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Who would've thought that after entering with hearts full of joy and anticipation, their fates would change so drastically?

The group of king level entities was roaring in fury; their bodies were emitting light as they utilized all the energy they had to protect themselves and escape.

However, it was too late. After the silvery walnuts fell to the ground, everything was blasted apart. The force was incomparably violent, sufficient to decimate mountains and evaporate rivers.

Suddenly, silvery energy surged and shot towards the skies as several mushrooms bloomed in succession. From a distance, it looked mesmerizing, but in actuality, they were extremely cruel. Those cruel mushrooms were decorated with the vivid colors of blood.


Some of the beast kings wrathfully roared, but nothing could help them as they were torn into pieces by the terrifying silver energy. It was not a true nuclear bomb, but the destructive power was sufficient to leave beast kings trembling.

It was virtually unstoppable. The tree was simply too mysterious; it actually possessed such destructive power.

It only had a basic level of conscience, but the fruits that it bore were terrifying to the extreme.

This was a Martial Sacred Tree that responded to human commands; it had just revived and recovered its basic functions.

It dropped a total of ten fruits that scattered in every direction and exploded at the same time. The blast engulfed the whole of this small realm with bright and resplendent lights. The sound was even more frightening than the descent of heavenly thunder.

Within the medicinal garden, king level blood was splashed everywhere. Even king level entities that could stop bullets were no match for such an attack. When the silver energy swept over them amidst the thunderous explosion, they felt as if they were made of straw and the resultant casualties were countless.

All the glowing bodies were penetrated or shattered, causing countless of beast kings to be wounded.

"Ha! It is truly a brilliant sight. The Vatican hadn’t been bathed in such spiritual blood for many years," Schiller spoke.

He stood in the distance, an amiable smile still on his face. He was emanating divine radiance from all his pores, becoming increasingly powerful.

He was preparing for an upcoming battle.

"The Myriad Spirit Blood Medicine is finally mature," said the Arctic King with a cruel smile. His white hair swayed as he looked at Schiller and said, "With the death of so many king level entities, it should be enough to let that brightly colored tree grow, right? I can hardly wait!"

This was a setup; one that involved great killing intent!

The so-called "fortunes" within the Vatican, those trees full of seemingly divine fruits that were actually low in quality and flowers that were seemingly sufficient to initiate an evolution, were in fact useless!

These were all to attract the beast kings!

Schiller, with his normally amiable demeanor and warm smile, was so cruel and vicious when taking action. Widely known as the last holy knight of the Vatican, he was naturally the one who understood all its secrets.

He cooperated with the Arctic King and the Black Dragon to set up this shocking killing ground.

He needed the blood of king level lifeforms in order to nourish a mysterious plant—the treasured medicine that allowed him to continuously evolve.

"Old man, it's only the beginning and you're already planning to clean up. Don’t tell me you’re also planning to do me in?"

The Arctic King turned back to glance at Schiller.

Schiller’s origins were shrouded in mystery. Although he was called the last Holy knight, the Arctic King felt that it would be better suited to call him the Dark Knight instead.

"You’re worrying too much. Just prepare for battle, some of them will surely survive and will require us to finish the job," said Schiller.

"I do hope we have been overthinking. However, the Holy See is unfathomable; how could there be only one knight left? A knight who has strayed so far from the light." The Black Dragon also appeared.

"Even when one stands in the light, there will always exist a shadow behind him. Who can say that our paths are different?" Schiller thus spoke, bathing in the radiance. "But, don’t worry. I’m working with you two in all sincerity."

"I’ll believe you temporarily!" concluded the Black Dragon.

"Keep your eyes on the bigger picture. Famed mountains and paths will all meet their end one day. Great changes are nigh! So what if those people arrive? By that time, we would have risen to an undefeatable stage! So what if they possess ancient sacred techniques?"

As Schiller spoke, his frightening aura rose up as the divine radiance in his body rushed towards the sky!

"The Sacred Medicinal Garden belongs to us. With each opening of the boundary, we edge closer to obtaining everything we ever hoped for!"


