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At this moment, all the movie critics and media dignitaries were flabbergasted— after accepting hefty sums of money from the competitor, they had tried their best to discredit . Yet, it appeared that the movie was destined to be successful.

These people had all given extremely harsh criticisms and poor reviews, guiding the public opinion towards a beneficial direction. They had only started seeing some success in that respect before everything fell through.

The horde of beast kings were a terrifying force, so any one of them would cause great shock and awe. And, such a group of beasts had actually bought out the whole cinema to watch this movie!

This was like a grade 19 hurricane that swept unhindered through the entertainment world.

The movie critics were all on the verge of tears; it was as if they had slapped their own faces! As it stands, anyone could speculate that this movie would only become explosively famous.

A group of demonic beast kings buying out the cinema—one could hardly believe it. But alas, it was the truth. The manager of the cinema was shaking all over as he risked his life to record this incident.

These beasts only glanced at him a few times, ignoring him for the most part.

"Oh god, had such a big influence, have you heard? Even the beast king horde went to see the movie, it must be a movie like no other!"

"All too rare! Too astounding! Just how good is this movie that it could move the beast horde to buy out the cinema? This is just too shocking! This won’t do, I’d better go book a ticket now. Never let it be said that there is a movie I havent seen when even the beasts have seen it."

Everyone was shocked by the news, causing quite a stir in every city.

The director of was on the verge of tears. How could something like this happen at the critical moment?

Its cast were also rendered speechless. Just how was this possible? This was a horde of beast kings! Any one of them could stand out to raze cities and flatten counties. Such terrifying existences came together and bought out the cinema, just so they could watch this movie.

Some of the actors and actresses were cursing, especially those superstars who had criticized before. They were now feeling quite restless.

It was evident that was about to break box office records, which would no doubt come as a slap to their faces.

That actress who was once scolded by Chu Feng as third-rate, was even more nervous. She couldn’t keep her cool as she claimed to the media, "How could a group of beasts understand anything?! This is a deliberate marketing hype!"

Her manager went pale with fright as he warned her repeatedly that it was a group of beast kings that she was insulting.

Finally, she deleted her comments and never again came into public view.

Xu Wanyi was absolutely furious at this development. She felt something stuck in her chest! It was something that could not be swallowed or coughed up.

She had always wanted to kill Chu Feng, yet in the end, he was the very picture of health. He even ran off to star in a film, and that film was now suppressing her own . All of these caused her a great deal of mental distress.

The following day, saw a great explosive rise in ticket sales. It was even more terrifying than the first day, nothing short of amazing.

This time, it had left the runner up, , far behind in the dust.

On the third day, was still on the rising trend. This totally went against common sense, how could it keep rising? It was supposed to slowly decline over the days.

was following the common occurrence as their box office numbers were declining slowly.

"Is this movie going against the heavens?" Many sighed in astonishment. was destined to become a box office legend after defeating the competition with an indomitable momentum.

The movie critics and reviewers had given extremely bad reviews in order to discredit , but in the end, they could not stop the passionate moviegoers from watching it.

These movie critics had lost all credibility as the movie shined brightly despite all their blackening.

Some of them reevaluated their statements and started to express different opinions such as: a phenomenal product, an unprecedented legend, a landmark documentary, etc.

But the masses were unconvinced. Just a few days ago, they they had all been complaining about the lack of quality.

And now they want to make a 180 degree turn? Too late.

was like a dark horse, a singular existence with a momentum that could kill gods should they block the way. It broke almost every record to become a legend.

Not to mention Chu Feng, even the other cast such as Ye Qingrou and Chen Luoyan all became famous overnight.

Even Du Huaijin and Ouyang Qing became quite the celebrity, and people called them the clairvoyant and the clairaudient in great familiarity.

Their role within the movie showcased their inherent qualities.

The celebrities who had boasted that a certain movie was definitely going down saw their words actually come true.

Except that it wasn’t that was going down, but .

Audience reviews stated that was a documentary that came from the heart. It recorded the actual terrors and cruelties of the battlefield. With a couple thousand mutants meeting a cruel end, it was truly overwhelming.

