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Chu Feng kicked off the mountainous ground and dashed forward at an incredible speed. Grasping the longsword, he hacked towards the Ash Wolf.

He activated his strength to its limits—his blade shone with a cold glint as he advanced with a valorous grandeur.

Dong! Dong! Dong…

The Ash Wolf howled. Brandishing its forelimbs, it launched several attacks. This time, however, it didn't dare to come into direct contact, but instead struck the sides to deflect the blade.

With an ear-splitting noise, sparks flew in every direction!

The longsword in Chu Feng's hand was like a beam of light—the unhindered sword wove around the Ash Wolf like a white mist, completely enshrouding it.

Rocks collapsed and giant trees splintered. Every obstacle in the trajectory of the longsword met destruction, producing a terrifying sight to behold.


The earth was cleaved open, giving rise to a deep gorge. The solid rocks of the mountain were like tofu beneath the onslaught, filling the sky with debris.

One man and one wolf were locked in a fierce battle, destroying everything within the range of their battle.


The Ash Wolf howled. Its hairs stood erect, and on its body appeared a layer of mysterious energy. Its strength soared explosively as the aura of a beast king filled the air.


It started to go beserk, nearly knocking the longsword out of Chu Feng's hands.

Not only did Chu Feng's finger web, but all his fingers were lacerated and bleeding due to the intense vibrations.

Chu Feng pushed his speed to the limits, reaching supersonic speeds—every parry and every slash were extremely frightening.

The dazzling sword was evidently more tyrannical now. With every clash, the Ash Wolf was further restrained.

At such astonishing speeds, even a piece of paper could cause lacerations, let alone a longsword cast from rare metal—its destructive power was explosive.

Especially with Chu Feng's strength fully utilized, the sword beams flew out in a relentless barrage, causing the Ash Wolf's pupils to constrict.

Dong! Dong! Dong...

The Ash Wolf's powerful forearms were constantly parrying the incoming blows.

Chu Feng increased his speed, almost going berserk.

Pu, pu, pu…

His longsword gently echoed as it slashed open the Ash Wolf's skin and fur, painting several streaks of red in succession—the beast king's blood then spilled forth.

At that moment, the Ash Wolf's forelimbs were dripping with blood!

Spectators of the live stream felt an indescribable excitement, acutely raising their spirits.

"Kill him, avenge the victims, behead that Ash Wolf!"


People were shouting and waving their fists in the air, wishing they could personally rush to the battlefield and participate in the melee. It was truly exhilarating.

Meanwhile, in the battlefield, Chu Feng frowned. This Wolf was simply too terrifying.

One had to know that maintaining this maximum supersonic speed of 260 meters per second was a huge drain on his stamina.

If this dragged on for too long, he would be unable to carry on and break down in exhaustion.

He knew, from practice, that this extreme speed could only be maintained for a limited amount of time—he could not keep up his slashes for prolonged periods.

Even this kind of power could only barely break through the Ash Wolf's defenses to wound its forelimbs. All in all, it was insufficient to kill him.

In front of him, the Ash Wolf's hairs were erect, and a layer of mysterious energy covered his skin and fur, blocking the blade from sinking any deeper. This wolf was simply too frightening, killing it definitely wouldn't be easy.

At this rate, Chu Feng was sure to become exhausted soon. At that time, the Ash Wolf would no doubt retaliate.


The Ash Wolf let out a long howl; its eye had a certain eeriness to it. Its forelimbs were wounded, and fresh blood was flowing. It felt greatly humiliated. Being a magnificent king, it was an existence capable of looking down on every mutant. But at this moment, it was suffering an unexpected loss.

Its bloody maw opened. It wanted nothing more than to swallow Chu Feng whole.

Dong, dong, dong!

Although the Ash Wolf had lost its fangs, the broken remnants flashed like lightning as it bit at the longsword, wanting to destroy this weapon.

"The Ash Wolf's follow up is truly powerful. Not good! If he cannot kill the wolf within this bout, the man will be in danger!"

The experts among the spectators were analyzing the battle.

"Who's the one live streaming this great battle? Hurry! Change the angle of the camera and reveal the man's face! He mostly has his back facing us."

Some people were dissatisfied and began to comment under the live stream. Because the lens were mostly directed at the beast king, only the man's back could be seen during most of the fight.

"The camera is too distant, can't you get closer to the battle?" Some people commented.

