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"Launching the rocket requires three different passcodes?" Chu Feng was dumbfounded; he truly did not know about this before.

The commanding officer of the facility only knew one part of the passcode. In order to launch the nuclear weapons, another two parts were required. The process was strictly controlled.

Fortunately, the required codes could all be obtained in Athens. The Europeans had given Greece quite a lot of authority.

Chu Feng went to Athens for a walk and obtained what he needed, although it was more troublesome than he had imagined.

Now, it was time to prepare the fireworks!

Chu Feng was about to get some revenge. He felt that the Divine City and the Sacred Medicinal Garden should both be wiped off of the surface of the earth.

He tried to contact Yellow Ox and the black yak one more time; in fact, he had tried several times in the recent days, but all his attempts were unsuccessful.

If he had suffered so many days of unconsciousness after eating just one flower bud, how would the two who had eaten two of them fare? They had disappeared from the grid after their debate with the Vatican; Chu Feng realized that they must be in the process of evolution by now.

He felt unfortunate that he could not get in touch with them. He had really wanted to let his two buddies know about the fun stuff beforehand.

"There really are quite a lot of nuclear weapons here!"

After the great change, many king level entities came into being in close succession. In response, Europe had sufficiently prepared to defend and retaliate in case they encountered hostile beast kings.


Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh…

He fired off not one, not two, but over ten nuclear missiles. They sped off in close succession, their target, the Vatican.

At the moment, Schiller was occupying the Sacred Medicinal Garden all alone. It didn’t take much thinking to know how strong he would become after he evolved again!

Now, Chu Feng wanted to wipe away his foundation!

The missiles met no resistance along the way.

Only after a while were they discovered. Satellite images were able to capture the terrifying sight which shocked all the people in Europe. Many people were jolted out of their seats.

"Oh god, what has happened? Who gave the order for this? Defend quickly!"

The officers who had once fired at Chu Feng under Schillers orders all felt their blood run cold.

Because, this time, the target of the missiles was the Vatican. The moment those warheads land, the resultant force would be sufficient to flatten the city a hundred times over!

"Oh god, it's too late! The city of myths and legends is about to be wiped off the surface of the earth."

Some western politicians were frantic. This was a huge disaster; who was it that gave the order to fire!?

Boom! Boom! Boom!

That day, terrifying mushroom clouds rose up in the West and shocked the whole world!

"Oh god, what had happened in the West? Huge nuclear explosions and several mushroom clouds have covered the Vatican!"

As the news spread, the whole world was shocked beyond words. It was crazy! Over ten nuclear warheads targeting a single place?

Many people felt that they were dreaming—it didn’t feel real at all.

Even if a world war broke out, no one would waste so much weaponry in this manner. This wasn’t just a couple of warheads—it was a whole group of warheads!

Just how terrifying would it be to be measured in groups?

The entirety of the Apennine Mountain Range and the seat of the Holy See was shaken as resplendent lights tore through the skies.

There was no way such a colossal development could be hidden!

Although the people did not know the reason and were unclear of the outcome, they were still able to witness the terror of the moment. Many pictures of the mushroom clouds had quickly circulated on the internet.

The whole world was stunned.

"What mesmerizing fireworks. Too bad I’m not there to see it," Chu Feng muttered as he sat there waiting for the results. With so many nukes, could he not flatten the Divine City?

The people around the world were all curious about the reason. Could it be that the Western Countries were dissatisfied with the Vatican and decided to go on the offensive?

Some of the Western politicians immediately denied, claiming that this had nothing to do with them. Someone had fired off the rockets without general approval, and the politicians were the first to stand out and denounce this perpetrator.

All the people were stunned. If it wasn’t them, then who was it?

The East was shaken.

All the major powers had formed a speculation; they immediately realized that someone was taking revenge against the Vatican.

Even though the Vatican had announced that Chu Feng and the Oxen had caused the implication and death of all those king level entities, many parties had their misgivings.

Especially after the Black Dragon and the Arctic King started to invade the East, people had formed a general idea.

"Good explosion! That feels great! I hope you send Schiller to hell, never to rise again!"

Some people from the East were cheering excitedly.

Just who could have done something like this? What a fearless person!

The whole world had their eyes on the Vatican; they wanted to know results of such an attack.

Chu Feng was also wondering how things had turned out.

During the post-civilization era, the strength of nuclear arms was a proven fact; it was sufficient, under normal conditions, to flatten a whole area!

