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Today at dawn, after ending his morning breathing exercises, Chu Feng found himself greatly vitalized in both body and spirit.

After having breakfast, he locked himself in his room. After bracing himself for the huge battle ahead, he switched on his communicator.

As soon as his communicator "revived", chaos broke out. It rang continuously without stopping and, for a short while, couldn’t even be used at all. He had to toss it onto the bed and let it finish ringing.

That many notifications? Chu Feng felt somewhat guilty.

Only after several minutes had passed did the incessant noise start to die down. However, even after that, some notifications would arrive every now and then.

Chu Feng waited until the device was completely still before he took it back and started to look through the notifications and missed calls. It seemed that almost every acquaintance had given him a call.

Naturally, there was also an abundance of unknown numbers.

As for the amount of text messages, it was sufficient to keep him busy for the whole morning.

Chu Feng braced himself as he started to sort the mess, beginning from his childhood friends, since replying to them was necessary and also they were the least likely to overpower him.

"Madman, we finally got through, are you trying to scare us to death? How did you suddenly become the lead actor for ? It feels so much like the Arabian Nights! Ah, yes. What exactly is the relationship between you and Jiang Luoshen? You better confess quickly, the fire of gossip in my heart is burning furiously!"

A helpless Chu Feng had to explain everything once before this boisterous childhood friend was satisfied.

Following that was a friend from university called Su Lingxi. She was a cool beauty, yet today, she too had turned into a gossip lover as she interrogated Chu Feng, "Chu Feng, are you sure you're not possessed? This really doesn’t feel like your style. Now fess up! What’s with you..."

Afterwards, even highschool friends and neighbors had called him, asking him about recent developments. The sheer amount of questions almost drove him crazy.

The most frustrating call was one from a university period love-rival who had competed with Chu Feng in pursuit of Lin Naoi. With no small amount of schadenfreude, he laughed, saying, "Chu Feng, I heard you’re about to have a child. Ha-ha... Congratulations! Now I’m free to continue pursuing goddess Lin!"

"Stop spouting nonsense, get out of my sight!" Chu Feng was in a mood to beat up people. He reckoned there were even more chaotic news awaiting him.

The whole morning, Chu Feng was continuously under bombardment, and this was only the people he was acquainted with. He also hadn’t gotten to the more "lethal" ones such as Jiang Luoshen and Lin Naoi.

"Why the heck is this old fogey messing with me?" Chu Feng cursed, seeing Lu Tong’s barrage of notifications.

"Old man, we’re right next door. Why are you messing with me on the communicator?"

Lu Tong laughed heartily, saying, "Sign 100 posters for me, my granddaughter wants to gift them to her friends. You cannot refuse!"

Chu Feng hung up on him. This mischievous old man was definitely doing this on purpose!

While Chu Feng was having a splitting headache dealing with all this, a certain group of people were similarly under distress. They were furious to the point of losing sleep and woke up with panda eyes.

Vajra had already broken three dining tables. There was steam rushing out of his nostrils and his mouth was almost breathing fire. Even though he played a rather valiant role in , it was too embarrassing for him.

This shameless director, with his god-like filming skills, had caught him at the exact moment he tackled the wild hog, as a parrot flew past was crying: "Someone is bullying the pig!"

And following that… there was nothing!

After reaching this point, the scene shifted elsewhere and only loud squeals were heard, akin to a pig being butchered.

With only sound and no vision, one could only let their imagination determine what was going on—the cries of the parrot only added fuel to the fire.

At this moment, the frequent search keyword changed from "Vajra rides the pig" to "Vajra bullies the pig".

Vajra was infuriated to the verge of explosion. He had a plane arranged, so that he could go to Shuntian and sit down for some "discussions" with this Zhou Yitian.

Similarly of the elite four, Silver Wing’s role was quite cool in , he went against crowds of experts and wherever his silver wings flashed, no rivals were left standing. However, he was also in a depressed mood.

The reason was that the earlier build-up was all for the final battle, where he became a living target for archery practice. It was too miserable.

Presently on the internet, he had been given the title: "Emperor of Sorrow"!

He was already originally popular, and now, with the screening of this movie, his search term "Emperor of Sorrow" had shot upwards in search count giving "Vajra bullies the pig" a run for its money.

Meanwhile, in Lin Yeyi’s mansion, Xu Wanyi was also seething with fury. The person she wanted to see the least was actually competing with her on the silver screen and quite successfully at that.