This brought to public attention the cruelty of the battle at Taihang Mountains. At the same time, it also aroused the fighting spirit within the people's’ hearts—they wanted to strive, they wanted to rise up!

As for , it was too gaudy. Apart from the famous celebrities, it had nothing to offer. Their depiction of doomsday did not ignite the people’s passion.

Comparing the two movies, felt as fake as fake could be.

If there was nothing to compare against, the people would perhaps find it quite a good film. However, it should never have screened at the same time as . The two were of the same theme and setting, making it easy to see who the obvious winner was.

was now in a dire situation. All the harsh statements they had made earlier were all coming back to bite them.

On the phone with Chu Feng, Lin Naoi was the very picture of calm as she had long known that Chu Feng was the Angel Ox.

After the battle of Taihang Mountains, when the White Snake had announced that she would massacre the whole city, Lin Naoi had arranged a plane for his escape amidst all the chaos.

That night, Chu Feng was greatly moved.

That was also the time Lin Naoi came to the conclusion that Chu Feng was, in fact, the Angel Ox.

She had always been intelligent and had keen senses, so it was no surprise she was the first to make this guess.

However, the two of them had an unspoken mutual understanding and nothing was exposed.

"Chu Feng, you have to be careful of the Mu Household. They already know everything there is to know, I doubt they will just let this be. Be cautious at every step," Lin Naoi warned.

This screening of caused a great deal of rumors to arise, mostly regarding Chu Feng. Among them were some regarding "providing maternity care for Jiang Luoshen" and no small amount of those involving Lin Naoi.

However, Lin Naoi did not bring those up— she simply ignored them.

"I know, I’ll be careful," promised Chu Feng.

"Was the Ash Wolf killed by you?" Finally, Lin Naoi asked casually and directly.

"Indeed," replied Chu Feng.

Lin Naoi was serious as she helped him analyze the situation. "The Mu family probably does not know of this at the moment. Letting them know will cause them to feel some restraint and fear, but at the same time, it will bring you the hatred of the beast race. You have to know that, back then, all three places had suffered beast stampedes at the same time. It is highly likely that someone had been pulling the strings from the shadows, using them as cannon fodder."

Chu Feng nodded in agreement.

These few days, there was no peace at Deity Biomedical Group whether it was the Lin Household or the Mu Household.

"Chu Feng really is Angel Ox?"

Some people from the Lin Household were discussing this matter; they were not expecting such a development.

Back then, they had investigated this boy due to his relationship with Lin Naoi. An agent had collected his hair sample and, after analysis, it was concluded that he had no chance of becoming a mutant.

Who would’ve thought he would defy all logic and become the famous Angel Ox.

"This youth is somewhat interesting, we have gravely underestimated him. Considering his talent and power, it is highly likely that he would become a beast king level expert."

"Humph, who was it that forcefully suppressed him and kept him from Lin Naoi?"

"That was the natural thing to do. We of Deity Biomedical have our own sense of pride, one cannot be allowed to approach without meeting our standards. The key lies with Lin Naoi, the smart girl should already have guessed who Chu Feng is."

The Mu Household, on the other hand, was full of killing intent. Although they, too, were of Deity Biomedical, they possessed a different attitude.

"Faced with the wind and waves of society, it is best to do things subtly!" A middle-aged man within the Mu hold said coldly.

Beside him, Mu’s father, Mu Qinghe, spoke out, "Call back Mu Tian, his younger brother had been killed, and yet he still wanders through the vast mountains and rivers, seeking friends and hunting beasts. He should be fulfilling his role soon."

Mu Tian was his eldest son. Twenty-one years ago, when he was still a child, Mu Tian had eaten a mysterious fruit growing on a small tree and had since become a mutant.

After many years had passed, he was now an unfathomable expert.

The headquarters of Bodhi Biogenetics was not peaceful either.

In the Jiang Household, their elder came looking for Jiang Luoshen with a mischievous smile on his face. He inquired about her relationship with the Angel Ox.

Jiang Luoshen was originally smiling sweetly. no sooner had she heard the question than her beautiful countenance darkened rapidly.

