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Certain Western spirits were born of the earth? This intrigued Chu Feng quite a bit. He was really looking forward to visiting the historical medicinal garden!

"Oh and by the way, how is Zhao Yu?" Chu Feng asked. He had long since known that this person was problematic. The reason he was accurately ambushed had something to do with him leaking information to the enemy.

He had even wanted to hide the mutant fruit that Lu Tong had given to Chu Feng. He was malicious and cruel; he had wanted to use the Peacock Race and Mount Pan Lineage to eliminate Chu Feng.

"We’re extracting his remaining value and expending leftover energy," Lu Tong informed, smiling with narrowed eyes.

Zhao Yu’s ending had pretty much been decided. He would be killed after expending his value.

Chu Feng returned to the isolated stone room and started practicing his spiritual arts. He tried "moving" himself through the air and succeeded in the end; although wobbly and unstable, he was still able to float.

He tried accelerating and nearly shot himself out.

After two days of practice and experiencing countless trials, he gave up.

Every time he tried to accelerate, he would crash into one thing or the other, injuring him all over.

This path was inaccessible!

Chu Feng weighed the red knife in his hands. It was a beautiful scarlet like coral, but extremely agile and it didn’t feel like metal at all.

That was also the reason why his spiritual energy was able to control this palm-sized blade with relative ease, as the arm controls the fingers.

Comparatively, Chu Feng’s body was too heavy. When accelerating, spiritual energy expenditure was extremely fast. It would be more effective to run on the ground.

Although he could not use it to fly, it was still possible to use it to float for a while. With this, he would not have to fear a mid-air disaster. He could simply jump off the plane.

Chu Feng started collecting his belongings and got ready to head to the Kunlun Mountains and meet up with the two oxen!

The road was fairly long; Lu Tong had helped him arrange the flights in advance. He would leave early the next day and fly towards Tibet.

"Demon king Chu, I’ve come to Shuntian," Jiang Luoshen told Chu Feng over the communicator.

"Aren’t you taking care of your pregnancy at home? Why have you come here again?" Chu Feng replied.

Jiang Luoshen was exceedingly unhappy. What did he mean by "again"?! If it was any other person talking to her like this, she would have added him to her blacklist.

However, this time she had a favor to ask and had to ignore these things. Maintaining a professional tone, she said, "I’ve come to discuss what we talked about last time; we want the flesh and blood of the quasi kings or better yet, true king’s blood!"

Now, everyone knew that Chu Feng had killed a beast king and conquered Mount Pan. Bodhi Biogenetics, naturally, wanted to study the beast king’s flesh and blood.

"I’m short on time. Let’s do it like this; we’ll meet tonight. If you really want to negotiate, you need to bring out some sincerity. Don’t waste my time," Chu Feng replied.

Jiang Luoshen’s face was covered in black lines; she couldn’t take it any longer. She who was named the national goddess—even if her attractiveness wasn’t unparalleled, it shouldn’t be in a state where she was being avoided, right?

"Demon King Chu, do you know how to speak properly? You really think I’m dying to meet you?!" Jiang Luoshen ground her teeth, wanting to give him a good beating.

Normally, with just a look, there would be several people at her beck and call, fulfilling her every demand. And here she was, proactively trying to contact a man, and yet she was treated in this manner.

"Relax and take deep breaths. Pretend that he is just air!" Jiang Luoshen adjusted her temper and was finally able to hold in her curses.

Chu Feng dryly laughed, saying, "I have to travel early tomorrow morning and there are several things I need to do. Besides, whenever I’m with you, I get ‘stained with mutton odor without getting to eat mutton’, the gain is not worth the loss."

"What do you mean by this?!" Jiang Luoshen’s voice had risen by eight levels.

At this moment, she was leaning back comfortably on the chair, not the least lady-like. Her pair of beautiful white legs were on the table, nothing like the usual goddess model.

"Nothing, be sure to treat me to mutton tonight!"

"You hoodlum, go and die!" Jiang Luoshen shouted through the communicator. But she soon realized that the other party had, with great foresight, hung up the communicator before she could respond.

"Shameless Demon King Chu!" Jiang Luoshen was so enraged that she wanted to smash some things. She sat straight and flexed her long legs, almost kicking down some tabletop decorations in the process.

"I say, Luoshen, you’re only 22 years old. You’re not undergoing menopause; why are you so angry?" Xia Qinayu entered the room, mocking her friend in great cheer.

Normally, Jiang Luoshen was not like this at all. She was smart and capable, and her emotions rarely showed on her smiling face. Not like today at all.

Dissatisfaction was written all over Jiang Luoshen’s beautiful face as she said, "A scholar, even though reasonably correct, cannot triumph over a soldier! Why do I need to have a deal with this Demon King Chu? As if you don’t know how this person is. We were almost angered to death during that blind date of yours."