Even the king level entities could only rely on their divine instinct to evade. If they really got caught at the center of the explosion where the temperatures were in the hundreds of millions, they would no doubt be disintegrated.

Previously, the Ash Wolf had survived because he had leveraged his divine instinct to run out of the effective blast range and had additionally found a deep ravine into which he escaped. Otherwise, he would have turned to ash immediately.

Even with such measures, he lost half his body.

Chu Feng and the two oxen survived the last time because they had sensed the danger beforehand and jumped off before the explosion.

Now, the Divine City was just sitting there; there was no way to move it. Chu Feng did not believe it would get away unscathed.

As the mushroom clouds cleared away and the dust settled, the landscape came into view.

The satellite images were able to capture the state of the Vatican area.

Many people gasped; a city was still there, glowing with weak lights. It had indeed withstood the destruction and did not disappear.

"It's still there!" Chu Feng’s eyes shot out bright lights as he clenched his fist; he was greatly dissatisfied.

However, he had also noticed the changes. Even though the city was still there, the damage to it was evident. It truly had not escaped unscathed as many old buildings had collapsed.

Some places had turned to rubble under the bombardment!

The city itself survived because a divine energy diffused throughout the area, covering it in a light screen, protecting this ancient city.

Merely, so much time had passed and with the world only recently reviving, there was no way the defensive power could rival that of yesteryears.

Moreover, the energy that it had recovered during revival had mostly been depleted at this moment.

The medicinal garden was also in a similar state; some of the missiles had gotten through at the last moment, and shot through the defensive perimeter of the city to reach the garden, reducing it to rubble.

The world became momentarily silent.

What a terrifying place; even with so many nuclear weapons descending upon it, it could not be taken down completely.

"As expected of a religion that had produced saints before." Someone sighed.

This placed instilled awe and reverence in the people—a place enshrouded in mystical legends!

The Western World was shaken.

Debates and heated discussions broke out, causing a huge ruckus.

In the East, many people were feeling that it was unfortunate. Schiller was such a bringer of calamity; it was best if he would die along with the destruction of the city. However, it did not turn out as expected.


Chu Feng muttered, determined to try again.

There were five remaining nuclear missiles within the facility. He had left them because he had feared that crowding all the rockets in one wave would make it difficult to exert their maximum effect.

These large number of nuclear weapons were all prepared to defend against beast kings.

The European armies had certainly made ample preparations!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh…

Five missiles shot out at the same time, akin to divine swords, tearing through the air towards the Apennines and the Vatican.

The satellite was indeed able to capture the five missiles. However, the operators were all in a daze after the previous round of attacks and were not being mindful.

It was not easy to stop fired missiles under normal conditions, and now it was even harder.

At this time, clamor had arisen in several places. Many people were focused on the Vatican and discussing recent developments, guessing who the perpetrator could be.

Finally, the five rockets came flying towards the Divine City and its medicinal garden.


When the mushroom clouds rose once more, the whole world was sent into silence.

Five consecutive clouds bloomed upon the land of myths and legends, producing an intense explosion.

This time, everyone was truly shocked. No one was expecting wave upon wave of attacks. Who was this cruel person who would not rest until the Vatican was no more?

The politicians who had spoken out earlier felt their hair stand on end. They did not dare to protest anymore, so much that they all became deathly silent with fear.

This vicious person instilled terror within them; they realized that they could not afford to offend such an ancestor who would strike without any warning. They speculated that the Divine City of the Holy See might not hold out this time.

This also foreshadowed Schiller’s potential failure in becoming an unparalleled expert!

As the smoke and dust cleared away, the people were able to see the Vatican… or at least what used to be the Vatican.

The whole city had been flattened out; apart from a single majestic cathedral, everything else had been reduced to rubble.

The whole place had become a land of broken wall and collapsed ramparts.

This time, the last bit of energy remaining within the city had been thoroughly depleted and could no longer be used for defense.

The Sacred Medicinal Garden was in an even worse state; it had been excavated for an unknown depth, forming a charred area contaminated with radioactivity. All life within had been extinguished.

The revived ancient divine trees had all received serious damage. They retracted into the earth and back into hibernation; there was no way they would bloom again within a short while!

It could be said that the whole place had been leveled.


This day, even people from the Black Dragon’s lair could hear Schiller’s terrifying roar of fury. He was like a wailing demon that shook the whole land.

