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The mountainous terrain was vast, but the vegetation was sparse. The earth was dry and hard, flashing eerily with the glow of auspicious flames.

Especially within the ancient cave, the essence of vitality mixed with fiery red mist surged out from within.

"No wonder this guy is known as the fire god. His lair is quite extraordinary in and of itself," Yellow Ox said with his childish voice. His hands were behind his back, and a greenish light flowed within his eyes as he observed the land thoroughly.


With an extremely loud beast’s roar, a huge beast’s head with a single horn slowly appeared from within the cave. Its eyes were cold and its body was covered with scarlet scales.

"Foolish humans, you dare to trespass into the lair of the Chilin King. Do you truly want to be exterminated?!"

When this gigantic beast spoke, its voice shook the whole mountain and forest—the already dry trees dropped the few leaves they still possessed. It was truly a big one, some fifty odd meters long.

"A quasi beast king?" The great black yak was amused.

Chu Feng also assessed his opponent; it was apparently the steward of this cave palace. It was truly not easy to reach the quasi beast king level, so naturally, the beast king entrusted him with the lair. This beast looked both like an alligator and a lizard; when it opened its great maw, rows upon rows of sharp white teeth were visible.


It loudly roared, shaking the whole mountain and spatting out a ball of red liquid which came rolling towards the trio with a boom. The blazing magma was glowing resplendently with intense heat.

As its quasi beast king aura burst out, all the beasts within the area were greatly intimidated. They knew the Chilin King’s trusted general was ferocious and tyrannical. They knew he was probably about to go on a rampage.

The great black yak only glared at him. Perfectly suited, wearing black sunglasses and biting on a cigar, he walked forward calmly and said, "A mere lizard dares to raise his voice at me; you must be really tired of living. With such a baleful aura, it's quite evident that you have killed much. Today, I shall exorcise you."

Flames danced about within a ten-meter radius, causing even the ground to melt. However, it was unable to affect the black yak—he slowly walked forward with his violet sword sheathed on his back.

"You…" The quasi beat king was alarmed. It was a quasi beast king, and its breath was able to vanquish man and beast alike.

Even iron and stone would melt if they came in contact, burnt into gaseous matter. Just what kind of people had come knocking on his door? Three of them came at once and not one feared his flames.


The great black yak delivered a kick. His shining leather shoe was brilliant, surging with mysterious power. It sent the quasi king rolling all over the floor, screaming in misery and pain.

The sounds of breaking bones were transmitted from his body as he coughed up large amounts of blood.

"You are a king!" It roared; its voice was like thunder, shaking the whole mountain and woods, reverberating through the Olympus Mountain Range.

Many beasts within Mount Olympus heard him and were greatly shocked. The human king level experts have come?


The giant beast raged, sending fiery lights shooting into the sky. This quasi beast king was prepared to go all out—he had felt the murderous aura from this man in sunglasses and knew that he would not be spared either way.

Thump, thump, thump!

He attacked in succession, advancing with momentum.

However, unfortunately, he was far from the level of a beast king. A kick from the black yak easily broke his teeth and claws, sending him crashing into a cliff. With many of his bones and tendons broken and bleeding profusely from the seven orifices, the quasi king died soon after.


In the distance, their guide the lynx had witnessed the whole terrifying battle, causing its hair to stand on end. It went limp from the extreme shock.

That was an actual quasi beast king. Normally, he would move unhindered within the mountain, threatening human and beast alike and no army had ever dared to eliminate this threat. Yet, today, he was kicked to death by a couple of humans.

"Kings—three human kings. Oh god, this cat is almost frightened to death!" the lynx cried out, trembling.

In truth, within the Olympus Mountain Range, many beast tribes were apprehensive. They were trembling in fright, not even daring to breathe loudly. Suddenly, the whole mountain became deathly quiet.

Most of the residents of this area were the Chilin King’s troops. They made their homes in the vicinity and answered to the commands of the Chilin lineage. However, at this time, no one dared to act rashly.

A low roar was heard as a number of other scarlet beasts crawled out of the cave palace. It was obvious that they were not as strong as the previous beast.

"Scarlet-scaled giant lizards," Chu Feng muttered to himself—this whole race was evolved from lizards.

One could connect the dots; the Chilin King had undergone an unfathomable level of evolution from a lizard to a Western Dragon. This was a qualitative transformation of bloodlines!

It wasn’t too hard to guess that the Chilin King’s capabilities must be extremely terrifying!

There were ten oddly-scaled lizards. Their bodies were surrounded by flames, appearing extremely fierce. However, none of them were at the level of that quasi beast king.

