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Although this was the Peacock Race, many other beast races such as wolves, falcons and pangolins were also present.

At this moment, a young man stood up; he possessed fair skin and a medium build. However, he was not weak at all—his eyes were full of spirit. This was the grandson of the late Ash Wolf.

"Everyone, killing the Demon King Chu is a major incident. We should come up with a plan to maximize the intimidation effect brought about by his death."

Many beast race experts glanced at him; they felt that his words made some sense.

"What do you have in mind?" a quasi beast king from the peacock race asked.

"Promote and exaggerate the outcome of this battle!" this youth said, his gaze was burning with passion as he expressed his opinion.

Quite frankly, he also added that this method was learnt from the humans; this was to give them a taste of their own medicine.

The young Ash Wolf suggested that, hereafter, everyone should periodically release a photo of Chu Feng being tormented to attract the attention of the masses. Finally, they would present his decapitated head and shake the whole world.

"That will work!"

The many beast race experts nodded in agreement. They felt that this plan was feasible; it was sure to attract a lot of attention and awe.

At this moment, they had five or six such photos which were sufficient for this plan.

These beast race members decisively started carrying out the plan, mainly because they felt frustrated about this whole matter regarding Chu Feng. A mere young human had suppressed every race until it was hard for them to breathe.

Now that Chu Feng was on the verge of death, they felt that this news was worth propagating.

When the first photo was released, the reaction wasn’t too big. However, as the second and third photos made their appearance, the internet lost its calm.

The people found, to their shock, that Chu Feng had been trapped in a mysterious zone; continuously being struck by lightning and coughing up blood. This was indeed a major incident.

Just what exactly happened?

Just what kind of region was that? Why was dense lightning pouring down in sheets? It was extremely mysterious and intimidating.

After the fourth photo was publicized, many people felt their hearts throbbing; an azure streak of lightning directly struck Chu Feng, sending him flying through the wind and storm.

"Boss, where are you? Just how are you right now?!" Du Huaijin, Ouyang Qing and the others were all worried.

Within the Hollow Jade Temple, Lu Tong stood up in shock. He looked out of the window, his expression troubled.

Within a short period, the few photos became the topic of heated discussion and debates.

"Demon King Chu… is he undergoing a tribulation?" Jiang Luoshen was astonished. Her large beautiful eyes were focused on these photos.

Many people tried dialing Chu Feng’s communicator, but they could not get through.

The many corporate powers were also shocked; they followed this piece of news in detail.

"The beast races have finally mobilized to remove Chu Feng and re-establish their might!"

The major powers were all extremely sharp. They immediately deduced that this was the revenge of the beast race!

They understood that Chu Feng was now facing an extreme crisis, and that it was possible that he would be killed as a warning to the masses. The beast race could not and would not tolerate his continued existence.

However, if he was able to endure this tribulation, Demon King Chu’s name would be even more resounding. He would definitely be recognized by various powers, and even beast kings might not carelessly make a move against him.

The final photo appeared—this time, Chu Feng’s whole body was full of wounds and traces of blood. The condition appeared critical as he was drowned within the flash of a lightning bolt, his survival undetermined.

Nobody knew if he could survive such a powerful strike

Within this photo, apart from Chu Feng, there was also a beast race expert. That was the Bird King—his whole body glowed a lustrous purple as he hovered proudly in the air, looking coldly at Chu Feng.

This was like a showdown between experts. A beast king had appeared, apparently immune to the lightning. He was looking disdainfully at the human race expert.

Additionally, there was also a caption under this photo. It reads: "Demon King Chu? Ha! Simply too weak. Couldn’t even withstand one of my blows."

The internet was now boiling over, and many people knew that the situation wasn’t looking good.

The people realized that the beast race was serious this time; they would not rest until Chu Feng had been killed. From the moment they released the first photo, everything was already within their grasp; they had already concluded that Chu Feng would die without a doubt.

This perilous situation caused clamor in every area.

The corporates could do nothing but sigh indignantly; the beast race was truly cruel. Looking at the way they’re fearlessly releasing such photos, they definitely have a solid plan to kill Chu Feng.

The people all understood that the beast race was doing this on purpose. Photos were being released at fixed intervals, and the contents of which being increasingly perilous for Chu Feng. And finally, they would announce his death.

