, his eyes shooting out divine lights. However, he did not argue further, only saying that he would kill his way towards Kunlun as soon as possible!

In truth, Chu Feng was not referring to the Elder Lion when he spoke of eating lion meat. He was talking about the Golden Lion King, who would arrive soon. He was not confident that he could fight to the death with king level entities who had six shackles severed.

The Golden Lion King had the full support of the Elder Lion, and as such, his methods were always bossy and domineering. The last time at the Vatican, he was tyrannical to the extreme; he wanted to take the lives of Chu Feng and the two oxen.

If Chu Feng had not shot out the Diamond Chakram at the critical juncture, the group would have probably been killed by the Golden Lion king then and there.

This time, knowing that the Golden Lion King would have to pass by this place to reach the East, he naturally would not let the lion go unharmed.

No matter if it was the East or the West, all were drowning in waves of astonishment and heated discussions.

At dawn, Chu Feng walked along the valley and arrived on the Eastern side, planting his foot squarely on Xinjiang soil.

He felt that the relieving guard team would arrive soon and thus he waited there to spring the ambush.

Passing through the valley of mists and bathing in the brilliant red clouds, he circulated his special breathing technique as his whole body sparkled a translucent radiance. He was completely enveloped by the sunlight from head to toe.

Previously, within this valley, there was a large poplar tree that had evolved into a tree king. However, at this moment, it was nowhere to be seen. Apparently, it had run off at the first sight of the Eastern punitive expedition.

"Here they come!"

Chu Feng whispered, ending his breathing technique after seeing two king-level entities come into view.

One was a lady with long hair; her whole body was shrouded in the morning mist and the brilliance of the sun. This beautiful woman was, in fact, Qiao Na from the Holy See.

Accompanying her was a huge dog; its whole body was scarlet, and its long hair was like raging flames. This beast king’s appearance was extremely violent.

Qiao Na and this dog were also among those who had chased him into the Mediterranean last time.

After she discovered Chu Feng, Qiao Na was immediately stunned. She had never thought that a dead person would revive and stand before her.

Within a split second, she felt a great grave sense of foreboding within her. She remembered many things and started to connect the dots; Ovidius dying at Jerusalem, the decimation of the Vatican... could all of these incidents have something to do with him?

This lady’s intuition was frightfully keen!

Qiao Na’s heart was filled with raging tides despite the amiable smile she was showing on her face. She spoke in all familiarity, "Dear Chu, what a pleasant surprise! Who would’ve thought we would meet you here, it must be fate. Come with me, I’d like to welcome you to the Holy See if you’re willing. And of course, if you’re not, then I will not force you."

Chu Feng looked at her with extreme calmness and did not reply. The last time, she was also friendly on the surface but had come after his life all the same.

"Chu, are you angry with me? The last time was a grave misunderstanding," Qiao Na adjusted her long golden hair as she said with a warm smile. Her fair countenance was fine and delicate, while her blue eyes glistened.

"No, I’m very happy with how things are. Because I now have the chance to kill you," Chu Feng replied.

"No need for superfluous words! Last time, he escaped with his life—this time we have to kill him!" the giant dog roared.


The giant canine rushed over; it was a king with three severed shackles and possessed extraordinary strength.

Chu Feng also rushed over, utilizing his Divine Feet to increase his speed to almost four times that of sound. The air exploded as he stepped forth in a direct confrontation of power, stomping down from midair.


A loud sound rang out like the descent of heavenly thunder that resounded across the plains.

With a huge boom, the giant dog was sent flying away and fell to the distant ground. Many of its white teeth were broken, and its body was afflicted with multiple fractures as blood flowed out of its nose and mouth. it had failed to bite off Chu Feng’s foot and had instead been traumatized to this degree, causing it no end of fury.


Qiao Na immediately reacted. The first thing on her mind was not to aid the giant dog, but to turn around and flee. She was thoroughly frightened—a normal king was no match for the current Chu Feng.

"Where do you think you’re going?!"

Chu Feng dashed over at extreme speeds and caught up to her. He threw out a punch decorated with brilliant lights, like a small supernova.


Qiao Na twisted to the side and turned to defend and counterattack at the same time. However, her two arms that were in front of her body in a defensive stance were forced into an abnormal position.

She was flung far away, coughing up blood.


The giant dog pounced at Chu Feng from the back.


Chu Feng used his Divine Feet once again and landed a swinging kick on the dog's body, resulting in cracking sounds all over its body. Apparently, many bones had been fractured.

In his current state, a single kick from Chu Feng was enough to collapse a small hill. Only such powerful king level entities could forcefully defend against it.

Even so, there was scarcely any hope for this dog king; it had completely lost its combat strength.


The scarlet flying knife flew out and instantly removed the dog’s head from its body.

"Your turn!" Chu Feng announced while glancing at Qiao Na.

"Chu, listen to me. Can’t we sit down and discuss the misunderstandings of the past?" Qiao Na’s expression was pale and frightened as she shouted.

"Why don’t you go down and chat with Ovidius?" Chu Feng advised.

"What?! It really is you!" Qiao Na screamed. The one who roasted the White Bear was indeed him; this was too shocking.


The scarlet flying knife, shorter than a person’s palm, rotated in the air and shot after the constantly running Qiao Na—its aim, to cut down her head.

There and then, the relief guard team perished!

Chu Feng glanced at their bodies and tossed them into the valley before walking towards the other end. Before long, he had arrived back in Greece and was waiting in silence for the Golden Lion King to arrive.

At noon, the entourage of the Golden Lion King was approaching the area and was not too far.

"Ha, that man from Jerusalem is too arrogant. He dares to provoke the Lion King lineage?" The Dhole King shook his head.

The Golden Lion King coldly replied, "Merely a mad person dreaming that he could eat the flesh of the lion lineage. He doesn’t know his place at all!".

He had already recovered from his previous wounds. Being a king level entity, his physique was extremely strong. At this moment, his long golden hair was swaying behind him and his eyes were cold, emanating a terrifying aura.

"Its unfortunate that Chu Feng had already died. I wanted to personally flay him. How I hope he still lives." The Golden Lion King sighed.

That last time, he was disgracefully wounded by a mere human who was actually much weaker than he was.

"If he did not catch me off guard with that odd bracelet of his, I would have probably ground that Chu Feng to dust. It can be considered his fortune to have passed away. If I see him again, I would not let him die so easily," the Golden Lion King coldly muttered.

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