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After this youth heard Chu Feng’s words, his light golden hair puffed up. Perhaps this was his hair standing on end, but his hair was too long, making it impossible to stand. He was greatly incensed, and his eyes were on the verge of spewing out flames. He felt greatly humiliated.

However, just when Hu Sheng was about to act out in response, he noticed Chu Feng’s cold eyes and felt his blood run cold as a shiver ran down his back. He immediately swallowed his imminent response.

Hu Sheng was greatly intimidated—he felt that before him was a "demon king", a man who had killed quasi beast kings from the peacock race and the Mount Pan lineage. He was definitely no pushover.

He ground his teeth and clenched his fist, but he ultimately shut his mouth and kept silent. He was truly afraid of this "Demon King Chu", who, if annoyed, could easily do him in.

Within the private room, the other humans were all looking at him without a word; it was extremely silent.

Hu Sheng was truly resentful, but he dared not express his thoughts. He felt sullen, but there was no way for him to keep on staying here—finally, he turned and left.

"Return!" Chu Feng ordered.

The tall and slender Hu Sheng suddenly froze in place, with his back to the room. He did not dare to move, yet he did not want to turn back. What more did the other party want?

"Close the door," Chu Feng said. Initially, he did not want to make things difficult for them. However, he had no good impression of this beast race youth. He had provoked him, mentioning that he should have left Shuntian to hide away.

Hu Sheng’s body tensed up—he was extremely embarrassed and his face was burning. He was a proper beat king descendent, and yet, he was being held in contempt, a true humiliation.

However, the next moment, his sharp senses caught a colossal existence lock onto him from behind. The eyes of that existence were cold, so cold that it caused Hu Sheng to shiver.

Hu Sheng was petrified; he rigidly turned around, shutting the door to the private room behind him. After that, he walked away in huge strides.


After he had covered a safe distance, he let out a howl of rage. His chest was about to explode from the anger and resentment. He hated himself for being so weak—weak enough to be suppressed by others without any way to resist.

After this experience, he was truly frantic. He wanted to turn around and fight it out with that Demon King Chu. He had been humiliated to his limits.

The restaurant was very large and many people turned to glance at him. Revealing surprised expressions, they would turn and discuss in hushed tones.

A waiter came over and inquired with a smile, "Good day sir, can I help you with anything?"

He was tactfully implying that Hu Sheng should keep quiet since many people were dining in the main hall at this moment.

"Scram!" Hu Sheng replied coldly as he walked over swiftly to his own private room.


He violently pushed the door open. Within the room were a fair number of fair ladies and young gentlemen, all of them full of elegance and charm.

After Hu Sheng left, Du Huaijin and Ouyang Qing were laughing nonstop, feeling extremely satisfied.

"Boss, you were so cool!"

Ouyang Qing added, "I’m not trying to make fun of you. In the recent days, the whole atmosphere is gloomy and depressing. Even some major corporations have sent people to form relations with the beast races. No one dares to berate them like you do; these beast race youngsters lowering their heads gives one great satisfaction."

What he said was the truth; after the rapid rise in status of the beast race, many major powers had no choice but to adopt a friendlier and more tolerant attitude towards them.

Especially at this critical moment, the situation was becoming more and more serious. No one dared to easily offend the descendants of those beast kings.

Many people felt indignant, but they could not do anything. That was the reality.

Chen Luoyan joined in, "You should still be a bit more cautious around them. Recently, those beast race experts are very active; those from the younger generation are especially flamboyant. Rumor has it that a beast race elder has arrived at Shuntian."

Within another private room, Hu Sheng was in rage. His light golden hair was flying about as he furiously narrated what had transpired. He told them everything despite the humiliation.

A strongly built youth called Xiong Kun, with long black hair and a ferocious glint in his eyes, slapped the table angrily, "A mere quasi king level expert dares to be so unbridled. This is obviously bullying. We should go over and ask for an explanation!"

"Don’t be impulsive, he was even able to kill the quasi kings from the peacock race and the Mount Pan lineage. This man is very dangerous!" someone dissuaded.

These youths were used to solving everything with violence. However, some of them were already hesitant—after all, Chu Feng was notoriously fierce and violent. To those of the beast race, he was like a demon king.

