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The Scarlet flying knife contained four sets of diagrams within it with no words, simply because they were unnecessary for a spiritual brand inheritance.

Once one probed with his psychic powers, he would be able to contemplate the profound mystery of this Imperial Sword Technique.

However, Chu Feng sensed danger from the seal within this scarlet knife. The energy within was ferocious enough to tear apart the intruder’s mind and sever his consciousness.

He had blocked the initial invasion, but any other king level entity in his place might have already fallen victim to the terrifying psychic energy within. Despite possessing king level flesh and blood, once the psyche was damaged, only a walking corpse would remain.

Chu Feng could not help but praise the old weasel. Their race was inherently powerful in the powers of the mind, much more powerful than the average beast king. Thus, he was able to obtain the Imperial Sword Technique.

However, Chu Feng was even more powerful. If not, how could he have thwarted the old weasel’s spiritual avatar and even kill it in retaliation?

The scarlet flying knife contained a large patch of space inside. Four images glowed lustrously within it, producing an incomparably attractive sight. With a swoosh, Chu Feng had rushed into the first image.

Within the blink of an eye, as if an immortal sword had pierced his ear, Chu Feng felt a kind of tearing pain. His psyche was on the verge of being torn apart, causing him unbearable pain.

He held on, steadfastly resisting the psychic assault.

In the outside world, his forehead was glowing with brilliant silvery light. King level energy boiled within him and rolled into the scarlet flying knife, assisting him in his struggle.


Chu Feng was now stable within the first image. Words and images rushed out of the image and branded themselves within Chu Feng’s mind.

This was the inheritance of the Imperial Sword Technique. There were no books or manuals—success only came through the mind, precise and unmistaken.

Naturally, the process of inheritance was also more difficult, and the qualification threshold was evidently higher. Even among the king level experts, only a small percentage with terrifying psychic powers would have the right to accept this brand.

Otherwise, if one forced himself to learn this technique, it would only lead to the death of his mental body.

Chu Feng sat there in silent comprehension, seeking enlightenment in detail and memorizing everything that was shown to him.

After that, he withdrew from the image and appeared in the space within the scarlet flying knife. He rested for a few moments before proceeding to enter the second image which contained an ever-changing yet ancient intent.

Armed with the experience from the first image, he found the second one slightly easier. Chu Feng confronted the image with his full strength, silvery flames of psychic power bursting forth.

In the outside world, Chu Feng was sitting cross-legged, solemn and unmoving. He only left a strand of awareness outside to protect against unexpected dangers. His remaining attention had been invested within the flying knife.

Finally, all four images had been subdued, and the Imperial Sword Technique had been obtained in its entirety.

"The old weasel had only comprehended up to the second image. It seems that this inheritance is even more powerful than I had imagined!" Chu Feng mused.

He had sensed traces of the old weasel’s aura only within the first two of the four images within the scarlet flying knife.

After eliminating the old weasel’s remnant psychic energy, Chu Feng withdrew his consciousness from within the flying knife and sat cross-legged on the mountain, silently contemplating all that he had learned.

He closed his eyes as he revised and refined his newfound knowledge. This so called "Imperial Sword Technique" was actually not as mysterious as it was made out to be. It was simply a form of utilization for psychic energy.

Just as he could exhibit techniques of varying profoundness with his physical body, he could also use his mind to exert power to directly attack the enemy as well as to control physical objects to kill.

According to this Imperial Sword Technique, if one was able to reach the pinnacle of this art, as described in the legends, he would be able to kill enemies from far away.

In summary, there exist physical martial arts techniques as well as this kind of "spiritual arts".

"So that was the case!" Chu Feng nodded.

The worst scenario would be to associate the Imperial Sword Technique legends. If one were to practice with those stories in mind, he would have built huge obstacles for himself.

"Physical body and spirit... it is not easy to compare power between the two. They could not be separated as both are critical to the martial artist."

After clearly understanding the basics, Chu Feng started training his "spiritual arts". He was able to put in half the effort for twice the effect. From the initial clumsy maneuver to gaining proficiency and finally able to control objects, the progression rate was quite good.

The clouds of twilight had dyed the whole sky red, reflecting on the whole mountain. Bathing in the last remnants of the daylight, Chu Feng opened his eyes.

At the same time, the scarlet flying knife flew out and pierced through a distant rock as if it was tofu.

Chu Feng was overjoyed. Sure enough, he had progressed quite well.


The next moment, the scarlet flying knife sliced through the rock and spun in mid air before slashing towards another five-meter tall rock in the distance.