"Those who don’t want to die, leave immediately!" the great black yak commanded. He suddenly released a king level psychic wave, and a terrifying suppressive force washed over like rolling waves.

The squad of fire lizards was trembling as they retreated slowly; eventually, they all ran away.

The great black yak ignored them and proceeded to walk into the depths of the cave, prepared to pillage.

The ground was filled with glittering gems and stones, enough to cause anyone to be astonished. It was just like in the legends: the Western Dragons loved to hoard shiny treasures.

However, a large part of his "glittering" collection was made up of worthless junk—there were even some radioactive materials among them, glowing with an eerie light.

"What treasure trove?! Isn’t this just a pile of junk?" Yellow Ox was greatly dissatisfied.

As they went further in, the temperature within the cave grew higher and higher; it was like a field of fire and magma. They found, to their surprise, that there were actually plants growing in this infernal domain.

Floating on the magma like lotus leaves, their flowers were completely red. They grew in clusters and were completely fearless of the raging heat.

Apart from that, there were several other mutant trees, ranging from one to four meters in height, their roots piercing into the magma below.

They were all scarlet in color, enshrouded by a vague red mist and dancing flames. These vegetation were the basis of evolution for all the beasts of this realm; it was evident that these trees once bore extraordinary fruits.

"It’s a pity that most of the good fortunes within this magma pool has been reaped by the Chilin King." Yellow Ox sighed.

"Isn’t it just a pool of magma?" the black ox asked, puzzled.

"At one point, there was a blood of dragon’s blood hidden within this infernal pond. This gave rise to this grove of fiery red trees. The Chilin King ingested these fruits and bathed in the magma, leading to its advanced evolution and bloodline upgrade.

Dragon blood?! No matter what kind of dragon it belonged to, it was bound to be extraordinary. It was rather unfortunate that the Chilin King had claimed its blessings.

They continued to rummage through the beast king’s hoard and couldn’t help but swear out loud. This Western Dragon’s collection was simply too weird—he had collected anything and everything shiny. There was even a pile of mirrors.

"Gems, antiques!"

Finally, they found some valuable items within a small pouch. The contents of the pouch were all gems of various resplendent colors.

At the same time, there were also some antiques; spears, shields, ancient blades, etc. They had no idea where these things were plundered from.

"I think we should load these things on trucks and hand them over to a daring auction company with the courage to sort them out," suggested Chu Feng.

The great black yak rolled his eyes and warned, "This really is a bit too humiliating for the Chilin King. Aren’t you afraid he’ll go berserk? Which auction company would even dare to do this business?"

Actually, the news of their little adventure had reached the outside world, causing no small amount of ruckus.

After the pilot ran away, he immediately leaked this astonishing news, swearing that his three passengers were headed toward the Chilin King’s old lair.

This piece of news, no doubt, caused huge shockwaves.

Many major powers responded instantaneously, dispatching agents toward Mount Olympus. They were stationed in the vicinity of the mountain, in order to relay accurate news in real time.

"This dragon is too poor. What a crappy collection of treasures, if it could even be called that. Where is the dragon’s treasure as described in the legends?" the black yak complained with great frustration.

"These gems and antiques are quite valuable. We can make a fortune off of it if we auction them off," Chu Feng consoled.

"Eh? This counterfeit item isn’t bad. You take it!" Yellow Ox found an ancient shield, still somewhat glistening with a silvery glow. Most of it has been corroded by the vicissitudes of time.

"I could pierce it with a simple punch, what use does it have?!" the great black yak barked, greatly dissatisfied.

"You can try," Yellow Ox challenged.


The whole mountain violently shook and the explosive noise reverberated ceaselessly as the black yak’s fist landed. However, the shield was not penetrated.

"This is a good item. If we ask the Refinement Sacred Tree to refine this, it would cause at least 13 flowers to bloom," Yellow Ox explained. This shield was refined with a small amount of spirit silver; it was truly extraordinary.

Chu Feng was astonished. One had to know that the scarlet dagger was only able to cause 15 flowers to bloom!

Any material that requires the sacred tree to open over ten flowers can be considered a treasure—an extremely rare item. As for those that cause 13 or 15 to blossom, there was probably no need for further explanation.

"Ha… ha… I guess we didn’t waste this trip after all!" The black yak heartily laughed.

Yellow Ox said with a nod, "There are some legends regarding this shield in the West; its definitely a good item. However, this dragon didn’t know its true value and just collected it as an antique."

In the end, they fashioned huge bags out of patches of beast hide and packaged all of the antiques and treasures from the dragon’s lair.

Apart from that, they had no use at all for his "shiny collection".