"Don’t talk about it!" Xia Qianyu interrupted, changing the topic hastily. That blind date was absolutely humiliating.

"Eh? Luoshen, something is really not right. There are so many people at Bodhi Biogenetics. Why did they have to specifically arrange for you to meet with Demon King Chu? Do you think they are intentionally matching you two?" Xia Qianyu voiced her suspicion.

"Bad friend, what the heck are you saying?!" Jiang Luoshen glared at her with those beautiful eyes.

"Luoshen, you are normally so clever and capable. You always have those people in the palm of your hand. What is with you lately? Oh, I know! Don’t tell me you’ve been moved by the mundane world? Heh, heh…" Xia Qianyu cheekily laughed while teasing her friend.

Jiang Luoshen angrily replied, "Only you would think of something so ridiculous. I have always wanted to give him a good beating, but I no longer have the chance and I won't be able to succeed anyway. However, since you want to tease me so much, you have to follow me to dinner tonight. At that time, I’ll play the middleman."

"I won't go even if you kill me!" Xia Qianyu mumbled.

However, in the end, she was still dragged along. Jiang Luoshen was determined to bring her along through life and death. They arrived together at their destination: the Qilin Tower.

Jiang Luoshen had designated the restaurant in advance, but naturally, she wasn’t all too happy. Since she had already chosen the place, Chu Feng had nothing to say.

Normally, other people would have to reserve luxurious private rooms and wait for her to arrive. Today, it was the exact opposite.

The two ladies had arrived first. They sat in the room, sipping tea while waiting for Chu Feng.

"Why has this bastard not arrived yet?" Xia Qianyu was dissatisfied.

"Chu Feng where are you? WHAT?! You forgot?! You…" Jiang Luoshen’s fair countenance quickly turned dark.

"He forgot?!" Xia Qianyu screamed.

"He's rushing over now," Jiang Luoshen replied.

Chu Feng had indeed forgotten. That was because he was too focused on researching his newfound spiritual arts. He had been trying to control various objects and had progressed by leaps and bounds. His Imperial Sword Technique had surpassed that of the old weasel.

His strength had now increased by at least a grade.

"With this strength, I'll be more dependable on my Westward journey," Chu Feng mused.

Afterward, he rushed towards the designated place. He felt quite sorry, but it was completely unintentional. He was really too focused on practicing.

The restaurant that Jiang Luoshen had booked was indeed grand. Not only was the taste superb, the ingredients were also extraordinary materials from within the desolate mountains.

This place was comparable with the restaurant on the 88th floor of Clearsky tower, one of the most famous restaurants in Shuntian.

Naturally, Jiang Luoshen was too famous. She had already been discovered by some people. Even though she had covered up quite tightly during her entry, a loose-lipped waiter could easily expose her identity.

"Goddess Jiang, hello. I’m Liu Tuo from the Jiang Feng Corporation."

Very soon, a young handsome man came walking over and greeted her in great manners, handing over a couple of name cards.

Xia Qianyu was astonished. Naturally, she knew this corporation. This Liu Tao was actually one of its board members, and his identity was extraordinary.

"Hello, Chief Liu. However, I’m waiting for someone here," Jiang Luoshen replied.

At his level, he would not stick around unless invited. Liu Tao got up and left; he did not linger.

However, that was only the beginning. Within a short period of time, at least four or five groups had come over to the great annoyance of Jiang Luoshen. That damned Chu Feng was so late!

Especially since some of the visitors decided to linger around and not leave. These people were not willing to leave, and many of them came from extraordinary backgrounds.

Jiang Luoshen was inwardly vexed, but her face was full of smiles. She felt it wasn’t too good to heartlessly drive everyone away and could only socialize in a perfunctory manner.

Among them, there was a person from the Mu Family of Deity Biomedicals, and his name was Mu Zhuo. He was one of those with corporate background with a social standing not lower than Jiang Luoshen.

Actually, Mu Zhuo was very much unhappy. He had arrived at Shuntian together with Mu Tian and wanted to personally witness Chu Feng’s downfall, however, Chu Feng had already become a king level expert!

Mu Tian, he had already become a mutant twenty years ago, and his power was completely unfathomable. However, even he did not make a move against Chu Feng; this caused Mu Zhuo to be puzzled and dissatisfied.

However, he put this matter in the back of his mind. After all, Mu Tian was the brother of the deceased.

Mu Zhuo came for a meal tonight and coincidentally found Jiang Luoshen there. Hence, he went over immediately; one reason was the national goddess’s attractiveness, and the other was that he knew Chu Feng had some sort of relationship with Goddess Jiang and wanted to use this opportunity to get back at him.