Schiller calmed down only after a long while, mumbling, "There is an abundance of immortal mountains and islands; Penglai, Kunlun, Atlantis, etc. My dao path will not end here."

However, at this time, within a dilapidated cathedral, an old man opened his eyes. Golden light spilled forth from within as he spoke, "The Dao has deviated; the Vatican must return to the correct path!"

The West was in a state of landslides and tsunamis—the people were all on the edge of their seats. With great clamor, all the lineages were in heated discussion.

The things that had taken place today were too terrifying; the famous Vatican, the seat of the Holy See, the Divine City from the legends, had been leveled before their eyes!

The people were all dispirited and had no motivation to work or play. They were all debating who the person behind all of this could be, while some thought it was best not to know. This was even more alarming than a grade 18 cyclone.

The East was also boiling over with excitement—the agents of various powers were all talking about this matter. Who was this cruel person behind the attacks?

Many people were in high spirits; this kind of momentous attack would definitely exert a negative effect on the morale of the Eastern expedition. They had come charging to the front lines in high spirits, and yet their home was destroyed.

The punitive expedition was, indeed, drown in unrest.

This was too terrifying; today, the Vatican had been demolished. There was no telling when it would be the turn of their own tribes and lairs.

"Ha, ha, this is so satisfying! Who did this? This can be considered vengeance for my brother. Chu Feng died so early, ah, what misery." The black yak had completed his evolution and had revived. Hearing this news, he couldn’t hold back his laughter—however, he also felt saddened by Chu Feng’s unfortunate demise in the West.

Very soon, Yellow Ox had also come to.

Many people were speculating who the mysterious person could be. However, very few had connected everything to Chu Feng. After all, he was "dead".

Merely, there were some exceptions. One example was Hu Sheng.

He was still at Shuntian together with Xiong Kun and Lu Qing. Today, they were oddly quiet.

"Fox, what is with you? Today, we saw the West go up in flames! It’s a joyous occasion. Come on, smile!" Xiong Kun spoke in good cheer.

They truly hated the punitive expedition; those ambitious schemers wanted to defile Mount Kunlun, rousing the ire of many an Easterner. The beast races were not an exception.

"That’s right, Hu Sheng. What is wrong with you again? How come you’ve become quiet?" Someone patted him on the shoulder.

"I feel that this vicious person who stirred up the West has a very familiar modus operandi," Hu Sheng quietly spoke.

"What?! You have a lead? Come on, tell us. Who is it?" Xiong Kun asked enthusiastically, eyes wide with surprise.

Near the shores of the East sea, Lin Naoi was staring out at the vast sea, lost in thought. She was also guessing.

In the West, the whole world was quaking; this incident had caused too great a commotion.

Needless to say, the Eastern punitive army’s morale plummeted. The negative effects were obvious and instantaneous. Even though the Black Dragon and the Arctic King successively stepped forth to boost their morale, it was rather ineffective.

Only when the apex experts announced their resolute stance despite the destruction of the Vatican did the troops’ morale somewhat improve.

The Elder Lion announced that he would arrive very soon and begin the assault on Mount Kunlun.

The peerless expert who had been famous since 21 years ago had spoken thus. He was determined to attack Mount Kunlun despite the recent developments.

Furthermore, he added that the Golden Lion King had already gone on ahead!

"Ah, the Home of Myriad Gods is too attractive to our kind. I understand the Elder Lion’s determination. He wants to become deified there!"

With an ancient castle, the Vampire King nodded. He was the very picture of a gentleman—his golden hair swayed behind him, his face pale and his eyes unfathomable.

He announced his support for the Eastern punitive expedition, and that his followers were already on the way. He himself would follow after he had finished refining a certain blood race relic.

The Indian Yoga Guru Fanlin was also resolute; he would not give up. He was even more direct in that he had long since set off on the journey, claiming he was instructed by the Lord Brahma to head towards the Home of Myriad Gods!

After Chu Feng received the news, he did not care how clamorous the outside world was. A brilliant smile appeared on his face as he started to move out towards the secret passage that linked the West to the East.

He was going to wait there to kill the Golden Lion King and the vampire followers!

The outside world was in an uproar; various theories had arisen and rumors were flying about unchecked. However, Chu Feng was fairly composed as he prepared to suppress the forces attempting to pass through the vital passage.

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