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"How come you have arrived so soon?" Yellow Ox exclaimed in a hushed tone, complaining about Chu Feng’s early arrival.

"Yellow Ox, what is the meaning of this? You don’t welcome me?!" Chu Feng expressed his dissatisfaction.

There was a lot of background noise on the other end, including powerful roars, as if a group of king level beasts were together.

"An underground palace has emerged in the Kunlun Mountains. All the beast kings are here, waiting for it to open. Ol’ Blackie has decided to fight for some fortunes inside, so we might not be able to come and pick you up. Come over here by yourself!" Yellow Ox thus said before hurriedly hanging up.

"Oi, Yellow Ox, are you going to leave me here alone?" Chu Feng called out loudly, but the communicator only returned a busy tone.

He was momentarily speechless, what kind of era was this? These two oxen were nagging him to head towards the west as soon as possible, but now that he had arrived, they left him here in the wilderness.

"The emergence of the Kunlun underground palace is a big event!" Chu Feng felt agitated.

He wanted to immediately rush over. Even the underground palace of Mount Pan housed the Imperial Sword Technique. Just what kind of treasures could be found in the underground palace of the famous Mount Kunlun?

After a long while, Chu Feng contacted the two oxen again, saying, "You guys wait for me, I’ll kill my way over there!"

"Don’t waste your energy. It's only a minor underground palace from one of the peaks," the black yak informed him, also telling him that he would not make it in time. There was a distance of 8000 km in between.

"What?! 8000 km? Are you two trying to cheat me? How come you didn’t mention this before?" Chu Feng was dumbfounded; the two oxen never informed him of the distance before.

He could only sigh and question the heavens, feeling greatly cheated—was he supposed to walk all the way there?

Chu Feng observed the map in his hands and decided that it was rather useless under current circumstances. After he folded spaces appeared, all the usual routes had been blocked, rendering the map useless.

On Mount Kunlun, the duo were not the least worried about Chu Feng’s safety since he had already severed a shackle to become a king level entity and had even killed a powerful beast king.

Chu Feng walked out of the airport towards the wilderness. Looking at the desolate lands, he felt speechless. What sort of situation was this? Just how long would he have to travel to reach his destination?

He fished out his communicator and scanned through his contact list before finally finding a suitable person, a light then flashed through his eyes.

Back at Shuntian, within the presidential suite, at the top floor of the Hotel du Louvre.

Xiong Kun was snoring thunderously, sound asleep. The room was fairly grand. After fumbling about the human society, he had finally learned to live luxuriously.

"Who the hell is this? So noisy in the early morning. Which bas…" Xiong Kun rubbed his eyes and got up.

When he saw the especially noted name on the screen, "Demon King Chu", he was shocked awake, the word bastard only half way out of his mouth before he swallowed it.

Xiong Kun was dripping cold sweat as all his sleepiness had vanished.

"King Chu, did you have business with me early in the morning?" Xiong Kun was all smiles even though they could not see each other.

"Where is your home?" Chu Feng asked.

"What?!" Xiong Kun felt his blood run cold as he cautiously inquired, "Immortal Chu, where are you now?"

"I’m in the western region," Chu Feng honestly replied.


Xiong Kun fell off his bed and was left sitting on the floor with a pale face—he felt an impending crisis.

This Demon King Chu is truly too vicious. It’s only been two days, yet he had already gone knocking on his tribal home. Xiong Kun was scared silly.

"Immortal Chu, let’s talk everything over. Even if we made mistakes in the past, you should at least give us the chance to make amends. Please be calm!"

Xiong Kun was almost crying as he pleaded, blaming himself for mouthing off behind Chu Feng’s back and getting caught red-handed. But even so, wasn’t it too vengeful to directly head over to destroy their tribe?

"What nonsense are you talking about? I just want to go and sit for a while, nothing will happen," Chu Feng impatiently said.

Nothing will happen?! Xiong Kun was in deep sorrow. He was already fighting his way to the door, and yet he still nonchalantly says nothing will happen? This is too immoral, as expected of the vicious Demon King Chu!

