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The brunette reporter revealed a puzzled look; she did not understand what Yellow Ox just said since the black yak did not help her interpret it this time.

Just like that, she left.

Faced with a king level entity, she actually did not have the courage to keep pressing on. It was already considered fortunate enough to have come this far with the questions.

When the pale and swaying female reporter exited the mountain area, a whole group of people surrounded her, including armed soldier escorts.

"Kelly, are you alright? Oh god, what astonishing courage you have!"

Without a doubt, this reporter became the center of attention; it was possible that she had brought back some astonishing news. A crowd gathered around her, and finally, she was escorted into a bulletproof car.

All the agents and reporters were highly envious of this lady—everyone knew that Kelly had definitely got her hands on a big piece of news.

"Shall we enter?" someone whispered, wanting to imitate Kelly.

However, everyone ignored him; it was too dangerous. Not only was the mountain full of mutant beasts, but there was also a possibility that one could fall into a land of damnation.

Furthermore, how could it be so easy to approach king level entities? It could very well be that the first person was somewhat amusing to them, but the second one might not be so fortunate and rouse their ire.

Especially since, according to everyone’s speculation, those three might not actually be humans. They were probably beast kings in human form!

After escorting Kelly away, the military was the first to gain information on the current situation. They were all flabbergasted; such a young boy was, in truth, a king level entity?!

Some of the generals were petrified; this incident was too shocking and bound to cause huge waves. At the same time, they were also able to guess that the young boy was probably not a human—that was the only logical explanation.

Not long afterward, reports were released. The military did not withhold information and revealed the whole contents of the interview.


The entirety of Europe was shocked!

The old lair of the Qilin King had been robbed and plundered!

This incident caused great ripples throughout the Western world. One had to know that the Qilin King was no ordinary beast king; he was an extremely powerful existence known as the fire god.

In the eyes of many humans, this beast king was like a god.

Although few have ever seen his true form, people have deduced that it was a dragon. Just like the Black Dragon, it had undergone advanced evolution and achieved atavism.

Western Dragons usually only appear in legends. However, the Qilin King had achieved a qualitative transformation to its bloodline and became a red dragon!

And now, the lair of such an apex existence had been intruded upon by a talkative little porcelain doll, picking it clean as if he were cleaning out a bird’s nest. Not even the military would dare to do such a thing.

This couldn’t be fake news, could it? Everyone was suspicious. The news was simply too surprising. A little kid dared to ransack the lair of this terrifying Qilin King?

Many people knew that the cave palace of the Qilin King was guarded by a quasi beast king. Even if a whole squadron of soldiers were sent in, there might not be any progress.

"It's definitely true, many beasts residing around Mount Olympus have testified that the Qilin King’s lair had been emptied out and then burned down."

Some organizations came forth with their assessments and discovered evidence. They had come into contact with some beast race experts who had escaped from the mountain and were able to obtain their testimony.

The whole Western World became silent—many people felt an imminent crisis approaching.

Yellow Ox’s portrait photo was being widely circulated. This surprised people a great deal; he was simply too beautiful. As radiant as the sun, his golden hair, his fair skin, and gem-like eyes made him look like a doll, extremely lovely and exquisite.

Many people were attracted to him; they all felt the desire to go forth and pinch this cute five or six-year-old boy.

Very soon, the continuation of this report was published. The interpretation of the child’s words was released; to the surprise of many, he was speaking in the Eastern tongue.

"He’s so destitute," Yellow Ox’s voice exclaimed. Visible in the background were three great bags. They were opened to reveal, inside, an assortment of gems and antiques, proving that he had successfully plundered the beat king’s lair.

"Qilin, you are seriously too poor," exclaimed Yellow Ox in a tone full of dissatisfaction.

"Ha, ha…" Many people were quite amused at the great beast king being looked down upon by a little kid, claiming that his lair was too destitute.

This was a lethal kind of disdain.

Even after completely plundering the Qilin King’s lair, he was there complaining about his lack of wealth. This caused many people to not know what to say.


Even at the far off Vatican, the Qilin King received this piece of news firsthand. He was so furious that his lungs almost burst open. His lair had been picked clean; this came as an absolute humiliation for him.

Especially since a child was there complaining about this and that, looking down on his treasure hoard and claiming that he was too poor.

