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The lustrous diamond chakram spiraled out, leaving two king level entities in a pool of their own blood.

The whole of Vatican was alarmed by their pained cries. One had to know that these were extraordinary beast kings that had broken three shackles.

Andre’s body was broken into two after being struck by the chakram, leaving him rolling on the ground in unbearable pain, his blonde hair caked with blood.

Homan’s right chest had been torn open and most of his chest bones were fractured. He had received grave internal wounds and what remained of his body was torn and tattered. He was sent flying onto the distant ground.

Two great experts had been stripped of their combat capabilities!

Those beasts that were following the two kings were greatly frightened; their knees went weak as they felt shivers run down to the tip of their feet. Their hearts were imprinted with an incomparable terror causing them to tremble incessantly.

Just what kind of power was this? No sooner had he made a single move than the battle had ended with the two beast kings lying in pools of blood.

Andre and Homan were like gods to them; there was almost nothing they couldn’t do. They could easily kill hordes of beasts, however, when faced off against Chu Feng, their end was beyond miserable.

This was unbelievable!

The black yak and Yellow Ox were dumbfounded. This Chu Feng was too dishonorable; using an overpowered weapon right off the bat. He didn’t even fight properly and just opted to end the battle in haste.

The main reason was that Chu Feng wanted to finish this battle quickly. This was the Vatican Divine City, home to no small number of powerful king level entities. There was no telling who would appear and target them.

At the same time, their main enemy, the Qilin King was also looking at them like he would his prey. If he decided to join in and attack from the side, it would be nothing but trouble.

Therefore, in this land of uncertainty, he decided that it would be best to end this battle quickly and decisively. Hence, he had utilized his most powerful weapon.

It was evidently effective!

How destructive was this chakram? Simple math could give one a rough estimate.

Its mass was small and after receiving energy input, its weight could reach several thousand kilograms or even more. Such an item flying at supersonic speeds was simply terrifying.

One could use a bullet as a reference; even if the speed was similar, the weight of the bullet itself was several tens of thousands of times different.

The Chakram was countless times more powerful than a bullet. It was absolutely frightening, enough to make a beast king tremble.

Cannons, rockets, armor-piercing ammunition—these things were much weaker.

Apart from those king level entities that were powerful enough to resist a normal rocket, other life forms would surely be ground to dust by its spiral action.

Ultimate Garbage?! Chu Feng did not mind at all!

Even if its size could not be freely manipulated nor did it possess divine abilities, it was fine. Because it was an absolute destructive weapon in its current state!

Who cares if it has shape but no spirit? To Chu Feng, it was currently a treasure!

Additionally, this diamond chakram’s weight could be easily adjusted. This was already a miraculous ability.


Andre was rolling on the ground and crying out in great pain. His body was struck by the rotating diamond chakram at supersonic speeds and cleaved into two. He was now in unbearable pain and his whole body was stained with blood.

He was full of resentment—just what kind of weapon was this? Even though it was apparently small, it was as terrifying as a divine mountain collapsing onto him.

Andre was not satisfied; he was an expert existence with three shackles severed. His whole life had been built around astonishing feats and accomplishments, so how could he be unable to kill such a low-level king?

In the end, the battle hadn't even properly started when the two of them were done in.

"Could this be the legendary weapon mentioned in the Eastern legends?!" He mumbled, resentful and unreconciled.

Homan was also suffering from great pain; his right chest had been split open and his viscera wounded. His whole body came close to being cleaved in half—his wounds were extremely severe.

"Is this the legendary heaven overturning seal?" His mouth was filled with frothy blood. He felt as if a metallic mountain had pressed down and struck his chest.

"You’re cheating! I’m unconvinced!" Andre roared, his voice full of resentment.

He was indeed unresigned; he was sufficiently powerful and yet he was not even given the chance to attack!

What kind of warrior would open the round with his ace?! He was furious; wasn’t there supposed to be an intense battle? He naturally realized that he had been careless and underestimated this human. The enemy decisively utilized a weapon that went beyond their expectations.

"My sincere apologies, I seemed to have troubled you." Chu Feng walked away with a smile and picked up his diamond chakram. It was still as beautiful and white as jade, with not a drop of blood staining it.

Chu Feng carried a resplendent smile and looked down on the two, not a shred of sympathy in his heart. This Andre and Homan were quite malicious and wanted to send him to his demise. Now, they’re reaping what they had sown.