Within the Sacred Medicinal garden, the last of the silver walnuts had exploded and the mushrooms had started to disperse.

At this moment, not to mention normal king level entities. Even the Undead Phoenix had fallen from the sky; a top-level expert with six broken shackles was bathed in blood, her black wings were riddled with wounds and blood stains.

And worst of all, the rusty greatsword that she was carrying actually started glowing with incomparable divinity and slashed at her violently.

It was to subdue this weapon of the Holy See that she was late to arrive in the depths of the garden. Otherwise, she might have realized something was amiss with the mutant trees. However, no sooner had she approached the area with the divine ancient trees than the great misfortune befell all those present. Even the subdued greatsword had turned on her.


On the other side, glowing with resplendent white light, the Silvermoon Wolf let out a long howl. He was in a miserable state—his whole body was painted in fresh blood, a large hole was on his chest, and one of his arms hung limp at his side.

This was a top-level expert who was able to stand at the top of the pyramid. However, such a beast king had been wounded by the explosion from the silver walnut, leaving countless wounds on his body.

The wolf king’s blood flowed freely, carrying a brilliant glow with it. Silver light surged out from his pupils as he grasped a long spear with his remaining hand, trembling in rage and pain.

At this moment, the two apex experts had come to realize that this was a set up, a huge trap prepared to deal with them. The other experts were all waiting outside the medicinal garden, ready to deal them the final blow.


The rusty greatsword and the lightning spear that were in the hands of the two wounded beast kings started glowing with a brilliant and divine radiance, illuminating the whole of this small realm.


They coughed up blood in close succession as they let go of them, realizing that, by now, everything was a wasted effort—they were unable to subdue those mysterious weapons at all.


Decisively, they turned around and fled.

Outside the Sacred Medicinal Garden, the whole of the divine city was illuminated with boundless energy that blocked the destructive force from the explosion of the silver walnuts.

Even at this time, the divine city was still suffused with a holy aura that was defending against the residual waves that emerged.

According to legends, thousands of years ago, during the era of the Holy See’s glory, the Divine City was always brightly illuminated with holy light, be it night or day.

"Ha, ha…" Upon the large cathedral, Schiller was laughing satisfactorily. Although he was old, his body was straight and enshrouded by divine radiance.

"It's our turn to take action." His curled hair was all glowing with fierce brilliance. The wrinkles on his face were akin to metallic vein lines as he emanated a powerful aura.

At this moment, he was like a holy knight who had crossed through from ancient times; each of his long strides shook the air. With a loud clang, he landed on the streets, and with a greatsword in hand, he blocked the path of the Silvermoon Wolf.

The wolf king possessed shocking speed; with a surge of brilliant energy, a huge claw enshrouded in silver lights tore through the skies.

Being a top-level expert with six severed shackles, the wolf king was undeniably powerful. Maintaining his human form, he performed a partial transformation revealing only his wolf claw. It was shockingly large, large enough to completely grasp a small hilltop.

This was a god-like ability!

However, Schiller never lost his smile. He did not fear the wolf; the sword in his hands surged with extreme resplendence that pierced the firmament as he slashed forward, aiming to hack off the wolf king’s claw.


A sound even louder and more terrifying than a thunderbolt rang out.

Within the Sacred Medicinal Garden, there were some surviving beast kings who had just clambered up. However, the aftershock from the exchange between these two top level experts, caused them to fall back into the pool of blood.

The all-out attack from two top-level experts was extremely terrifying, akin to the explosion of two suns. With them as a center, a large silver wave of energy swept out, engulfing the earth and the sky.


The wolf king was sent flying. All his wounds opened up, and blood constantly flowed. It wasn’t that he was weaker than his enemy, but his wounds were simply too great.


The Silvermoon Wolf howled; for a split second, the void had seemingly frozen. Even Schiller was stunned as his body and spirit all turned slightly rigid.

This was the ability that the Silvermoon Wolf obtained after severing one of his shackles. He transformed into a streak of white lightning as he dashed past Schiller, a giant wolf claw slashing down on the latter’s neck.