All the beast kings at the Vatican heard the Qilin King’s infuriated roars that shook the earth. He had flown into a blind rage as dragon roars reverberated through the whole region.

Some of the beast kings were pondering over the origins of this kid. His strength was just as heaven-defying as his audacity.

The normal citizens held him in favorable regard, captivated by his cuteness.

The experts, however, felt their hairs stand on end, terrified by his martial prowess.

"Qilin, your mom is calling you for dinner!"

When this part of the interview was released, people everywhere turned silent momentarily. Then a huge chaotic uproar ensued—it became a huge mess.

Some people were laughing, and some were scared; this was a blatant challenge to a powerful beast king. A serious confrontation was inevitable.

Just what were the kid’s origins? This was the question everyone wanted to know. Who was this person?

Many people were wary of him. To be able to act in such an unrestrained manner, he, no doubt, possessed a terrifying background.

In the Western World, many people were frightened. They dared not break into laughter, lest the Qilin King’s wrath erupts like a volcano.

Very few in Europe dared to comment on this matter.

However, the same could not be said for those in Asia.

Initially, no one there knew about the incident in Europe. After all, there was the distance, language and timeline difference. But, not long afterward, the news reached the East in its entirety.

This unreasonably beautiful boy, constantly speaking the Eastern language, naturally attracted a lot of attention.

"God, is this kid from our side? How come he’s completely blonde? He actually went and swept the Qilin King’s lair clean?"

This caused a huge quake, and many people were discussing this matter. Even all the major powers started paying attention to this matter.

"Was he helping Immortal Chu gain revenge?" Some curious people speculated. The Qilin King had constantly attacked Chu Feng verbally, disdainful of the latter’s accomplishments.

Now, a young boy had ridiculed this great beast king, and people found it suspiciously odd.

"This must definitely be so. Being an Easterner, he must have wanted to demand justice for Chu Feng."

Following that, a huge wave washed over the whole of Asia.

Because a certain quote had become very widely-known and popular among the netizens.

"Qilin, your mom is calling you to dinner!"

Within a short while, this quote went viral. It became widely circulated throughout the internet. People taunted him thus to get back at him for his previous arrogance.

In Europe, the people were dumbfounded. A proper and powerful beast king had unexpectedly become a topic of ridicule in the East, was no one afraid of him?

At the same time, the people of the Western World were anxious. An infuriated Qilin King was, no doubt, extremely dangerous. The clouds of blood and war loomed over Europe.

At the Vatican, the Qilin King made a declaration. His cold, murderous voice was recorded by someone. "I don’t care who you are or where you come from. Since you dared to step into my cave palace, you shall be killed without mercy. Pray to god for survival for, as long as you stand on this great land, I will find you and flay you alive."

Additionally, someone was able to record a glimpse of this ferocious beast king. His gigantic body was scarlet red with a pair of gigantic wings that enabled him to fly unhindered through the sky. A frightening sight to behold.

In the Western World, people felt their blood run cold—the Qilin King looked just like the legendary red dragons.

Not long afterward, a surprising photo started to circulate, finally revealing the origins of this blonde young boy.

The brunette reporter Kelly did not dare to record Chu Feng and the black yak. Especially since the latter looked like a mafia boss on top of being a beast king. She only kept the camera aimed at the blonde boy.

However, she had used a hidden camera to try and get a still photo of the two behind the boy. The photo was out of focus, but it was possible to make out the people within it.

Initially, the people had their doubts but did not dare to speak out.

But at this point, everything was certain and they were able to comment with confidence.

"Oh god, look at the ones behind the young boy!" someone cried in alarm.

His companion lazily glanced at the picture and replied without paying much attention. "Swept back hair, fully suited and smoking a cigar—he looks just like the typical mafia!"

"Not that one, look at the other person!"

Actually, most of the people who had missed the details have already started to notice this point. With a trembling voice, he exclaimed, "Oh god! Isn’t it that human? That Demon King Chu from the East?!"

Very soon, the great black yak was largely ignored as the people started to discuss the smiling youth standing at the back.

Demon King Chu!

At this moment, the whole Western World was shaken and all the major powers were alarmed. They started to assess this photo for confirmation.

Because this incident would, no doubt, have a huge effect on the whole realm.