"Immortal Chu, let’s chat for a while. Please calm down, give me some time to clarify things. I guarantee it'll be satisfactory!" Xiong Kun humbly said.

This bear had completely misunderstood Chu Feng’s intentions. His expression was drained of all blood as he repeatedly apologized, almost promising to become his slave.

Chu Feng threatened, "If you keep up this nonsense, I’ll really stew a couple of bear paws to nourish myself. Just tell me how to contact your grandad and stop the useless blabbering."

Xiong Kun immediately contacted his grandpa, literally crying, "Grandpa, disaster has struck! Demon King Chu is on his way to eliminate you! Run away quickly, this unfilial grandson has brought a catastrophe upon you, run!"

The Black Bear was frozen stiff upon hearing this news. What situation was this? Didn’t he finish making amends to the two oxen just recently? How come he was offended yet again?!

"You bastard bear, you’re going to anger me to death. Have you stirred up even more trouble? I really want to beat you to death! The moment I let you out, you bring trouble to our doors. Just you wait till I see you!" The old bear was extremely furious.

Afterwards, he immediately picked up an unknown call. It did not take a genius to guess it was Demon King Chu.

"King Chu, what did you say? You want to visit our home for a bit? I don’t think that’s a good idea, we’re terribly poor with nothing to our names. I’ll personally come to the glorious Shuntian City to meet you on another date. Brother Chu, the last time was my fault, this old bear is deeply sorry for it."

"Stop speaking nonsense! Come and pick me up quickly. I’m only passing by and I need a guide to lead me to Mount Kunlun. If you keep up with this farce, I’ll really kill my way to your gates!"

Meanwhile, in the outside world, there was absolutely no peace to be found.

Xiong Kun was scared out of his wits and in his desperation, he begged everyone in search of reinforcements. He exhausted his contact list, calling many beast kings, beseeching them to go and save his granddad.

This was like a bomb. It exploded with a huge boom and alarmed everyone, causing them to sigh at the viciousness of Demon King Chu.

This news quickly spread and shocked all the races!

Hu Sheng, Lu Qing, and the rest, after hearing Xiong Kun’s pleas for help, contacted the upper echelon of their respective races, requesting reinforcements.

The young beast heirs were all filled with trepidation, fearing that Chu Feng might remember them.

Even some of the beast kings were rendered speechless; this Chu Feng was too vengeful. Even though the Black Bear had lowered his head and apologized, he still insisted on attacking.

This caused huge waves after all the powers were informed of this matter.

From the various beast tribes to the human corporate powers, all of them received first-hand reports of this incident. They were all shaken—was this young human king about to start another massacre?

The four directions quaked!

Chu Feng only wanted to pay a simple visit, yet he inadvertently caused a huge tempest throughout the martial world. He didn’t even know what was going on, but the sky in the outside world was about to flip over.

"As expected of Demon King Chu, absolutely ferocious—moving to eradicate a tribe without a word of warning! Don’t think about messing with him in the future!"

The ancestor from Hu Sheng’s tribe sighed as he lectured Hu Sheng to be more well-behaved in the human society as well as not to bring disaster upon his forebears.

"We cannot afford to offend this excessively cruel Demon King Chu. Karma will get back at him! He definitely won’t have a good ending!" there were also beast kings who were cursing Chu Feng.

However, in the human society, a different scene was playing out.

"Immortal Chu is truly valiant and heaven-defying! He’s on his way to conquer yet another famed mountain. Wherever his divine might is directed, no one can stand in the way!"

"Amazing! This is the true style of an overlord, unstoppable in the four directions. Whoever dares to challenge his authority will be thoroughly flattened!"

Many people were discussing this matter with great passion, and all were greatly excited.

In the recent days, the beast race had risen with such speed and momentum that, after banding together, they kept pushing the humans into a passive defense.

Now, with Chu Feng’s appearance, it was like a fresh landslide that swept away all the previous embarrassments. A man who eradicates whole races over simple verbal disagreements was simply too extraordinary.

It was hard for the humans not to be excited. Many people were thinking that if any more deranged beasts like the Ash Wolf showed up, they would send Demon King Chu over to eradicate their whole race.