She had wanted to use this movie to return to the silver screen and gain fame throughout the country, but in the end, the rival had gained fame before her. Not to mention the explosive momentum, which caused them to become the dark horse of this competition, causing her no end of distress.

The indignation had turned her face ashen as she broke even more chinaware in anger.

Similarly, within the Mu Household of the Deity Biomedical Corporation sat a group of people whose faces were veiled with cold murderous intent. They wanted nothing more than to rush into Shuntian and flay this director alive.

"That woman Xu Wanqing wasn’t lying when she said that Chu Feng was Angel Ox, and now we are even more certain of his identity. He must be killed!"

"Even though we have affected to some extent, the movie did not especially damage the reputation of our Mu Household. However, there was also nothing glorious about it either. The scene of Angel Ox killing Mu was released just like that—this almost angers me to death!" Mu’s father, Mu Qinghe, exclaimed as a malicious light flashed through his eyes.

At this moment, his killing intent soared as his hands trembled, truly in the mood to kill.

"This is definitely the government’s subtle warning to the major corporations, this blow is aimed specifically at us. There is no other way this movie could have passed the review board."

At this moment, Chu Feng’s fingers were a bit shaky as he read through the recent news. Even with his strong mental power, he could hardly handle all that was going on.

was a hot topic of discussion for everyone, and all sorts of gossip and rumors were flying around.

The topic of these discussion shook the world, for instance: "Chu Feng’s University Love Story!"

Seeing this, Chu Feng felt his head swimming. He truly wanted to go beat up that reporter.

Looking at the contents, this reporter indeed possessed remarkable abilities. He was able to dig up and report the whole story about Chu Feng and Lin Naoi. He lamented that, in the end, the corporate family broke apart the two lovers.

This could still be considered reasonable. Even though it was based on hearsay and greatly exaggerated, there was still some basis for it.

The following article, however, made Chu Feng want to commit murder: "The Illegitimate Child of Angel Ox".

There were even more: "The three days and two nights between Jiang Luoshen and Chu Feng."

The myriad reports and news encompassed almost everything, thoroughly terrifying Chu Feng. These entertainment reporters were truly lacking in morals.

This time, he was in no mood to laugh at Vajra or Jiang Luoshen. In the popular search keywords ranking, his own name was currently resonating with them and poised to dominate this realm.

Naturally, this was only a small part of a whole. More reports were being dug up and circulated at a constant rate.

For instance, the most recent topic read: "Angel Ox is none other than Chu Feng!"

In this report, there were discussions and deductions from various viewpoints that were convincing enough for exploitation.

The whole world was shaken.

This was an extremely shocking development. There were so much news that Chu Feng’s face had turned numb.

He was so dazed that when the communicator started ringing, he didn’t even look at the caller and directly took the call.

"Chu Feng, Angel Ox, you bastard!"

Jiang Luoshen was extremely furious and was not at all like her usual astute and intelligent self. She had truly lost her calm and only wanted to fight it out with him.

"That child is definitely not mine, those reports are fake!" Chu Feng replied instinctively without even thinking. The only thing on his mind was self-protection.

But suddenly, he woke up from his daze and felt all his hair stand on end. As he came to himself and realized that he was in a state of idiocy just now, how could he have spoken without even thinking?!

As expected, on the other end of the line, there was heavy breathing, followed by an extremely frustrated cry: "AH…"

Chu Feng swiftly ended the call, not daring to continue the conversation. At the very least, it was impossible to talk to her at this moment.

On the other end of the disconnected line, Jiang Luoshen was in a murderous mood. She could find neither peace nor sleep as she waited to confront the mastermind, yet in the end, she was cut off.

"He’s Angel Ox… He’s actually Angel Ox? It’s true after all!" Jiang Luoshen muttered. Even though she had her suspicions since some time ago, but now that the evidence was complete, she still felt shocked. This made her recall many things.

At the same time, she was unbearably infuriated. The more certain she was of his identity, the angrier she got.

"AH…" This day, the screams of the national goddess echoed continuously.

The morning was really too chaotic for Chu Feng. He had come quite close to being muddled.

The two great films both broke prior records and set new highs in the box office records—the numbers were staggering.

Finally, at the end of the first day, won out by a tiny margin and dominated the rankings, shaking the entertainment world. Many experienced actors and directors were all stunned.

That movie was a low budget film, consisting mainly of secretly filmed battle scenes. In the end, they gained such popularity. Such an event had truly defied common sense.

"Mobilize the film critics, they must be suppressed!"

The people from could no longer sit still. From the investors to the directors and cast, everyone started to actively spread word.