A brown rock several meters tall was split in half, and the cut surface was smooth and glossy.

With another swoosh, the red flying knife had returned, landing on Chu Feng’s palm. It was comparable to red coral, pure and vibrantly red—not a defect could be seen on it.

In the distance, the sound of helicopters could be heard. Several of them landed at the base of the mountain, and their mutant passengers were soon making their way up the mountain.

They were greatly shaken at the scene before them. Along the road were corpses of vicious beasts, each of them killed by a single arrow. Some of them had burst apart, while some maintained badly mutilated bodies, a terrifying sight to behold.

After they had climbed to the top of Mount Pan, they saw the summit in complete disarray.

The peak had been badly damaged to the point of near collapse. The flying knife had cut through the cliffs and had left deep sword marks everywhere. Pieces of giant rocks that had been smashed by Chu Feng’s fist attack were scattered everywhere, with some of them stained with blood. This left them with a deep impression of how frightening this battle must have been.

"Quick, this is a beast king! Collect the blood, don’t let any of it go to waste!" An expert researcher had come along, quickly containing the beast king’s remains in cold storage. Some experts felt extremely heart-broken—if the corpse was whole, the value would have been so much greater.

"There are two survivors here!" Someone discovered Huang Yun and Kong Zhuo to the delight of the researchers.

The two beasts felt their hair stand on end. The expressions with which these humans were looking at them were extremely cruel.

As Chu Feng appeared, everyone stopped whatever they were doing and greeted him with due respect. Many wore expressions of fanaticism, holding back their desire to go up and chat with him.

"Arrange a flight for me tomorrow morning," Chu Feng didn’t talk much. He would return to Shuntian the next day. Mount Pan had already been conquered, and the rest could be left for Lu Tong to handle.

Staying here had no more meaning to him. After gaining the Imperial Sword Technique, everything had been worth it.

Staying the night was actually to wait for the buried seed box to absorb the mutant soil.

Chu Feng ate some of his dried rations and returned to the back mountain to guard his "plantation" while continuing his contemplation of the Imperial Sword Technique. He wanted to grasp this time to quickly become proficient.

When Chu Feng opened his eyes, the sky was still dark. He dug out the stone box and let out a soft sigh. As expected, there were no changes to the seeds.

At dawn, he sat on the plane flying away from Mount Pan.

They hadn’t released the news yet because they needed to "clean up" the area first.

The first rays of the morning sun showered through the windows and into the plane, shining onto Chu Feng. Bathing in this golden hue, he was truly like a god. At least, the people within the plane were all of the same opinions.

Conquering a famed mountain by himself, this kind of battle record was too overwhelming, certain to shake the whole world. Additionally, they had all seen the carcass of the dead beast king—he had been beaten explosively.

One had to know that a beast king could easily massacre a city. The power of a beast king was unimaginable, however, in the end, he was killed by a silent youth.

Finally, unable to hold themselves back, some of them came up to ask for a photo with Chu Feng.

"No problem!" Chu Feng smiled, readily agreeing to their request.

After the huge battle, Chu Feng was feeling rather relaxed. Especially after he had obtained the Imperial Sword Technique, he was consistently in a good mood. He was confident that he would be able to fully grasp the technique within a short time and increase his power by a huge margin.

Chu Feng arrived at Shuntian close to noon.

Chu Feng felt quite odd, returning to the busy city from the mountains and forests. On one side of Shuntian was the great desolate mountains—where the beast race was entrenched and vicious beasts roamed freely—yet on this side was a bustling modern city. The contrast was simply too great.

"Boss, where are you now? I’ll come and pick you up!"

The clairvoyant Du Huaijin called him excitedly on his communicator. That boisterous voice almost hurt Chu Feng’s ears.

Even Ye Qingrou could not keep her calm as she excitedly shouted, "Chu Feng, you sure gave us a huge surprise. This news is really too astonishing!"

News of the battle at Mount Pan had not yet circulated in the outside world for fear of certain mishaps while they cleaned the mountain and collected the spoils. However, the few of them had been informed by Lu Tong.

Initially, the group did not believe it. They all thought Lu Tong was trying to trick them, but after seeing the photos, they were all greatly shaken.

The beast king laid there, its body blown apart by the explosive force of Chu Feng’s fists. The whole summit was almost demolished by the battle between two kings—truly a shocking scene to behold.

"Boss, we’re going to hold a welcoming party for you. Let’s go to the restaurant on the 88th floor of clear sky tower!" the clairaudient Ouyang Qing announced.