"Luoshen, rumors in the outside world have it that you are quite close with him? How come?" This elder was puzzled.

Someone quickly pulled on the elder’s sleeves, secretly reminding him not to ask anymore as Jiang Luoshen’s expression was turning darker by the minute.

The circumstances surrounding this incident were, no doubt, "complicated".

The rumors flying outside were nothing short of outrageous—claims that she was pregnant, and that she had unspeakable secrets with the Angel Ox, just to name a few.

In the recent days, her name was uncontested on the search keywords rankings, bringing her fury to the verge of explosion.

was still popular as ever and was the topic of discussion for many.

" really made me cry—a human who ate a fruit and gained the appearance of an ox, never to change back again. Alienated by the human race and forced to live a life of loneliness with no one to share his pain. Yet in the end, he sacrificed himself for the human race—fighting against the beasts to the very end. This is just too heartbreaking."

"You girls are too emotional—what we see is passion! Valor! Angel Ox is not pitiful, and he also didn’t pity himself. He only looked forward!"

"Meeting his first love, Lin Naoi, and his soul mate, Jiang Luoshen, but unable to reach out to them, how could this not be sad? He died fighting all alone in the great war and only many years later did they realize who he really was. How is this not sad? You’re too cold blooded!"

A couple was in a heated argument about the movie.

"Who said he died in battle? He merely stepped onto a path of no return. Just you watch, there will surely be a sequel named ‘The Return of the Great Sage’"

"Sigh, I was totally captivated by the movie. Chu Feng’s acting is just too realistic, he brings the whole plot to life—truly like a real story."

In truth, was so popular that not only had it broken several records locally, but it had also received favorable reviews abroad.

It was very rare for an eastern movie to become popular in the west, but this was an exception. With great momentum, it suppressed the other movies of similar genre and release time.

The westerners had also produced such movies to inspire the people, but none of them were able to hold a candle to .

Even a horde of demon kings from Mount Kunlun had gone to see the movie. The westerners immediately found this too interesting to pass up, and after they saw the movie, they were captivated.

With the passage of time, more and more evidence began to surface proving that Chu Feng was indeed the Angel Ox, causing a huge sensation.

"Chu Feng, the metal you brought back cannot be classified as silver. Its density is simply too high, surpassing all known materials to date!"

Lu Tong informed Chu Feng about the results of the lab analysis. That piece of metal should be of an astonishing value.

Additionally, Lu Tong informed Chu Feng about a certain piece of news: "Recently, more mysterious changes are taking place. Gigantic trees were found in several location and also in space. Moreover, this time, they were indestructible, truly a headache.

Chu Feng was apprehensive!

Mount Lu was a famous mountain.

During the ancient era, they had a saying regarding the "three mountains and five peaks", and this Mount Lu was one of the three famous mountains.

Here, an intense battle involving many beast kings had taken place before, but in the end, they all retreated.

Here, a huge ancient tree grew beside the waterfall of Mount Lu. It pierced through the sky, flourishing with abundant branches and luxuriant leaves.

At this moment, a party of peerless experts were in its presence. They stood in front of the waterfall, gazing upon the ancient tree.

Among them was an old ape, a golden roc and two immortal cranes—they were all apex existences within the realm.

They occupied Mount Song, Mount Hua and Mount Shu respectively, forming their own sects.

"We beseech dao friend to grant us some fruits."

The Elder Ape, the Golden Roc and the Immortal Crane gave their respects with great formality, requesting the ancient tree to part with some of its fruits.


This ancient tree actually spoke. As it shook its branches, scores of yellowish fruit dropped for the guests who sought them.

"Many thanks to dao friend."

Several peerless experts paid their respects at the same time and left the place.

On the way back, they each ate one fruit. Crackling noises came from their bodies, and they started glowing with a bright light. After the light faded, they had changed into humans.

The transformation fruit had allowed them to transform into humans!

"Our disciples can finally transform!" They still had quite a few transformation fruits in their hands and were prepared to bring them back to their race to let their clansmen transform.

After that, they each went on their way.

Three days later, Shuntian City.

News of the beast kings entering the city shook the world.

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