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The situation at hand was grim. In front of them was the Golden Lion King, feared throughout the Vatican, and behind them was the Chilin King, a western dragon who was strong enough to look down upon all normal beast kings.

They were up against two vicious beast kings, one stronger than the next. Moreover, they were both experts with four severed shackles. Within the Vatican, barring the top five experts, no one was their match.

The scarlet flying knife hovered in the air, emanating a misty radiance that mingled with surging murderous intent.

Chu Feng was now cornered and had no other choice than to fight! When the other party had pointed the blade at his nose, how could he retreat?


The great black yak silently drew his violet bronze sword, incomparably solemn. He did not utter a single word, prepared to fight till his last breath.

White mist circulated around Yellow Ox’s nostrils and although he wasn’t very big, a terrifying energy emanated from him as he circulated the special breathing technique!

The Golden Lion King stood tall and straight, enshrouded by a veil of golden light. He was like the descendant of a god, possessing an intimidating aura that suppressed the numerous beast kings.

His long golden hair danced in the wind; even his pupils were golden in color. With a disdainful expression, he threatened, "Why haven't you lot scrammed?!"

The Golden Lion King spoke in fluent and accurate Eastern Language.

He maintained a disdainful attitude and did not put Chu Feng in his eyes at all. It was as if he was the sole ruler of the world, extremely tyrannical.

"You damned lion, I’ll skin you alive!" the great black yak roared. He was furious; since the day he stepped into society, no one had ever looked down on him in this manner.

Chu Feng’s thoughts were in a turmoil; he was already infuriated to the point of considering whether to start by using the Diamond Chakram to kill the Golden Lion King or to deal with the Chilin King first. Which of them was the greater threat?


Suddenly, a dragon’s roar was heard in the distance. The Black Dragon’s roar shook the whole medicinal garden, causing even the ground to shake. An expert with six severed shackles was truly terrifying.

A faint dragon’s aura hung in the air as a surge of psychic energy came sweeping over.

Chilin King immediately sensed it. His expression became momentarily conflicted, but in the end, he decisively stepped away towards the Black Dragon, covering over a hundred meters in the blink of an eye.

All the king level entities in the region were stunned. At such a critical moment, the Chilin King had turned around and left. Did the Black Dragon have such a huge influence on him?

"Interesting," the Golden Lion King mumbled, looking at the fading silhouette of the Chilin King. After that, he turned around and, with golden beams spilling out from his eyes, sped towards Chu Feng, determined to beat him down and take all the creations in this area.

"Kill!" Chu Feng roared and immediately activated the scarlet flying knife, which slashed towards the incoming enemy.


Undeniably, the power of an expert with four broken shackles was extremely terrifying. The Golden Lion King’s right palm glowed with radiant light and, burning like a miniature sun, defending forcefully against the flying knife.

His reflexes, speed, and strength were all extremely terrifying; the scarlet flying knife was struck away.


At this moment, the black yak had also made his move, his purple blade slashing down upon the powerful king level entity. There were no negotiations when facing such an expert; only a battle to the death.


The Golden Lion King responded swiftly, moving sideways and throwing a palm strike on the back of the longsword. An enormous force shook the blade; the black yak felt his finger webs burn, close to suffering a laceration.

This Golden Lion King was extremely powerful with golden mist circulating around his mouth and nostrils. This caused the trio’s expression to change; they noticed his breathing rhythm was a bit odd.

It was obvious that he was in possession of a mysterious inheritance.

"Mere low-level king level entities like you wish to compete with me?" said the Golden Lion King, extremely disdainful of his opponents.


At this point, the great black yak was incensed. He was, after all, a beast king with three broken shackles. Swinging his purple long sword, he slashed forth frantically as white mist appeared at his nostrils and his breathing rhythm changed.


At the same time, the scarlet flying knife erupted with divine might as Chu Feng also circulated his special breathing technique, allowing his spiritual energy to grow increasingly vast as he attacked with the specialized breathing technique.

The Golden Lion King’s expression suddenly changed. He had fortunately obtained an abstruse inheritance before and was able to tell that these opponents were all people with considerable origins who have obtained great fortunes.


The Golden Lion King activated his golden fist and smashed at the flying knife while blocking the purple bronze greatsword. His long golden hair flowed behind him, and he looked incomparably valiant and powerful, like a golden war god.

"So what if you lot possess some techniques? I can still suppress you all the same!" He was still very confident—after breaking four shackles, regardless of whether it was speed, power or reflexes, his abilities had all increased by a huge margin.

"You lot want to surround and wear down the Golden Lion King? We’re joining this battle!"

The Dhole King and the Panther King approached the battle with cold smiles.

They had no fear; they firmly believed that with the Golden Lion King present, it was sufficient to kill everyone!