What were the origins of this yellow-haired youth? This was the main focus of the people’s initial debates. If they could only prove the identity of the young man in the background, then the origins of the other two would not be hard to guess!

So, it appears that Demon King Chu was the actual boss here!

Very soon, many professionals had come to the conclusion that the photo was authentic and trustworthy.

The Western World was now in a state of chaos. Initially, the young boy was the focus of everyone’s attention; people were interested in his origins. Now that the kid has Chu Feng behind his back, it was no wonder that the former had dared to raid the beast king’s lair.

"Oh heavens, Chu Feng has really arrived in Europe! Did he come to help us kill those beast kings?"

"Oh god, I’m not dreaming, am I? He has actually arrived. Everything that happened has Chu Feng written all over it; no sooner had he stepped into Europe than he wrecked the Qilin King’s old lair!"

Immediately, the Western Theater was shaken, and like a cyclone, the news swept through the whole of great Europe.

Chu Feng had entered the scene with great might and momentum!

Initially, the Qilin King had held Chu Feng in disdain and did not put the former in his eyes at all. He believed that Chu Feng did not have the qualifications to be compared with him on the same level.

At that time, Chu Feng did not say a single thing. People were rather surprised at that time because it was not Chu Feng’s style.

However, on this day, Demon King Chu had arrived. Without so much as a single word, he had decisively stirred up such an incident!

At the Vatican, the Qilin King was roaring furiously. Today’s incident had caused him a great deal of humiliation. He was trembling with rage, almost coughing up blood in the process.

"Chu Feng, Demon King Chu, you actually dared to come to Europe. Since you have set foot in the Western Land, you can forget about ever going back to the East. I will definitely kill you!"

The Qilin King roared thus, revealing his true form. He was sinister and terrifying, his whole body surrounded by flames and scarlet mist. He flew through the skies outside of the Vatican, shaking the whole area.

Naturally, the news also reached the East. When the people there saw Chu Feng’s image in the background, a great clamor resulted.

"Damn, that really is Immortal Chu. Oh god, I knew he wouldn’t let the lizard be and that he would head to the West and ‘take care’ of it. However, I have never expected that he would go that quickly and even directly clean out the Qilin King’s lair, ha, ha… as expected of Demon King Chu. It is definitely his style!"

"It really is Chu Feng, he had actually run off to the West! He’s exhibiting the true qualities of a demon and did not even lower himself to converse with the lizard. He just walked over and razed the lair. Next up, he will come to kill you, that is how the peerless Chu Feng does things!"

In the East, things were on the verge of exploding. Chu Feng had silently gone over to the West and stirred up such a huge ruckus.

Everyone was discussing this matter excitedly.

Many were anticipating Chu Feng’s arrival, looking forward to his third and fourth kill.

Not to mention the humans, even the Eastern beast races were surprised at the news. That Demon King Chu had run off to the West? Does he want to battle on enemy grounds?

Xiong Kun, Hu Sheng, and Lu Qing were all sweating, secretly relieved that they had not thoroughly provoked this ancestor. He was even fiercer than they had expected.

Even some of the beast kings were stunned at the news.

Many of the beast race felt relieved after hearing this news; they were praying that Chu Feng would just stay there and not return.

Not to mention the others, even those acquainted with him were greatly surprised.

"Boss, you’re too mighty!" Du Huaijin, Ouyang Qing and Ye Qingrou were all stunned.

Jiang Luoshen was astonished when she heard the news. Her red lips parted, unable to close for quite some time—it was too unexpected.

"Chu Feng, although you don’t have the qualifications to join the battle at the Vatican, I’ll give you the authorization to do so. Do you dare to come?"

The Qilin King raged, emitting overflowing murderous intent.

Naturally, the challenge he issued reached every region. He revealed his true form; a terrifying and colossal dragon body shocked the people!

The Qilin King was a dragon, not just any beast king.

Although Chu Feng was at Mount Olympus, he was also paying attention to the ongoings of the outside world. He replied via his communicator, posting these few words on public media.

"Clean your neck and wait—for a dragon slaughter!"

Simple and short, that was his reply.

Both the East and the West were all shaken. Demon King Chu was about to head to the Vatican to confront the Qilin King.

Actually, since the moment Chu Feng publicly appeared on Western land with great momentum, people had already guessed that a great battle was imminent.

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