Being a similar top-level, Schiller was extremely strong. It was impossible for him to be killed in such a manner. At the last moment, his greatsword shifted and was positioned in front of his neck, effectively blocking the incoming claw.


The Silvermoon Wolf did not fight to the death with him and directly rushed away. The atmosphere exploded as he reached extreme velocities, several times the speed of sound. He was putting everything on the line just to escape.

After reaching such a level, who could force him into such a state? The key factor was the unexpected explosion from those destructive walnuts in which he had lost the use of one of his arms and received a grievous wound to his chest.

"Wolf king, you can’t escape!" Schiller was not in a hurry. He was neither rushed nor slow as he went in pursuit. He looked rather relaxed, but his speed was terrifying.

At least, he did not lose the Silvermoon Wolf; he was even closing in on the former.

"Old man, be careful. Don’t endanger yourself," the Arctic King spoke. He jumped down from the top of the cathedral and stood outside the Sacred Medicinal Garden.

"There’s still a big fish inside, don’t let her get away!" Schiller’s voice came through from afar, warning the Arctic King.


Suddenly, a huge explosive sound was heard from the skies.

Two silhouettes became visible: a gigantic black dragon and a dark phoenix emanating sable lights. These two experts were contemporaries.

The Black Dragon barred the Undead Phoenix’s path of escape. The two clashed fiercely in the sky, causing the air to be filled with draconic qi and dark flames as the two fought a desperate battle.


"Old bastard, stop hiding. I know you’re in there," the Arctic King spoke towards the blood-soaked ruins of the medicinal garden.

An old man stood up from under a pile of corpses. He was coughing and riddled with bloody wounds as his eyes surged with terrifying beams of light. This was also a top expert with six severed shackles.

In actuality, the Vatican had six top-level experts. This person had been hiding his true power all along, however, he was still discovered by Schiller in the end.


The old man did not reveal his true form as he charged over with a roar—he had to carve out a path of escape.


An intense fight broke out—a showdown between top-level experts.

The old man was gravely wounded and riddled with bloody wounds. His chest and abdomen were almost torn open under the explosion of the silver walnuts. He had come quite close to being disintegrated.


He finally found an opportunity and immediately made use of it to run for his life.

The Arctic King laughed indifferently and followed from behind as he occasionally blasted out surges of terrifying energy, beating the old man into constantly coughing up blood.

The Vatican had turned very quiet. The whole area was filled with the blood and remains of various beast kings: skin, feathers, scales, bones, etc. There were virtually no survivors.

"It's our turn to take action, let's clean up!"

At this moment, a number of men and women wearing radiant armor appeared within it, all were king level entities. They forced their way into the Sacred Medicinal Garden. Among them was someone who Chu Feng and party were very familiar with; the one who had shown them around the city—Ovidius.

In the distance, the Chilin King also appeared while leading a group of experts. He was called back from the medicinal garden at the last moment, only realizing then the dangers of this place.

After that, the followers of the Arctic King also appeared.

Pff! Pff! Pff!

These people entered the medicinal garden and proceeded to attack all life forms, be they dead or alive. All heads were cruelly severed, making sure there were no lucky survivors.

Hundreds of meters under the ground, Chu Feng, Yellow Ox and the great black yak were all gravely wounded. Even though they had dug frantically into the ground, they were still affected by the shockwaves from the silver walnuts.

They had, after all, the advantage of knowing beforehand that disaster would soon strike. At first, they wanted to directly escape, but in the end, they did not make it out in time.

After distancing themselves as far from the center as they could, Chu Feng blasted the earth with his diamond chakram and the trio charged into the ground, digging frantically. Only in this manner did they survive.

"What the hell is this? Diamond? It’s huge!" The black yak pulled out a red crystalline substance from the wound on his arm. It was the size of an infant’s fist, blossoming with red mist.

"Dammit! It’s so painful. There’s even more!" the black yak repeatedly cursed as he extracted even more such rocks from the wound on his buttocks.

Yellow Ox was immediately startled. He then snatched the handful of rocks from the black yak.

"Shh!" Chu Feng gestured the other two not to make a sound. The killing intent above the ground was extremely dense, so much that it had diffused deep into the ground.

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