"This dragon is truly too poor; it’s lucky I didn’t come expecting too much. What a pitiful collection," Yellow Ox mumbled

According to the legends of his home world, the primordial divine dragons were wealthy beyond compare, and their treasure collections contained countless treasures.

The Chilin King had only recently evolved into a Western Dragon; naturally, he did not have that kind of heritage.

"Eh? I have a vague feeling that there should be something at the bottom of the lake." Yellow Ox doubtfully gazed at the magma pool and the fiery red plants growing from within.

Coming from a different world, he understood a lot of ancient scriptures and secrets. Looking at these plants emit such a suppressive spiritual aura, he felt that something special could be underneath.


Later on, they started to drain the magma pool by digging makeshift gutters.

"A fiery red piece of rock!" the great black yak exclaimed.

Surrounded by scorching flames and enshrouded with red mist, it appeared truly uncommon.


Yellow Ox fished it out with due haste.

After a long while had passed, the rock was still scorching hot, but the prismatic lights had receded within.

With a violent strike from Yellow Ox, the head-sized rock fragmented, revealing a fist-sized scarlet metal radiating with fiery light.

"Ha, ha… we’ve hit the jackpot!" Yellow Ox was smiling and jumping about like a little boy.

"What is this thing?" Chu Feng inquired.

"Fiery Gold!" Yellow Ox informed the other two that it was an extremely rare refinement material.

He did not state the exact level, but it was, no doubt, extraordinary.

"This dragon did not even know that it was guarding such a treasure! If knowledgeable experts discovered the fiery gold hidden within this piece of rock, they would fight for it at all costs, forming rivers of blood."

"Well, our trip here paid off after all!" In the end, the three went back, satisfied at last.

After all, Yellow Ox had obtained a piece of extremely rare treasure and the black yak gained a legendary shield.

Before they left, Chu Feng directed the flow of magma into the ancient cave, incinerating the whole lair.

When the lynx saw them emerge from the cave, it was incomparably excited. These three deities dared to plunder the Chilin King’s lair; they were truly mighty.

"Greetings three masters, many humans have arrived in the vicinity. However, they are all observing from afar, not daring to enter the mountain," reported the lynx.

"Oh, I’ll go check them out," said Chu Feng.

These people were all agents of the major powers who had come after being tipped off by the pilot.

Among them were a number of reporters. They didn’t dare to enter the mountain but were waiting in the vicinity for the ultimate scoop.

"God, there really are three humans! Look, they’re each carrying a huge bag. Could it be that they have completely plundered the Chilin King’s lair?!" someone cried.

However, no one dared to approach Mount Olympus for further confirmation.

The trio halted their advance, frowning. There were simply too many people there.

After a while, one of the reporters started moving. In order to obtain news material first hand, he steeled himself and walked into the mountain.

This was a female reporter. She had long brown hair and was fairly pretty, but at this moment, her face was rather pale. She advanced cautiously, holding onto a video recorder.

"Enough, black boss, stop scaring people," Chu Feng said.

Only then did the great black yak retract his king level suppression.

"Little brother, you are so beautiful! I've never seen such an exquisite young boy," the lady reporter exclaimed.

The great black yak uproariously laughed. He knew Greek and explained her words for Chu Feng.

The female reporter was indeed fearful of the great black yak. She knew, at first sight, that this gangster-like brute was not a good person. That was also why she approached the more likable Yellow Ox.

"May I ask if the three of you are all king level experts?" the female reporter carefully asked. She was quite fearful in her heart.

The great black yak was kept busy, acting as Yellow Ox’s interpreter.

"We just plundered the beast king’s lair," Yellow Ox replied in Asian language, with naivety painted all over his expression.


The female reporter had recorded everything. After hearing the black yak’s translation, she almost fell to the floor.

Even this kid was a king level entity?


Yellow Ox blew out a mouthful of air; the boulder at which it was aimed suddenly burst apart.

The female reporter felt weak all over; she had to try hard to keep on standing. Her voice had turned extremely shaky, and she was only able to ask a few more cursory questions.

"May I ask if the interior of the beast king’s lair is big? Are there many treasures within?" the female reporter softly asked. Actually, she wanted to ask a few more important questions, but she was too nervous.

"He’s poor and miserable. He doesn’t own anything good. We were only able to bring out these three bags. Chilin King, you’re so poor!" Yellow Ox complained before the camera.

Chu Feng had a premonition that this interview was about to bring about a huge tempest. It could very possibly cause the Chilin King to fly into a rage.

"Ahem!" Chu Feng cleared his throat, urging the Yellow Ox to enrage the Chilin King even more.

The beautiful and innocent Yellow Ox with his blonde hair suddenly cried, "Chilin King, stop wasting time at the Vatican. Your mommy is calling you to dinner!"

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