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The world was in a restless state!

The four greatest human experts rushing forth to express their stance as well as Chu Feng's own personal strength shook the various beast kings. Who would dare to act indiscriminately under such circumstances?

Who didn’t know the terrifying capabilities of Eight Visions Temple, the Hollow Jade Temple, and the Roaming Jade Temple? If they were to focus their attention on any tribe, it would not be too difficult for them to wipe out a lineage.

At the moment, they were in a deadlock against the beast race alliance at the Pilgrimage Grounds. Even against such adversaries they held the advantage and were on the verge of clinching a victory, showing just how powerful these forces were.

Then there was also the grandmaster of Taiji. This one was a cruel and vicious man who took down Mount Wudang by himself. Who wouldn’t be apprehensive?

This was like a grade 18 cyclone that swept through the world and shook the masses. Many people felt their blood flowing with passion and spirit.

"Those that are not satisfied can come and challenge me!" Chu Feng announced. His challenge against all those restless beast king experts caused huge waves in the outside world.

"That’s right, whoever isn’t satisfied can come forth and wait for Chu Feng to go flatten their mountain and level their fort!" Some people chimed in.

"It appears that there are more beast kings who want to part with their heads. These people should wash their necks clean and wait. However, Chu Feng, please leave their bodies intact this time and don’t cause them to burst all over the place. The photos are simply too frightening."

Many people were in agreement; they even wanted to join Chu Feng in his crusades against the beast kings. After the human king level experts revealed themselves, the masses were all filled with vigorous passion, and morale was at an all time high.

In the end, the beast races were intimidated—even the Black Bear who was among the first to speak was now having second thoughts. He was actually afraid that the human king level experts would band together to eradicate him and his race.

Not long before this, a group of beast king heirs was forced to kneel before Chu Feng at Clearsky Tower, and among them was the grandson of the Black Bear, Xiong Kun.

This time, it was also due to Xiong Kun’s incessant complaints that the Black Bear decided to stand up to Chu Feng and berate him.

At the same time, he had considered the fact that the Peacock King would not take this lying down, that he would frantically seek revenge against Chu Feng. Therefore, he decided to be the first one to make use of this opportunity to build good relations with the Peacock King.

However, that evening, there was news from the Kunlun Mountains. A beast king proclaimed with a thunderous roar: "Chu Feng is a brother of this Demon Ox, who dares to touch him?" The black yak expressed his stance severely, supporting Chu Feng.

Naturally, this was due, in large, to the incessant coercion from Yellow Ox.

Additionally, Yellow Ox had recorded his proclamation and released the video on the internet. After which, it was circulated far and wide.

This naturally caused huge waves.

It was hard to not catch everyone’s attention. This was a terrifying beast race expert who had stood out to support Chu Feng.

At the same time, Demon Ox was also a "celebrity beast" who played an important role in the movie and was known to almost everybody.

Though not many people knew he was a ferocious beast king expert who was one of the very first beast kings to evolve.

In the video, his huge body was like a small hill, dark and majestic. His roar was like thunder, shaking the whole world.

All the civilians who watched the movie were extremely frightened.

It appeared that he had evolved yet again. This was, no doubt, a terrifying beast king expert.

"O’ Great Demon Ox, you are a great hero who supports this world, we all support you… we were all moved to tears after watching the love story between you and Immortal White Snake!" some people thus commented.

The first part of this post was quite satisfactory. This caused the delighted black yak to secretly smile while holding the communicator, but as he read on, he was startled… What was this!?

"Moo! This damned Zhou Yitian, I’m going to kill you sooner or later. One movie ruined my whole life!" The black yak was now furious.

Actually, the announcement of the Demon Ox’s stance had too much of an effect among the beast races. Him being a beast yet standing by Chu feng caused many other beast experts to be puzzled.

"Demon Ox, what is the meaning of this?" The Black Bear confronted him.

He was naturally quite domineering, also being a famous king level expert of the west. After all, he was the first one to challenge Chu Feng before he was suppressed by the several great experts of the human race.

"You stray bear, you dare question this king? If you’re still not satisfied, I will personally pay a visit to your door to teach you how to be a good beast!" the great black yak openly threatened.

The Black Bear suddenly lost his confidence; he was just putting on a strong front, hoping to frighten the black yak with his bluff. However, Demon Ox didn’t buy it.

Immediately afterward, the black yak started to discuss with Yellow Ox about an invasion plan.

One had to know that Yellow Ox was also a beast king now. If the two of them worked together to attack suddenly, which beast king would be able to stop them?

The information about the invasion was purposely leaked just that night.

Mount Kunlun was not just represented by a single beast king. It was a beast horde, and their strength was incomparably formidable!

That night, the Black Bear could not find sleep, frightened to the point of turning green. He almost ran away in fear, because, as a beast king of Western China, he knew how terrifying the black yak’s party was.

At the very least, he had no right to climb Mount Kunlun!

Right now, Mount Kunlun was the beast race’s number one sacred grounds. No other beast race alliance could match them in power since they were all made up of beasts that had evolved during the earliest phases of the great change.

"Demon Ox, you’ve misunderstood me! I have absolutely no problems with your decision!"

The turn of events was sufficient to stun any beholder—the Black Bear came to apologize in just one night. He maintained a very flexible stance and humbled himself before the black yak.