Yellow Ox took action. In the blink of an eye, he utilized Demon Ox Fists to bombard the two incoming enemies. His whole body was glowing; even though he appeared like a child, his strength was boundless.

"Want to compete with numbers? Here we come!"

There were three more king level entities to the side. They all joined the fray amidst derisive laughter as they surrounded the trio.

"Black boss, you go and deal with them!" Chu Feng muttered, instructing the black yak to stall the three incoming beast kings.

The black yak gave him a knowing yet silent look before rushing towards the three incoming beast kings.

Immediately, the battle had split into three groups: Yellow Ox against the Dhole and Panther King duo, the great black yak against three king level entities, and Chu Feng against the Golden Lion King.

The one in the most dangerous situation was Chu Feng; although he was facing off against only a single enemy, the adversary was extremely strong. An expert who could arouse strong winds with every move and was able to break his enemies as if they were dried weeds.

One could see rocks the size of millstones drawn into the air and shattered by the fist winds generated by the Golden Lion King’s attacks. Such was his peerless momentum.

Speaking of pure strength, Chu Feng had only broken a single shackle and was not the Golden Lion King’s match at all.

However, in a battle of life and death, no one cared about fairness. This was, after all, a world in which the strong preyed on the weak.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sound of blades shook the sky; Chu Feng evaded the Golden Lion King and kept a distance between them while using his flying blade to launch a continuous assault.

This was the advantage offered by the Imperial Sword Technique; otherwise, he would’ve already found himself in a more perilous situation.

This didn’t mean that he was weak—him being able to persist in a fight of this level had already caused many beast kings to be speechless. Chu Feng had just entered the king realm not long ago and belonged to the lowest among his class, yet, he was actually able to hold his own against the Golden Lion King!

One had to know that within the Vatican, apart from the top five experts, no one could claim that he could suppress the Golden Lion King.

His strength was deep and unfathomable. After breaking four shackles, he was absolutely terrifying, not to mention he possessed a mysterious breathing technique that was able to raise his power considerably.

Whenever the Golden Lion King was mentioned, everyone would only think of him sweeping through everything in his way, but today, he was tangled in combat with a king with only one severed shackle.

"You have some skills, but it's still not enough. You’re far from being my match!" the Golden Lion King indifferently said. His golden hair was dancing in the wind as he knocked away the flying knife and rushed over towards Chu Feng.

Dang! Dang! Dang…

The flying blade controlled by Chu Feng’s powerful psychic powers repeatedly slashed down with sufficient power to cut off a mountaintop. However, the Gold Lion King was extremely tyrannical as he deflected the incoming blade, his fists causing the air to explode with every strike.

The Golden Lion King closed in step by step, his awe-inspiring divine might intimidating all the beast kings present.

Having severed four shackles was a great advantage! His innate strength was incomparably powerful and his valiance was undoubtable.

The great black yak roared from a distance, "You merely severed four shackles earlier than the rest; do you feel proud of bullying someone at the level of one severed shackle like so?

The great black yak was interfering because he was worried about Chu Feng; the gap between the two was too great. If the lion closed in on him, Chu Feng would be in danger.

"I’m simply that strong—strong enough to suppress bugs like you. What can you do about it?!" The Golden Lion King was not affected at all. He was exceedingly tyrannical as he continued his advance.

Moreover, his pupils suddenly started to glow with golden radiance as he let out a reverberating roar that shook the whole medicinal garden.

The power behind this lion’s roar was too great!

In the vicinity, some of the king level entities went pale as they almost passed out due to those soul-rending sound waves.

The Lion King’s expression was cold and cruel. This loud roar was directed at the black yak. A golden ripple visibly shot towards him, aiming to knock him out.


The Demon Ox Roar resounded, shaking the heaven and earth.

The great black yak was furious as he activated his own sonic attack to defend.

At the same time, Yellow Ox released his own roar to assist in the defense.

"Your turn!"

When the Golden Lion King realized that his attack was rendered ineffective, he turned his attention back to Chu Feng. Breaking into a swift run, he closed in for the kill.


He roared once again. Golden ripples surged out and crashed towards Chu Feng and his flying knife. The Golden Lion King wanted to use his sonic attacks to suppress his opponent.

Chu Feng let out a calm shout; he knew the Demon Ox Roar, and naturally, he could defend against this attack. However, he did not meet it head on but instead turned his body and dodged the golden light.

"You want to compete with me after breaking a single shackle? Pay with your life!" the Golden Lion roared, his golden hair hanging down behind him. He had turned frantic; his golden pupils growing increasingly frightening.

He successively attacked with full force, knocking the flying knife away and closing in on Chu Feng. He wore a cold and cruel smile on his face as he exhibited his killing move.