Many of the beast race were in high spirits; this came as a pleasant surprise for them.

While storms and winds raged among the people, the beast races were cheering.

"The Bird King is mighty! Today he will establish his peerless might!"

"A good quote indeed. ‘Don’t pretend, don’t pretend— lest you be struck by lightning’; Demon King Chu is a prime example, ha… ha…"

The unbridled laughter of the beast race relieved their stifled mood. This day, they felt extremely delighted and satisfied.

The people were furious, but there was nothing they could do because they felt that the grievous news of Chu Feng’s death would be released soon afterward.

Meanwhile in Shuntian, the Imperial Entertainment Club.

Hu Sheng, Xiong Kun, Lu Qing and their group had all met up after hearing the news. Some of them were surprised, and some were in high spirits while others were laughing.

Not long ago, they had been badly suppressed by Chu Feng; today, they were able to vent their resentment.

"Even Demon King Chu has been dealt his just deserts." Xiong Kun was extremely excited. Only yesterday, he was begging everyone for reinforcements, afraid that Chu Feng would eradicate his whole race.

However, suddenly, the condition had been more or less reversed.

Suddenly, he noticed that Hu Sheng wasn’t commenting on this matter. His slender eyes contained an elusive radiance within but said nothing.

This caused Xiong Kun to shiver; he was now quite wary of Hu Sheng’s "cautious state". The last couple of times this fox had entered silent mode, some big incident would follow.

"Hu Sheng, what’s the meaning of this? Don’t scare me like that!" Xiong Kun glared at him, attracting the attention of everyone else.

"Let’s keep on waiting. Don’t rush with the celebrations," Hu Sheng advised.

"I’m already itching to express my delight on social media," someone said.

Suddenly, Xiong Kun’s communicator rang. It was his grandpa, the Black Bear, warning him, on pain of a beating, to stay quiet for the moment.

"What’s with this old man? He’s being overly cautious!" Xiong Kun mumbled. But he felt rather guilty since he had brought disaster upon the old man last time.

He had misunderstood and thought that Chu Feng was on his way to eradicate his whole race. He decided to notify everyone and ask for reinforcements, alarming the whole world of this matter in the process.

The netizens all lost their calm when the news was released.

This incident had great effect on everyone. Some of the beast race experts were overly excited, and they couldn’t help expressing their great delight as they celebrated in advance.

As for the humans, they were all sighing indignantly. There was nothing they could do to help.

Some beasts went so far as to flamboyantly claim that this was the day of "demonic exorcism".

"The mighty Bird King doesn’t even put Chu Feng in his eyes and is able to kill him with relative ease. This sure is satisfying."

Without a doubt, this moment belonged to the beast race—celebrations were in full swing.

However, the final photo of Chu Feng’s decapitation had not appeared as expected and many beast tribes were waiting expectantly.

Back at the Gates of Hell, Kunlun.

A thunderous roar shook the skies like the roll of thunder.


The great black yak, raised his hooves violently as he violently sent the Chiru flying once again.

"You dare to attack my brother, are you tired of living?!"

He dashed towards the Chiru and repeatedly bashed down with his hooves.

"You’ve completely overstepped your bounds. Are you taking advantage of our kind temperament?"

Yellow Ox also joined in the fray. He exhibited his Demon Ox Fist Technique as he beat down explosively with his hooves, accompanied by radiant lights. The Chiru was flung into the air, bleeding from his seven orifices.

"Once more!" The black yak was waiting in the distance. As soon as the Chiru fell to the ground, he ran over and continued raining punches down on him with supersonic speeds.

The Chiru was extremely miserable; its two giant horns were cut off by Chu Feng’s flying knife, effectively crippling his combat strength.

Chu Feng was allowed to rest by the side while the two furious oxen went on a rampage.

The duo was extremely violent. They had made short work of the Chiru, bouncing him about like a ball; kicking him from east to west; and breaking his bones and tendons.

The Bird King had been killed by Chu Feng, leaving this unlucky chiru. It immediately became an object to vent their anger on.

This severe beating was due to the other beast kings pleading on his behalf; otherwise, he would've been killed on the spot.

Although this was Mount Kulun where the strong preyed on the weak, the beast kings still had an established alliance. The alliance rules forbade beast kings from killing each other under normal circumstances.

