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"What? Is this king not handsome enough?" Biting on a cigar, the black yak was calm and confident.

Chu Feng firmly nodded, saying, "Black boss, you sure live up to your big name. You should sing a song called ‘It’s been years since I’ve led a gang’."

Because, no matter how you look, this man is definitely gangster. Naturally intrepid, wearing large black sunglasses, swept-back hair and with a large cigar in his mouth, he had all the qualities of a mafia boss.

"Brat, what’s the meaning of this?!" The great black yak wasn’t happy. After all, he was someone with high aspirations, aiming to become a saint ancestor one day.

Yellow Ox disdainfully replied, "Change into another set of clothes quickly. If you go out looking like this, you’ll definitely alarm the Interpol."

The black yak was dissatisfied. He thought he looked quite nice in this outfit, but he received only ridicule.

In the end, he did change into another set of clothes, proclaiming, "Luckily, this king was wise enough to prepare multiple outfits."

He changed into a swallow-tail coat with a neck-tie and was feeling quite satisfied with himself. "How’s this?" he asked.

Chu Feng put his face in his palm; he looked absolutely out of place. A gangster acting refined is even more terrifying.

Honestly, the black yak looked quite good after transforming. He had distinct facial features with thick brows and large eyes. But, he was always intrepid and seemed to have the aura of a bandit to him.

After that, the black yak changed into tight-fitting clothes that were fashionable lately with quarter jeans and slippers below. This outfit made him look like a local ruffian.

In the end, Yellow Ox could take it no longer and said, "Born with the natural appearance of a villain, there’s no saving you!"

Chu Feng sighed. "Black Boss, on second thoughts, I think you should just wear the first suit. It suits your temperament."

"Mou!" The black yak glared at them with steam spouting out of its nostrils. These two are too dishonorable. Even if he really did look like a mafia boss, did they really have to put it that way?

"Stop laughing at me, you bastard. Here, these are your clothes, stop talking and dress up!" The great black yak tossed a huge pile of clothes at Yellow Ox.

Chu Feng was stunned. This pile of clothes contained everything from jackets, suits to princess gowns; it was like a collection.

The great black yak fished out a princess dress from within the pile and handed it over to the Yellow Ox cheekily, saying, "This one is quite pretty; it would surely look great on you. It should be worth over 10,000 Euros; it was the most expensive one in the shop."

Yellow Ox was momentarily dumbfounded before coldly replying, "Do you really think I can’t beat you in a fight? Mou!"

The next moment, his forehooves started glowing, preparing to throw a Demon Ox Punch at the black yak.

"Enough, get changed quickly and stop wasting time," Chu Feng stepped in, halting their imminent battle. The truth was that he was also looking forward to seeing Yellow Ox in human form.


Yellow Ox morphed, and a saintly yet hazy golden light enshrouded him.

Finally, he changed into a young boy—a very beautiful young boy.

His long hair was completely blonde, extending down to his shoulders. His lashes were long, and his eyes glittered like gems. He looked just like a doll.

"Ha, ha, absolutely beautiful!" Chu Feng loudly laughed. He could not hold back going forward to tussle the calf’s beautiful blonde hair.

Yellow Ox furiously brushed his hand away and barked, "Release me! I’m warning you; if you dare to disrespect this king again, I’ll fight it out with you!"

Chu Feng heartily laughed as he finally realized why Yellow Ox was unwilling to transform all along. His human form was too small and was as extremely refined and beautiful, causing everyone to want to go up and pinch him.

Yellow Ox, with his glittering eyes, fair skin and long silky hair, looked just like a six-year-old kid. Everyone can’t help but want to tease him.

Chu Feng did not take his threat to heart. He repeatedly pinched the small face before saying with a smile, "You have quite the temper. Actually, I like the way you are now, don’t feel embarrassed. You look just as I was when I was young, very handsome!"

Yellow Ox was angry. Pulling his hands away, he warned once again that if they kept teasing him, he would fight it out with them.

The great black yak was laughing gleefully to the side, exposing all his glistening white teeth.

Finally, Yellow Ox chose a set of boy’s clothes and wore them unwillingly. He was greatly dissatisfied because he always thought that this young body was a bad match for his king level strength.