"Boss, are you really in the western area? You’re going to the Black Bear tribe?!" The clairaudient Ouyang Qing excitedly contacted Chu Feng as soon as he got the news.

"Yeah, I’m on the way there," Chu Feng replied.

"Boss, you’re truly the god of a generation, you’re simply too heaven-defying. When you return, we’ll hold a proper welcoming ceremony for you!" Soon after he said this, Ouyang Qing ended the call.

"Oi, what nonsense are you spouting?" Chu Feng felt it was truly odd. He vaguely guessed what had transpired, but he didn’t try to connect the dots, simply because it didn’t really matter.

Very soon, Ouyang Qing had announced on his personal media platform that he had received confirmation that Chu Feng was now proceeding towards the Black Bear Tribe.

The outside world was, again, shaken.

Because many knew the relationship between him and Chu Feng, and thus his words were a confirmation of sorts.

Many people were astonished. This Demon King Chu was definitely walking the road of a hegemon, eliminating all enemies in the four directions.

"He’s going to kill a beast king over a simple verbal argument. This man is the model of our generation!" Even the corporate dignitaries had to sigh in admiration.

Not to mention domestically, even the foreign powers were greatly alarmed. After hearing this news, countless people were now passionately discussing this matter."

"This Demon King Chu has quite the amazing temper! I hope he comes over to the west to wreak havoc here, helping us to suppress some beast kings. We are in need of such a cruel demon king!"

"That’s a reasonable line of thought. Demon King Chu, we beseech you, please come to the west! We have the Black Dragon, the Corrupt Beast of Darkness and the Immortal Phoenix, all of them are waiting for you to kill!"

Many areas in Europe were also affected by this as people were all in passionate debate. So much so that some professionals were negotiating whether they should work together to invite Chu Feng to Europe.

This was sufficient proof of how inflated things had become.

Naturally, there were also different opinions. For example, certain European beast kings were very confident.

Some of them let word out: "Demon King Chu? Never heard of him. If he dares to come here, then I'll be sure to swiftly teach him how to be a good human!

This caused huge waves among the people, especially in the east where people were discussing this issue widely.

"Does this count as a challenge? Be careful, or the next moment, you might find Demon King Chu in Europe, swiftly teaching you how to be a good beast!"

"There'll definitely be a time when you would have to cry. I firmly believe Chu Feng will step into Western Europe one day. At that time, I hope you still have the courage to say such things!"

This comment actually caused a lot of clamor, and many people verbally beat up that beast king.

"What does this king have to fear? Wait till he comes, my name is the Red Qilin, I live at the base of Mount Olympus. At the moment, I'm battling at the Vatican City—anyone who is not satisfied can come to me!" that beast king retorted furiously.

Many people in the west gasped in astonishment. Also known as the fiery god, this Red Qilin was an extremely powerful and terrifying beast king.

"Merely empty words. Does this Chu Feng really dare to come to the west? I don’t think so. The beast kings of the east are probably not so strong, allowing him to be so unrestrained. If he does indeed come to the west, he’ll meet his downfall quickly."

The beast race experts of the west were speculating that Chu Feng would not dare to actually head to the west.

The easterners were, naturally, dissatisfied with this statement—those who knew English flocked over to argue.

"I’m called Augustus, also at the Vatican. If the human called Chu Feng dares to show up here, he can come and find me!" Augustus proudly replied.

Suddenly, the expressions of many people changed because they knew that this person was extremely famous in the west—an extremely terrifying king level powerhouse.

Additionally, he was named after the first emperor of ancient Rome, meaning "divine and majestic".

"Just you wait, Demon King Chu will definitely go there and butt heads with you, teaching you how to behave!" someone shouted.

However, most people were not so confident about that. The distance between the East and the West was simply too great, who knows how long it would take Chu Feng to reach Europe. Perhaps, even a lifetime wouldn’t be sufficient.

Only the old man Lu Tong revealed an odd expression because he knew that Chu Feng was about to go there. At that time, what expressions would Augustus and the Red Qilin have?

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