"Okay, I’ll wait for you." Chu Feng stood at the roadside, waiting for them to come pick him up. They were already on the way, so it shouldn’t take too long.

He stood beside a certain commercial street and was immediately recognized by someone.

"Oh, aren’t you Chu Feng? Why have you not left Shuntian? Oh god, this is extremely dangerous, I heard there are beast race experts gathering to deal with you."

"Right, things are not looking good. He should leave the city to lie low for a bit."

Suddenly, no small amount of people had come over to greet him. All of them were incredibly excited as they persuaded him to hold bear with things for a while.

As Ye Qingrou and Chen Luoyan arrived that that moment, he turned to leave.

"Don’t worry, I’ll be fine," he told the masses before he left.

Very quickly, this news had been circulated, telling everyone that Chu Feng was still in Shuntian and had no intention of running away. This caused some waves among the netizens.

"Boss, are you trying to release an atomic bomb? News of you killing the weasel ancestor would be publicized soon. Not to mention the masses, I’m guessing even the major corporate powers would be dumbfounded.

On the car, Ouyang Qing was excitedly laughing, and even the car was starting swerve.

"Concentrate on driving the car, stop messing," Ye Qingrou warned him.

"How come it's the same place again?" Chu Feng recalled his last blind date incident. It was also here that he had lunch with Jiang Luoshen and Xia Qianyu before causing a huge ruckus later on.

"Well, there’s no other choice, the restaurant here is the best in town. Especially after the great change, many mutant birds and beasts were used as cooking ingredients, producing a lot of novel dishes and raising their popularity to first or second place among the restaurants in town."

"Don’t worry, I have greeted the manager and asked him to arrange a more private area for us," Ye Qingrou assured him.

They entered a private room close to the window, with a view that encompassed the whole city. One could also see the desolate mountains outside, in addition to the beasts within it.

This room would be difficult to book under normal circumstances due to the phenomenal view.

"Eh? How come that man looks so much like Chu Feng? Did he not leave Shuntian?"

Even though they tried to be low-key, it was rather easy to be identified by people in such a place. Chu Feng and his companions were readily discovered and many started taking photos.

Up to the point where they closed the door, there was a continuous flow of people coming to greet him.

The restaurant manager came over, his expression odd as he whispered to Ye Qingrou, saying, "Some beast race youths have come, are you sure you want to continue dining here?"

He said this out of good intention, knowing of Chu Feng’s troubles after killing the quasi beast kings of the peacock race and the Mount Pan lineage.

Especially since the beast king of Mount Pan had already spoken, asking him to go and beg forgiveness. At this critical juncture, meeting beast race members could spark an undesirable event.

"No need!" Ye Qingrou shook her head.

The manager was astonished when he saw all of them were rather calm, not treating this seriously. Naturally, he did not need to persuade further; he had already expressed his concern.

Chen Luoyan said, "I have also heard that after the peacock race and the Mount Pan lineage had expressed their stance towards Chu Feng, quite a few other lineages had rushed over to Shuntian to enter the fray. Could it be these people?"

Actually, only after a short while, the private room door was pushed open by an uninvited guest.

News of Chu Feng’s presence had apparently been leaked. With so many people discussing this matter, it was naturally not a secret.

The guest was, of course, not human. He had extraordinary features, a tall built and long golden hair.

After entering, this youth smiled insincerely, and after glancing at Chu Feng, he said, "Chu Feng? You truly are relaxed. We thought you would have left Shuntian already. Unexpectedly, we were able to meet the famous ‘King Chu’ here."

His fake smile and complicated expression betrayed a sliver of fear amidst his unrestrained behavior.

Looking at his attitude, one could easily guess that he had solid backing, or else he would not have dared to come up before Chu Feng to provoke him.

"Since quasi king Chu is already here, then please follow me!" He performed a gesture of invitation towards Chu Feng.

Chu Feng looked at him calmly without saying a word.

This golden-haired youth felt a sense of great trepidation and felt his blood run cold. However, he rebuked himself. The other party had not even said anything, so how could he become so frightened?

He squinted his long eyes and raised his voice as he said, "Since quasi king Chu is still in Shuntian and had not gone into hiding, then please come with me for a chat!"

"Scram," Chu Feng only said one word. He had even killed a true beast king, so why would he even care about these young beasts?

"You…" This golden-haired youth was greatly incensed. After all, he was still a beast king’s descendant; how could he be willing to suffer such contempt?

"Speak one more word and I will kill you!" Chu Feng stared at him coldly.

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