They entered the city to rest for the night before stirring up the Qilin King’s lair the next day.

This city was only middle-sized but no less bustling than the large ones. The neon lights lit the night, and there were still a lot of pedestrians.

The trio looked rather odd together, and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say they had a hundred percent head turning rate.

A ridiculously beautiful blonde boy, an Asian youth and a huge mafia boss!

Some people came close to calling the police. An old lady even rushed towards them in an attempt to protect Yellow Ox from the other two, namely the gangster.

The great black yak’s face turned as black as a pot; he was greatly annoyed. Only by walking on the street, he had been seen as an underworld thug. This caused him to be greatly angered.

Chu Feng hurriedly stopped the imminent disaster. He had to explain quite a bit in english before the misunderstanding was resolved.

Along their journey, the black yak was infuriated to the extreme as similar cases repeated themselves. He brought his palm to his face and complained, "Do I look so much like a bad person?! Ah, this is so annoying!"

When they arrived at the hotel, they faced a certain problem. None of them had a passport and was denied service. Chu Feng wanted to communicate with them in English, but the black yak stepped in to talked to them in extremely fluent Greek.

Chu Feng was dumbfounded, how did this yak learn Greek? He quietly asked Yellow Ox what was going on.

"He had planned out his life for the short term and thus he had learned some languages in advance," Yellow Ox explained.

"Just what kind of life plan involved learning Greek?!" Chu Feng was puzzled.

Yellow Ox replied, "He had always wanted to seek out Mount Olympus of Greece and the medicinal garden of the Vatican. As such, he learned the relevant languages; he even wanted to learn Egyptian. Naturally, he always wanted to visit the Holy City Jerusalem and plans to study the local language too."

Chu Feng was completely dumbfounded; he had never thought the black was yak such an idealist. However, he also reminded himself that the arrival of the black yak might not be such a good omen.

The hotel was grand and imposing with crystal chandeliers sparkling everywhere; it was such a dazzling sight to behold. The highly polished stone flooring glistened radiantly.

Chu Feng and Yellow Ox sat on the sofa, waiting for the black yak to finish his negotiations with the hotel staff. Finally, after much talk and flying spittle, the staff allowed them to stay without identification.

Moreover, they escorted the trio to the top grade presidential suite.

Chu Feng was full of admiration. Just how did the black yak trick the hotel to this degree? He couldn’t hold back his curiosity and asked the great black yak about it.

"I most certainly did not trick them. The manager himself is a member of the beast race who had mixed into the human society. I just directly met him and informed him of our identities and circumstances, asking him to prepare a suitable room for us. Well, of course, I released a strand of my king aura at a suitable moment."

"Your methods are too boorish. You should give up on it."

However, they definitely received first-rate service for the night, except that during dinner time, the two oxen came close to exploding with rage.

The main course of the meal was beef steak!

Finally, the two oxen went to the restaurant themselves; Chu Feng did not object. There, they became even more depressed because they found almost everyone was eating beef steak.

They had no other choice but to return to their room and request room service.

"These humans are supremely stupid and possess such rigid way of thinking. Laid before them are all kinds of delicious and rare delicacies which they ignore and focus on eating that single dish. How dumb!" the black yak incessantly complained.

The meal proceeded without much joy. Chu Feng put down his knife and fork and, while hugging the bottle of high-quality wine, walked out. He went to the restaurant alone and stuffed himself full of delicious beef steak!

The human form manager was kept busy the whole night, arranging dishes for the two guests in the presidential suite. He had to arrange all sorts of dishes that was free of beef; lobsters, foie gras, etc. He did not dare to mention the word beef again.

Chu Feng, however, was extremely satisfied. He returned to the room much later, his mouth stained with the aroma of beef. However, when he got back, he found, to much alarm, that the two oxen were not asleep yet. They sat there, glaring at him, a green light flowing in their eyes.

He immediately told them his intentions for the coming day, effectively preventing the two from blaming him. "Tomorrow, at Mount Olympus, you two can keep all the treasure we find. I just want to burn down the Qilin King’s lair."