Furthermore, the Black Bear tied up his grandson and gave him a good flogging, claiming that he had been misled by Xiong Kun all along. He also recorded this whole process as proof.

This news caused everyone to be dumbfounded.

"This… is this real?"

The masses couldn’t believe their eyes.

Many people didn’t know what to say anymore. This Black Bear’s change in attitude was just too quick!

Not to mention the human race, even the other beast kings felt that he was too shameless. This guy was simply so weak that he was scared silly by the great black yak.

"This king will let you off this once!" Demon Ox thus spoke.

On the second day, Yellow Ox had found another powerful beast king to voice his support for Chu Feng.

This caused the various beast kings to pause and rethink their strategies. They no longer dared to openly target Chu Feng.

Two beast kings of Mount Kunlun had spoken, causing the masses to guess whether the whole of Mount Kunlun held this stance.

Without a doubt, this caused a huge quake. Yellow Ox pushing two beast kings to announce their stance caused a wave of widespread fear!

Not to mention the beast race, even the humans were unable to understand the current developments.

"God Chu is truly too powerful, he has a foot in both camps!" [1] someone exclaimed.

"Nonsense! What foot in both camps?"

"What’s wrong with what I said? The old ancestor of Mount Wudang is definitely from the ‘righteous camp’ and that black yak looks so black. With the addition of his threatening attitude, he definitely looks like someone from ‘the underworld’."[2]

All those who heard this were dumbfounded—there was truly no way to continue along his line of reasoning.

After the black yak saw this comment, his nostrils started steaming. How did he become a mafia from the underworld? He had always claimed that he was a saintly existence who would one day become a saint ancestor.

The civilians were all delighted to see the beast kings support Chu Feng.

The various corporate powers had to reassess Chu Feng’s strength; he actually had beast kings on his side!

The outside world was clamorous, while Chu Feng himself was calmly practicing his martial arts, fist techniques, and spiritual arts, working hard to raise his strength.

At the same time, he kept close contact with Yellow Ox and the others, discussing the current developments.

The black yak was not satisfied. He hurriedly said, "What are you still waiting for? Brat, you are already so powerful now, why are you still not making your move? I’ve been dreaming of the Vatican City every night."

Chu Feng replied, "Recently, things have been a little bit complicated and many people were looking for me. Additionally, I wanted to raise my spiritual arts to a deeper level so as to improve my chances a bit."

At the same time, he told the two bovines that the journey towards the west did not necessarily have to be that long. There was a mysterious valley near the Yungui Plateau that led directly to Europe."

"Don’t worry, we’ve also taken that into consideration. There is also a similar passage here, we’re only waiting for you to arrive!" the black yak explained.

"Chu Feng, come over quickly. I’ll show you around Mount Kunlun first. Who knows, you might have a good harvest." The Yellow Ox kept winking and raising his brows as if he was hinting at something.

"Little calf, don’t go and steal other people’s fruits. Territorial borders are supposed to be respected!" the black yak warned.

"Very well, just wait a while for me to finish mastering my flying knife technique and I’ll come and find you two!" Chu Feng said.

Yellow Ox became flabbergasted after hearing this.

What was wrong? Chu Feng looked Yellow Ox with an odd expression.

"Are you dumb? Since you can actually use psychic energy, why are you still practicing flying knives? You should practice moving yourself!" Yellow Ox suggested.

Chu Feng was surprised, but in the end, he was also tempted by the legends.

Yellow Ox sternly warned, "I’m warning you, this will deplete your mental energy reserve at a rapid rate. You shouldn’t try this without preparations."

"Just come over as soon as possible and I will teach you some new tricks!" Yellow Ox added, with the tone of a great proud teacher.

The black yak was a bit anxious. He rushed Chu Feng, saying, "Just come over quickly. I’ve found a new assistant here. We’ll kill our way towards the Vatican and gain enormous benefits. Just imagine a whole misty garden full of sparkling petals and intoxicating pollen. Once inside, you would be able to breakthrough repeatedly and never want to leave the place.

"One more thing, actually, the best way to raise your strength is through actual combat. There are a lot of strong beast kings over there. At that time, you can practice killing them with your flying knife, bathing in blood and glory," Demon Ox stated excitedly.

Chu Feng had been tempted by all of this and decided to move immediately.

He told Chu Zhiyuan and Wang Jing that he would be going into seclusion and wouldn't be returning home for some time. He didn’t tell them that he would be going to the west, lest they worry too much.

Europe was simply too far. After the great change, it was almost impossible for normal people to travel back and forth between the two continents.

"You want to go the west?" Lu Tong was surprised after hearing Chu Feng’s plan. He warned him with a serious tone that the Vatican was not a place he could easily stir up.

"It’s been said that some of the legendary existences of the west originated from this garden. To be exact, they were grown in the garden!" Lu Tong told him shocking news.

"Then, I’m even more intrigued! I need to go and see for myself!" Chu Feng’s eyes shone with a bright luster.

[1] 黑白两道通吃 — literal meaning is "eating both black and white", means that a person is so well connected that he is able to eat from both sides. In other words, he has a foot in both camps.

[2] 黑道 — the dark dao, the dark path or the dark side is the word used to represent the underworld. Gangs, yakuza and the like. The good and the bad are described as white and black here, which makes translating this a bit confusing.

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