"I hope you two have a pleasant journey," Chu Feng said as he drew his black dagger and slashed at their necks, splashing king blood everywhere!

These two were powerful beast kings; if one did not decapitate them, they might not die. There was a chance that they could be revived or healed. Chu Feng was unwilling to leave something half done that might possibly cause future troubles.


Just before his death, Andre and Homan let out a final howl. They were truly unresigned; they did not even get the chance to exhibit their earth-shattering abilities.

They reverted to their true forms. They were actually jackals; their skin and fur were a light yellow, and their bodies about eight meters long.

"Black boss, quickly deal with the remaining warriors. We cannot let them leak information about the diamond chakram. We still need to use it against the Qilin King," Chu Feng indicated.

Those remaining beast race warriors felt their blood run cold. They ran away at top speed, scrambling for their lives.

However, the black yak had already drawn his purple blade and blocked the exit like a demonic god. He did not feel any remorse because none of them were honest warriors. They had wanted to trick them along with their two bosses.

None of the beast race warriors were able to leave alive.

Chu Feng did not go to check on them. Instead, he stood before a grand chapel, observing the reliefs and murals. "The Church used to be so glorious; I wonder how many holy knights would they be able to raise in this era."

"What are you standing there in a daze for?" The great black yak walked over with a puzzled expression.

"Praying to God, so that he may forgive you for your reckless killing," Chu Feng replied.

The whole ancient structure was being sprinkled with sacred radiance, and naturally, the chapel itself was glowing. Basking in its glory, Chu Feng looked divine, his body glowing with a crystalline radiance.

"Pah!" The black yak glared at him, saying, "You’re the one who’s named Demon King Chu and you still have the audacity to pray to the heavens? You must be praying to Satan in secret!"

Yellow Ox was also looking at him with an odd expression full of disdain.

"Though beneath my feet are a thousand corpses, my heart dwells within the light. I walk this lonely road; behind me, blood flows freely. Even if others don’t understand my pain, I will keep walking forward!"

"Shoo, go away. I’m sick of this, even my teeth are about to fall apart," the black yak jeered.

"Ha, ha…" The three broke into laughter.

At this moment, many beast kings emerged from within Vatican City and approached them. When they saw the blood flowing through the streets and the corpses littered on the ground, they were greatly astonished.

Andre and Homan were both considered powerful experts and yet, they had both been killed. This caused everyone to be apprehensive.

A fierce dragon had crossed the river!

This was the unanimous impression of the king level entities. They realized that this Eastern youth was not to be trifled with. They had long since obtained information on them and knew of what had transpired.

"Young man, you are truly unbridled; you have recklessly killed two beast kings within the divine city. Do you not fear us forming an alliance to take care of you?!"

A thin and shriveled brown-haired man walked over, a terrifying aura hung about him. It was a powerful beast king that had taken the initiative to put Chu Feng in a difficult position.

"Do you want to target me?" Chu Feng looked at him.

This time, Andre and Homan wanted to borrow the powers of the Undead Phoenix to kill Chu Feng and was given their just deserts. They had obviously wanted to kill within the city and it was plain as day.

However, the thin brown-haired main did not mention these things. He just wanted to put them in a difficult position—his prejudice knew no bounds.

Chu Feng, therefore, could not bother to explain and debate this batter. All these beast kings knew the truth of this matter. He was neither timid nor weak, so he confronted the man head-on.

"The young should keep a low profile; you are too unrestrained!" the man coldly said. He was a panther beast king, close relatives of the jackals.

Andre and Homan were close with him, and usually, the three maintained a good relationship. Now, he wanted to stand up for the dead and incite the other beast kings to deal with Chu Feng together.

"Everyone, did you hear it just now? This Eastern youth is extremely arrogant; he’s just entered the Western lands and now he wants to challenge the divine city’s order. Should we tolerate such behavior?!" the thin man loudly spoke, his brown hair swaying in the wind and his king level energy pulsating from his body.

"That’s right, Chu Feng. We don’t care how you do things in the East, but, since you have arrived at the Vatican, you have to follow the rules of this city!" A beast king nodded; he was a dhole.[1]

"Enough of this, Dhole King, Panther King, you both have been blinded by vengefulness and are greatly prejudiced. This principle of this place is that the strong shall prey on the weak—many have died in the same way. Moreover, Andre and Homan had plotted against them first, wanting to kill them and was killed in return. You reap what you sow!"