"Old Yak, that’s enough. Be a bit more merciful, a living Chiru is more useful than a dead one, let him… become your lackey, let him redeem himself by being at your beck and call," some other beast kings persuaded.

A group of vicious beast kings arrived momentarily, and many were in their human forms.

They immediately understood what had transpired. As for the killed Bird King, no one was sorry for him. He had brought this upon himself; even if he was a beast king of Mount Kunlun, no one would defend him.

Chu Feng was a good brother of the two oxen, and even after knowing that, the woodpecker had sought to kill him—he had obviously crossed the line.

Afterall, everyone had friends. If beast kings started scheming against visiting friends, who would be able to take it? No one was willing for such a vicious cycle to occur.

Chu Feng had changed into a new set of clothes, the Thunderous and the black dagger strapped to his back. It came as a pleasant surprise that none of his belongings were harmed in the torrential lightning strikes.

This caused Chu Feng to be speechless; it was as if the lightning had selectively locked onto him.

Chu Feng pondered about the mysteries of this valley, where the lightning had a tendency to target only the living.

"Old Yak, Little Yellow, it’s enough. If you keep beating him, he’ll surely lose his life." At this moment, a dark-haired man walked towards them. His long hair was spread over his shoulders, his aura extremely imposing, giving one a sense of suppression.

It was as if a vast ocean of energy was contained within his body. One could vaguely sense his terrifying blood energy. This was, no doubt, a unique expert.

"Very well, since even the Mastiff King had spoken, we will let him keep his life. It must be said beforehand, this immoral Chiru has to come under my command for a period of time," the great black yak stated.

"Chu Feng glanced at the man suspiciously. He felt a sense of deja vu—could it be the Tibetan Mastiff he had seen back at the Bronze Mountain?

A beautiful lady in court attire walked over. With her long, swaying green hair, her resin-like skin and her wandering eyes, she was a great beauty. Approaching Chu Feng, she said, "Little brother is certainly extraordinary; being able to fight against two beast kings at such a tender age and even killing the Bird King, your combat prowess commands great respect."

Naturally, she was also a beast king, but Chu Feng couldn’t guess what race she belonged to.

"Even though we lost a king level expert, with this brother joining our ranks, we have not suffered a loss at all."

Another silver-haired man walked over, laughing. He appeared to be over 30 years of age and had all the physical qualities of a soldier.

It was evident that they all had a close relationship with the two oxen. Not only did no one blame Chu Feng for killing one of their beast kings, they were all actively welcoming him as a brethren.

The main reason was probably due to Yellow Ox. With his vast knowledge, he had often offered help and enlightenment to many other beast kings.

As for the great black yak, he was boisterous and very outgoing. He was a natural at unifying everyone; for example, gathering all the beast kings to go and watch . Even though he looked rough on the edges, he really knew how to conduct himself.

The Chiru was in an extremely miserable state. He had suffered grievous traumatic wounds and still had to apologize and offer compensation.

In the end, these vicious beasts were all chatting with laughter. Everyone planned to visit the Ox King Palace for liquor and celebrations; the atmosphere was quite harmonious.

"Dear brothers and sisters, I acted rashly today. After being tricked into that land of death and almost dying there, I was furious. I lost control of my temper and killed the Bird King."

Chu Feng cupped his fists and amiably explained. None of these beast kings were truly good-natured at heart. However, since they were, at least, courteous on the surface, Chu Feng naturally had to reciprocate.

A battle was sufficient to display his might. There was no need to act ostentatiously here; that would only invite dislike.

"Oh, little brother, big waves have risen in the outside world. You’d better clarify things, lest the masses misunderstand and your relatives and friends worry." The elegant lady in court attire smiled as she walked over leisurely; she was exquisitely beautiful.

Chu Feng looked through the notifications on his communicator in a hurry and soon realized what had transpired. Some people were intentionally attracting public attention; they wanted to maximize the effect of Chu Feng’s supposed demise.

It could be said that they had successfully roused the public’s attention and were now waiting for the final explosive move!

Chu Feng thought about it, then proceeded to walk towards the remains of the Bird King. He took a selfie with the bird’s corpse and the valley grounds as background—the terrifying marks left behind by the lightning strikes were visible.

He posted these photos on his personal media platform with the caption: "Overcame a heavenly tribulation today."

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