In the vicinity, all the king level entities firmly believed that Chu Feng’s fate had been sealed. After the Golden Lion King reached melee distance, there was no way Chu Feng could escape with his life intact.

Chu Feng’s expression was indifferent. Since the beginning of the battle, he did not utter a single word. Now, he had found the opportunity he was looking for—he shot out the Diamond Chakram towards the Golden Lion King who was dashing toward him.

The Golden Lion King was extremely fast; after he had knocked the flying knife several tens of meters away, he instantaneously rushed over. His long golden hair flew behind him as he ran, killing intent written all over his face.

His right hand had already been raised, ready to pound Chu Feng into pieces.

However, within an instant, a snow white light flew towards him. With the blink of an eye, it had covered ten odd meters; there was no way to evade it.

This time, Chu Feng used every ounce of his available strength; he had been conserving power since the beginning. Within a single move, he used up virtually all of the mysterious energy within his body, pouring it into the snow-white weapon as he shot it out.

The air exploded, and this time, the Golden Chakram’s strength exceeded all previous attacks, reaching three times the speed. It erupted with white light as it exploded like a supernova.

Yellow Ox was astonished. He had always felt this item was odd, or else, how could it possess such destructive power? Perhaps he had judged incorrectly since the beginning!

"Eh?!" The Golden Lion King reacted with lightning speed. He frantically roared as his body burst into flames and erupted with extreme power. He tried to dodge but was also prepared to defend head on.


The golden chakram struck his shoulder, missing his head. This caused Chu Feng to be truly regretful.


Even so, the Golden Lion King let out a world-shaking roar. He had suffered an unimaginable injury.

The Golden Chakram flew out and shattered his shoulder. Its residual revolution proceeded to lacerate the entire right side of his body. This almost destroyed his whole right shoulder, part of his chest and face.

This was an extremely terrifying injury.

The Golden Lion King was in unbearable agony; his vision darkened, almost passing out.

The right half of his body was as if it had been slashed by a heavenly blade. It had almost been entirely disintegrated. The wound extended towards his abdomen, causing fresh blood to continuously gush out.

If it was an average beast king, their whole body would likely have been ground into bits. That diamond chakram was too fierce and terrifying.

This was Chu Feng’s most powerful strike; he was almost drained of all his energy.

He quickly circulated his breathing technique to restore some stamina; at the same time, his spiritual energy spread out to control the flying knife which slashed forth.


The Golden Lion King warped away. The knife, which was originally aimed for his neck, struck his chest instead, leaving a bone-deep scar, which splashed blood everywhere.

After the Golden Lion King was heavily wounded by the golden chakram, his reactions had evidently become retarded. Otherwise, he would not have been struck like this.


He roared as he retreated, his golden hair all stained with fresh blood. His expression was a mixture of wrath and fear in equal measures.

The previous exchange was simply too dangerous. He had come extremely close to dying under the golden chakram. This sent him into a state of maddened fury.


Chu Feng controlled the flying knife and went in for the kill once again.

At the same time he used the special breathing technique to restore the mysterious energy within his body. He ran forth, almost flying, as he closed in for a melee assault. He had to take advantage of the Golden Lion King’s wounded state to deal him the fatal blow.

He was not the least guilty after using such a weapon as the golden chakram. There was no way to clearly say that he had the unfair advantage in this contest because the enemy was also so many levels higher than him.


The Golden Lion King let out a terrifying cry. At this moment he was extremely decisive as he turned around and fled. He had suffered grievous wounds; the whole right side of his body had almost been destroyed. He was afraid that he would die here if he kept on fighting.

Heroism, prestige, etc. were not able to restrict him. He did not care about these things. He simply turned around and ran.

All the beast kings who witnessed this were dumbfounded. The Golden Lion King who had always intimidated everyone was now fleeing just like this?

Chu Feng controlled the flying knife and unleashed his final strike. With a pfff, the strike left a bone-deep wound across the Golden Lion King’s back and splashed blood everywhere.

Very soon, the Golden Lion King had ran out of the effective range of the flying knife and disappeared.

Chu Feng did not give chase and instead retrieved his golden chakram immediately.

At this time, the Dhole King and the Panther King were frightened out of their wits. The group of king level entities wanted to ran away.

"Where do you think you’re going?!"

With a shake of his hands, the Golden Chakram shot out. It immediately broke the sound barrier, and with a thump, it struck the Panther King’s back, blowing him apart in the process.

Naturally, the remaining beast kings did not dare to tarry as they frantically ran for their lives.

The other kings were all indescribably shocked.

Those who had personally witnessed this battle were all petrified. Should the results of this battle spread in the outside world, it would surely cause a huge sensation!

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