A tall man said as he walked forward. His body was strong and sturdy, with long, dense golden hair like a lion. This man in his thirties possessed an aura of valor, a sword strapped to his back.

He was a human being and his name was Ovidius. He was a typical Westerner. He had stood out to face the Panther King.

"Chu Feng, I have heard about you for quite some time. Well met!" He greeted Chu Feng and introduced himself.

Since he had stood up for him under these circumstances, Chu Feng was naturally grateful. He saw that this Ovidius was fairly powerful, having severed at least three shackles.

"Ovidius, do you think this is proper? Andre and Homan had been murdered. We must have an explanation!" the Panther King said with dissatisfaction.

"You want to bully us just because we are few in number? Come over and let grandpa teach you how to be a good beast!" The black yak stood forward and without restraint, let loose his powerful beast king aura.

At this moment, Yellow Ox had also erupted with power. His small body was shining with a resplendent glow. This physique supported by the mysterious breathing technique was truly unfathomable.

The Panther King and the Dhole King were immediately shocked. The two who had come with Chu Feng were both king level experts?

This had a powerful threatening effect!

Chu Feng proclaimed, "Dhole King, according to the rules of the divine city, we shall settle this dispute on the arena of life and death!"

"You don’t have the qualifications to challenge me, you’re not a citizen of this city!" the Dhole King replied. He was now riding on a tiger and was difficult to dismount. He had originally agreed to work together with a few other beast kings to target Chu Feng.

However, at the crucial juncture, only a few responded.

If he had known it would turn out like this, he would've kept a low profile. Now, there was only the Panther King on his side; the others were all watching from the sidelines.

"Who says I don’t have the qualifications. I understand the rules; if one was invited by a king, then he is a citizen," Chu Feng calmly replied.

The various kings were rendered speechless. Chu Feng had already killed the two beast kings who invited him into the city. There was really nothing good to say for those two since they had received their just deserts.

The Dhole King was furious and turned around to leave. He did not dare to accept Chu Feng’s challenge alone. Even two beast kings had died; if he had forcefully gone head-on against him, he probably wouldn’t end up well either.

Chu Feng raised his voice, "You took the initiative to insult me and wanted to band together to suppress me. Now you want to leave without giving me an explanation?"

All the beast kings revealed odd expressions; this was a dragon who had crossed the river. He still fearlessly demanded an explanation from the Dhole King under such adverse circumstances.

"You have two choices, apologize right now or accept my challenge!" Chu Feng declared.

The Dhole King’s face was flushed red, his brown hair flying in the wind. He was truly infuriated; this was a blatant threat! He turned towards the beast kings that had a prior agreement with him.

However, aside from the Panther King, the others pretended to not know anything.

The Dhole King was furious, but there was nothing he could do

He was very pragmatic. Even though he was angry, in the end, he lowered his head and apologized.

Within the ancient castle, the Qilin King received a report. After reading through it, he frowned without saying a word. He knew that this young adversary was exceedingly powerful, more so than he had expected.

There were no secrets within the Vatican; this news spread to the outside world almost instantly.

Chu Feng’s double kill petrified everyone.

How miraculous was he?!

He had barely stepped into the Vatican before he killed not one, but two beast kings! Many people could not believe this news.

Following that, evidence of the kill started to circulate on the internet. So much that high definition photos were posted, immediately causing a huge sensation in the west. The legendary Demon King Chu was indeed terrifying!

Even though the Easterners were also shaken, they were still relatively calmer.

Because this was not the first time they had experienced Chu Feng’s battle accomplishments; they were more mentally prepared.

"This is his style—if would be odd if he did not stir up trouble at the Vatican!" someone commented.

Both East and West were shaken by this piece of news. This was an extremely glorious martial accomplishment. Killing two powerful beast kings upon arrival, this caused huge waves throughout the world.

In the East, many beast race members were dripping with cold sweat; Demon King Chu was indeed valiant. It was fortunate that he had taken the calamity to the West.

Actually, this time, Chu Feng was not paying attention to the outside world. Because when he arrived, Ovidius informed him that the sacred medicinal garden would open soon. Chu Feng focused all his attention towards this imminent battle royale.


[1] Dhole: a canid native to Central, South and Southeast Asia. Other English names for the species include Asiatic wild dog, Indian wild dog, whistling dog, red dog, and mountain wolf.


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