Hu Sheng spoke, greatly dissatisfied, "Everyone, I cannot take this lying down. Do we just let this be?" His expression was ugly, and his long eyes were shining with a vengeful glow.

A lady clad in yellow said with a smile, "He won’t be able to strut around for much longer. Since he was brave enough not to escape Shuntian while he had the chance, he will definitely receive some form of retribution from the peacock race or the Mount Pan lineage. He will definitely be killed in order for them to establish their might." Her name was Lu Qing; her race had produced the Prismatic Deer, an extremely powerful entity.

Within the room, everyone heard this and nodded in agreement. The reason they had all come to Shuntian was to watch the good show, knowing that the peacock race and the Mount Pan lineage would definitely make their move. They had to kill one to warn the hundred, establishing their might and rules.

"Actually, I don’t think this is a big issue," Hu Sheng was still not reconciled. "Our races all have beast kings as ancestors. If we all go together, I don’t believe he will dare to offend all the beast king lineages."

He was dragging the masses into the fray in order to relieve his hanger.

"Very well, I agree!" Xiong Kun stood up.

"Let’s wait a moment, I have a guest coming to meet up with us. We’ll have greater confidence after he arrives." The yellow-garbed lady called Lu Qing spoke with a smile; it was evident that her position in the tribe wasn’t trivial.

"Who’s coming?" Some people enquired.

Some already knew who this esteemed guest was and started to smile. With that person’s arrival, they would be able to face Chu Feng without fear.

"The Golden Bat!" Lu Qing informed everyone.

"The Bat King’s grandson?!"

Some people revealed "as-expected" expressions, and others were surprised.

The Golden Bat possessed profound strength and had received the full support of the Bat King. He had long since reached the quasi beast king level and his strength was unfathomable.

His name instilled fear as he liked to imbibe spiritual blood in order to evolve himself.

"If the Golden Bat has indeed come, Chu Feng would not dare to be so rampant. Later on, let's go and demand an explanation from him." Xiong Kun heartily laughed.

After a while, the door to Chu Feng’s private room was once again pushed open. A group of people entered without being invited.

Du Huaijin rose from his seat and said with a raised voice, "Who are you lot? Don’t you understand that this room has already been booked? Why are you all barging in like that?!"

"Quasi King Chu is indeed arrogant. Even with so many people coming to offer their greetings, you do not even rise from your seat, truly a calm and composed person," someone among the crowd criticized.

Chen Luoyan replied as he could stand it no longer, "Do you all think your statuses are so high that Chu Feng must rise and greet you? It’s obvious that none of you have come with good intentions.

"As tyrannical as ever—are you looking down on our beast king lineages? As expected for the Demon King Chu!" someone spoke sarcastically.

Ouyang Qing coldly laughed. "You lot want to stir up trouble, huh? Don’t regret it afterward!"

"Ha, what insolence. Even the people beside him dare to talk to us in such a manner," one of them exclaimed.

"Are you all looking to die?" Chu Feng finally inquired in a calm voice, causing the whole room to become silent.

As soon as he spoke, even though he was not enraged, an invisible suppressive force weighed down on everyone’s hearts.

"I told you once before that if you speak another word, I will cut off your tongue. Yet, you still dared to come?" Chu Feng asked Hu Sheng.

Chu Feng’s gaze fell upon Hu Sheng, sending him into extreme nervousness. He was dripping cold sweat as he tightly shut his mouth, not daring to make a sound. In truth, he had not said a single word since entering this room.

"Since you have nothing to say to me, then scram!" Chu Feng coldly commanded.

Hu Sheng’s blood ran cold and was badly frightened. He berated himself for being so disappointing—whenever he met Chu Feng, he was like a mouse before the cat, reflexively apprehensive. He could not understand the reason himself.

In truth, that was the aura of suppression emitted from a king level entity that had caused him to tremble in fear. The force could not be resisted.

Hu Sheng involuntarily shifted backward. He then left the room and stood waiting outside the door.

He felt greatly embarrassed, and his face was burning red. He felt an urge to walk back into the room but did not dare to.

The other beast race youths saw this and felt that it was extremely humiliating. The momentum with which they had come had been thoroughly undermined, truly shameful.

Lu Qing spoke, "Quasi King Chu, your way of doing things is too tyrannical. We came over with good intentions, and yet you respond with hostility?"