The two oxen glared at him without speaking. Finally, they retired to their own rooms.

The next morning, the manager sent them off as if he were sending off gods of pestilence. He escorted them downstairs, hoping in his heart that the guests would leave as soon as possible.

"Wait, don't go yet. Help us rent a plane." The great black yak gestured to the manager to return.

After hearing black yak’s instructions, the manager came close to tears. Rent a plane?! What did these three want to do?!

"Don’t worry so much. A helicopter will also do. We’re going to use it for sightseeing, we won't ask you to hijack a plane," said the black yak.

"Fine…" With a sullen expression, the manager went to arrange things.

Afterward, the great black yak sat down to read a newspaper. Chu Feng and Yellow Ox, not knowing Greek, were rather bored. They started thinking about how to make their move at Mount Olympus.

One had to know that Olympus was a divine mountain!

In the legends, the summit of Mount Olympus was the gathering place of myriad gods.

The Qilin King building his home at the base of the mountain spoke volumes about the mysteriousness of that place. There must be some odd powers at the summit.

If even such a powerful beast king could only build his home at the base of this mountain, did it mean that he could not go up or perhaps he did not have the qualifications?

Suddenly, the black yak who had been reading a newspaper spoke, "This Qilin King is extremely powerful. He had just butchered a beast king at the Vatican as if he were pulling on dried weeds. He beat up that brown bear quite severely."

This was the latest news; the Qilin King was on a killing spree at the Vatican. He had, with great momentum, killed the Brown Bear and severely wounded another beast king.

"Wow, people are comparing you two again. They say if the Qilin King killed one more beast king, you two will be on the same level. However, the Qilin King is treating you with great contempt, ha, ha…" The great black yak was greatly amused.

Because, the Qilin King was quite conceited, replying that Chu Feng was not qualified to be compared with him.

"We shall meet at the Vatican!" Chu Feng replied. Naturally, he would go and stir up some trouble at his home for starters.

Finally, the hired helicopter arrived. The trio boarded and was flown due north, towards Mount Olympus.

Along the road, the pilot’s knees were constantly shaking with fear. He had discovered that his three passengers were absolutely extraordinary; they actually wanted to go and stir up a beast king’s lair.

"Don’t be afraid. You just put us down nearby; we won’t drag you into this," Chu Feng consoled.

When they arrived at the place, the three got off. The pilot took off almost immediately and flew away without waiting for them.

Chu Feng didn’t mind; it was within expectations. They climbed the mountain in search for the beat king’s lair. There was no shortage of beast race members in the area. They conveniently caught one and made him lead the way.

"So, this is the famous Mount Olympus…" Yellow Ox was surprised. The whole mountainous area was extremely vast with many peaks piercing into the clouds above. These peaks were covered by a veil of mist, invisible from below.

"What is at the summit?" asked Chu Feng.

Their guide was a lynx who could speak in the human tongue. It was extremely frightened; with a trembling voice, it explained to them that the summit was absolutely off-limits. Not only was it sealed by a bewildering mist, but also lightning will descend upon anyone who aims to trespass—even beast kings cannot charge up there.

"That’s odd, don’t tell me there are truly beings like Zeus, Apollo, and Athena!" the black yak mumbled.

"Who cares, let’s wreck the Qilin King’s lair first. I’ve plundered a bird’s nest before, but never a beast king’s!" Chu Feng was radiating murderous intent. The Qilin King had treated him with contempt time and again. Now that he had arrived in Europe, naturally, Chu Feng would have to give him a big surprise.

Before long, they had arrived at the base of a towering mountain. A dense auspicious aura permeated the air accompanied by an intense flow of vitality.

"There it is!" The lynx didn’t dare to go any further. Before him was the lair of a true beast king; it was an incomparably terrifying place. Even the armies of Europe don’t dare to attack this place. Just what origins did these three frightening people possess that they dare to claim they would completely destroy this place?

"You’re hopeless," the black yak was sighed, waving his hand. He let the lynx wait somewhere nearby.

Chu Feng and party felt surging waves of heat arising from the vicinity of the Qilin King’s lair. In addition to the auspicious air, this place also had a fiery core deep within.

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