For instance, a celebrity stood out and claimed disdainfully, "A certain crude production was skilled in creating hype as a means of promotion and certainly won't be able to maintain this for long. Their cast is made up of unorthodox people with neither the skill nor training of a professional actor. They probably don’t even understand what art is! I hope everyone will watch the masterpiece of true artists and support ."

Naturally, prominent celebrities were more prone to criticism and this one was no exception.

On the net, people were all mocking him for saying that the grapes were sour. Claiming themselves to be artists? Ha! Simply putting themselves on a pedestal.

Of course, the celebrity was also aware of such an outcome; he was just setting himself up as a target.

Now, they only had to wait for the critics. One by one, they made one-sided evaluations which overtly discredited .

The celebrity effect was quite significant. When all the famous people started expressing the same opinion, the public stances became quite divided.

Following that, the cast of came out to express their opinions.

One famous actress "spoke her mind", saying, "A small 3rd rate production has nothing to offer apart from building up a hype on online media, watching these dregs will only dirty the viewer’s eyes."

Zhou Tianyi, Du Huaijin and Ye Qingrou were all furious as were the many people who liked this film. They were all cursing her.

Even with all this, they couldn’t brainwash the masses completely.

Chu Feng didn’t bear with it. Even amidst the wind and waves, he posted a response on public media, saying: "A truly despicable 3rd rate celebrity."

This was like a nuclear attack, causing waves of heated debates all across the net.

Chu Feng daring to appear at this point caused quite a lot of commotion. Currently, the internet was more or less filled with his reports and rumors. It would be quite difficult for him to not cause a sensation.

At the same time, his page received explosive view counts which increased exponentially to a terrifying number.

That celebrity was so infuriated that she almost coughed up blood, swearing to sue Chu Feng for defamation.

"Tch, you have the nerve to say that he’s defaming you. Weren’t you doing that just a while ago?" Many people commented.

After posting his insult, Chu Feng decisively went offline and didn’t bother with it anymore.

In the end, Xu Wanyi couldn’t resist publicly posting: "Certain people have no manners and easily hurt other people with words. This kind of person should be censored. Who would watch such a person’s work? Boasting too much in the beginning will certainly lead to a great defeat later on."

She saw that the celebrity effect was quite significant and their defamatory remarks were somewhat able to sway the masses. Some people now had the opinion that the other movie was perhaps truly a bit too crude.

The people from had started to believe that was about to go down in flames.

Chu Feng ignored all these things and went back to sorting his messages.

Before long, the great Black Yak contacted him. Looking through the call records, it seemed that he had called 17 or 18 times since last night.

Chu Feng thought to himself, "Does Ol’ Blacky not sleep?"

No sooner had the call connected than the Great Black Yak roared through the communicator, "Brat! You're doing this on purpose, right? You dare to play the ‘offline’ game with me! Tell me the truth, where did you run off to this time? Don’t tell me you’re actually accompanying that lass to the maternity clinic?"

Chu Feng was sweating as he replied, "Black Boss, what nonsense are you talking about? How come you’re now paying attention to these meaningless rumors, you… aren’t you getting enough sleep? Your black eyes are even darker now!"

"Mou!" The great Black Yak was incensed.

Chu Feng hurriedly placed the communicator at arms length and shouted towards it, "Not so loud! You're about to break my communicator. I can even feel the mountains shaking, you’ll collapse a couple of them if you keep going."

"Kid, I’ve seen that movie. It truly infuriates this grandfather! Aren’t you in Shuntian? Go and help me kidnap that lousy director Zhou Yitian, I must flay him alive!"

"Wait, how did you see the film? Aren’t you within the Kunlun mountains?!" Chu Feng exclaimed in surprise.

The Great Black Yak disdainfully replied, "We rented out the largest cinema in the city closest to Mount Kunlun, naturally, I was able to watch the movie!"

As expected, before long, an explosive piece of news shocked the online community—a news that even spread abroad.

Within the city closest to Mount Kunlun, within a movie theater, there sat rows and rows of huge demons, all were of the beast race.

They had huge fangs, some had resplendent golden wings, some had serpentine tails, and some had gigantic horns, each more ferocious than the last.

The Demon Ox sat calmly in the center, not because he was the most powerful, but because he was pushed to the center like a celebrity due to his role in the movie.

Very shortly, the people everywhere were seething with excitement.

The people from : their investors, cast, staff and critics all had dark faces upon hearing this news, almost fainting on the spot.

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