Even though this yellow-garbed lady was beautiful, Chu Feng didn’t even look at her. He clinked glasses with Ye Qingrou, Chen Luoyan and proceeded to drink in leisure.

Lu Qing was stunned and she stood there feeling rather awkward.

At this moment, Xiong Kun stepped forth with his long black hair swaying behind him. Being the grandson of the Black Bear, his temper was rather explosive.

"Aren’t you merely a quasi besat king? How can you be so unbridled? Do you really think you are peerless under the skies? You can’t even protect yourself from the retaliation of the peacock race and the Mount Pan lineage. They definitely won’t let off so easily."

Ye Qingrou curtly replied, "I suggest you leave quickly and not bring trouble upon yourselves."

"Ha, what a joke! What makes you think you can threaten me?" someone exclaimed indignantly.

"Do you think that just because you belong to beast king lineages, we will not dare to harm you if you banded together?" Chu Feng asked; he wasn’t the slightest bit angry.

Lu Qing replied, "Quasi King Chu, we do not have other intentions. All of us descendents of beast king lineages came over simply to invite you to meet a certain honored guest who wants to chat with you for a bit."

"The Black Bear Lineage is present!"

"The Prismatic Deer Lineage is also present!"

All these people announced their tribes and origins; most of them were beast king lineages, and even the worst among them have at least two quasi kings. It was quite the coalition.

Any other person would be hesitant. At least, even the major corporate powers would have to show some restraint against beast king lineages.

Chu Feng laughed, albeit coldly and said, "Is this a menu? Let me think which tribe would be more delicious."

"You dare to sully the name of the great beast king lineages?!" Xiong Kun was enraged, his eyes turning cold and cruel.

"Even if your old ancestor came, he would not dare to talk to me like this. When your races realize that you lot have made enemies for the race, they might actually punish you first."

Chu Feng’s tone was serious, and his stare was searing as he revealed an intimidating radiance.

"You… dare to form an enmity with all the beast races?" Lu Qing suddenly screamed. At this moment, she was incomparably frightened as if she had been targeted by a primordial beast.

"You dare?!" someone cried from among the crowd.

Chu Feng coldly replied, "Let me represent your elders and teach you all some manners. When I visit your home one day, I might ask them for teaching fees."

These people were incensed, feeling greatly humiliated. Even their beast king level ancestors had been mocked.

However, Ye Qingrou, Chen Luoyan, Ouyang Qing, etc. knew that Chu Feng was not joking. If he really did go visit any of their ancestral mountains, it would cause a tribe-wide panic.

The old weasel was a beast king who had severed two shackles and knew the formidable Imperial Sword Technique. However, in the end, he was still killed by Chu Feng—how could any normal beast king be Chu Feng’s match?

"You dare to blaspheme against my beast king lineage; when the time comes…" Xiong Kun wanted to roar.

Before he could finish, with a huge boom, a terrifying psychic force suffused the room. He became instantly frightened as his body trembled, unable to withstand this kind of suppression.


He fell onto his knees, his shaking body no longer listening to his will.

He was greatly astonished. Looking up at Chu Feng, his heart was filled with a sense of peril.

"You…" Lu Qing shouted in fright.

At the same time, a terrifying energy spread throughout the room and came crashing down upon the beast race youths. Sounds of surprise could be heard from many of them.

Plop… Plop…

In quick succession, these people could no longer withstand the powerful suppressive force and were forced to kneel on the ground.

After Chu Feng became familiar with the Imperial Sword Technique, he became increasingly adept at the spiritual arts and the utilization of psychic power. How could these youths be able to resist such a power?

"Oh god!" Their minds reeled as they cried out in alarm. However, they realized that they could no longer open their mouths. They were barely able to make any movement at all under the suppression.

In the distance, many people who passed by were astonished. Just what had happened here; weren’t those the young experts from the beast race? How come they were all kneeling there!

The news quickly spread within the restaurant followed by utter chaos. People crowded over to spectate, some even started taking pictures. The manager appeared and tried hard to stop them and convince them to return to their tables.

However, at this point, everyone already knew something big had happened!

A group of young beast race experts was kneeling in front of Chu Feng’s private room; this allowed many people to put two and two together.

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