Even if nothing happened between them, if only he could incite some rumors about him and Jiang Luoshen, he could make some reporters write some interesting articles.

After that, he would keep a low profile and hide within Deity Biomedical—there was no way Demon King Chu would charge in there just to clear up these rumors.

With that in mind, Mu Zhuo walked over with burning passion in his eyes.

Unfortunately, Jiang Luoshen was not interested at all.

Mu Zhuo did not dare to overstep his bounds, but he stood there without leaving. This also caused several other people to linger around the table.

"Eh? How come it's so lively over there. Oh, what a rare beauty!"

At that time, a few other people were walking over and, just as they were about to enter their private rooms, discovered the group containing Jiang Luoshen and Mu Zhuo.

"Oh, they look so familiar. Oh, isn’t that the human race’s national goddess. She’s even prettier in real life."

The group halted their steps; all of them were beast race members. In fact, they were all familiar faces—Hu Sheng, Lu Qing and Xiong Kun.

Among them, Xiong Kun had bandages wrapped around his whole body because he had been given a good beating by his grandfather just a few days before. This was done in order to appease Demon Ox.

Xiong Kun was extremely angered; he had originally intended to have his grandfather seek justice, however, things didn’t go quite as expected. In misery and indignation, he left home and met up again with his close friends.

Today was actually a welcoming party held in his honor and they naturally avoided the Clearsky Tower. He did not want to think about that place anymore; in fact, he wasn’t even willing to mention that name.

"Don’t trifle with that woman. Rumor has it that she has a relationship with that man!" someone whispered.

"Tsk, what does that have to do with me? Those are just rumors. In truth, Jiang Luoshen had always wanted to beat up that bastard. It was just that she did not have the power to do so," another replied.

"Either way, this won’t affect anyone. I’ve been frustrated lately and need to release some stress. Watch me!" Xiong Kun proclaimed. He was strong and well built. Even though he was wrapped in bandages, he still maintained a mighty aura as he walked towards the room.

Other friends of his wanted to dissuade him, but since he had already walked away, they could only follow him in. Even Lu Qing wanted to join the liveliness.

"Goddess Jiang, what a coincidence! We really admire your part in . You are simply too perfect!"

Xiong Kun walked closer and immediately started speaking with a loud voice, singing her praises.

However, he soon realized his faux pas. Why did he have to go and mention ? He was suddenly reminded of the male lead

Similarly, Jiang Luoshen also did not want to hear that name. She had been drawn in as a passive actress and that movie was explosively popular. It was almost proof that she had something going on with Chu Feng.

"Who are you people?!" Mu Zhuo was not happy. Some unknown people had barged in and robbed him of his limelight.

"This humble person is Xiong Kun, do you have any complaints!?" Xiong Kun asked threateningly. He was strong and sturdy, his black hair spread out behind him.

"So you are that Xiong Kun," Mu Zhuo replied. As soon as Mu Zhuo realized his identity, he became all smiles and greeted Xiong Kun cordially.

"Pop!" Xiong Kun gave him a square slap on the face. The sudden attack sent Mu Zhuo flying out of the room, a true bear slap.

"What are you laughing at, you gigolo?" Xiong Kun asked after slapping.

"You…" Mu Zhuo was incensed. Originally, he had gone over for Jiang Luoshen, but then he was suddenly slapped hard by some unfamiliar people. He was quite sullen, almost shouting out in rage.

"What, you’re not satisfied?!" Xiong Kun walked over and stomped on his chest. Then, looking down on him, he said, "Hey gigolo, you dare to make fun of me?"

Mu Zhuo wanted to swear out loud. If he could, he wanted to tear this bear apart. What a disaster—he was being repeatedly attacked out of the blue.

Thump... Thump… Thump…

Xiong Kun was very decisive and merciless. He fiercely stomped, not allowing Mu Zhuo to talk back.

Mu Zhuo’s mouth was full of fresh blood, and he was trembling with rage, his chest almost exploding with anger. He was not a match for Xiong Kun and was unable to even stand back up.

All the while, other people within the room were quietly observing.

Hu Sheng came forth. With light golden hair and long eyes, he could be considered handsome. He decided that it was time for him to step in to take control of the situation since Xiong Kun was rather boorish.

He swung his golden hair and said with a smile, "Miss Jiang, please don’t blame him. This brother’s personality is too direct and frank. He is actually a good person."

Outside of the private room, Mu Zhuo mumbled, "Good your ass, he’s too vengeful!" Xiong Kun was still kicking him.

Hu Sheng elegantly smiled and extended his invitation amiably. "We all admire Miss Jiang very much, and since we have met by chance, I wonder if the two ladies would like to join us in our private room?"

"That’s fine—the person I’m waiting for isn’t very important. Let’s go." Jiang Luoshen smiled.

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