But most of the people expressed their understanding. The cameraman was risking his life to stream this video. He was likely hiding behind the expert, not daring to close in on the beast king.


With an imposing manner, Chu Feng sprang upwards. Sword in hand, he quickly changed directions in mid-air and hacked towards the Ash Wolf, closing off all routes of escape. Apparently, a fight to the death was imminent.


The people who saw this scene were crying out in great excitement.

However, at this moment, the live stream was cut off.

People went silent for a short moment.

But before long, the whole internet was filled with clamor, nearly boiling over.

"Oh god, how come it was cut off at such a critical moment?!"

"I wonder if anything happened to the cameraman, please continue the live stream quickly! What was the outcome of the battle?"

"Goddamn streamer, are you doing this on purpose?! We only complained a little bit, but you actually decided to retaliate by quitting on us?!"

At the vital climax of the battle, suddenly losing the live stream caused a lot of frustration.

It was like blacking out and falling into the endless abyss during ascension.

"How terrible, how could he stop streaming at the most intense moment, I'm about to go crazy."

"Big brother, we were wrong. We shouldn't have complained. Please continue streaming, it's fine even its from afar, it's also fine if we can only see the back. Please continue! Hurry!"

The netizens were unable to calm down, and huge waves were raised on the web.

Finally, someone analyzed the situation. It might not be deliberately cut off by the streamer after all.

"It's obvious that the battle is taking place in the great desolate mountain, and the signal there isn't good. It's could already be considered lucky to be able to stream as long as he did."

The people understood the problem, yet they were feeling a great urge to keep on watching. Everyone was praying for the livestream to continue.

Meanwhile, in the mountains, the clairaudient Ouyang Qing was panicking. Just as the people guessed, he had lost the signal to his communicator and was unable to continue streaming.

"The previous position was quite good, we had a full signal. If only you hadn't moved, there wouldn't be a problem!" Clairvoyant Du Huaijin complained.

"They have long since left the original battleground, so I had to follow them to keep on shooting. There was no other choice," Ouyang Qing retorted.

"Get ready to help, Chu Feng is in danger!" warned Ye Qingrou. Her beautiful eyes were sparkling as she unfurled her wings and took flight. A large firearm was raised on her shoulders; she cautiously took aim, ready to shoot when needed.

"This truly makes one anxious, we are of no help at all!" Du Huaijin was restless.

Even Chen Luoyan was helpless in this situation. There was no place for them in such a high level battle—they could only cause some interference at most.

Chen Luoyan moved forward, ready to hinder the Ash Wolf.


Dust and smoke flew into the air as the explosive attacks from Ye Qingrou and Chen Luoyan landed on the Ash Wolf, deterring it and destroying its vicious momentum.

Unfortunately, not much damage was done.

The two began to advance, hoping to be of assistance at a critical juncture.

"Retreat, I can't afford to be distracted!" Chu Feng said with a low voice. There was a burning pain in his throat and blood in his mouth.

His wound was not light. A slam from the wolf caused him to be sent flying just a while ago; it felt as if a mountain was pressed on his chest, simply too tyrannical.

Ye Qingrou and Chen Luoyan felt helpless, but they decided to heed the warning and swiftly retreat. They knew Chu Feng spoke the truth—the two of them would be rushing towards their doom if they jumped into the battle.

"Ah, the signal has returned, the live stream continues!"

The spectators cheered. They were excited at the pleasant surprise.

"This is bad, the Ash Wolf has gone berserk! The man is in danger now."

The masses saw the enraged Ash Wolf burying Chu Feng under a torrent of surging blows. It was truly terrifying.

The Ash Wolf relentlessly pushed forward, and the man could only retreat in haste.

Wherever they passed, huge rocks were smashed apart, ancient trees were splintered, and leaves were sent swirling into the air. It was as if it was simply destroying withered and rotten plants—nothing could stop the Ash Wolf.

The Ash Wolf opened its bloody jaws and bit down on the incoming longsword while a pair of forelimbs swept forth in an attack that split the earth, causing a dark crevice to appear on the forest ground.

One could imagine the astonishing power behind such a blow—a huge patch of this ancient forest had been demolished. The crevices formed an interweaving pattern on the ground, deforming the land and forming several pits.


The Ash Wolf was becoming even more ferocious as its claws swiped at Chu Feng and brushed past his helmet, nearly splitting it.

The protective equipment on Chu Feng's body has long since turned into rags, and only the sturdy helmet remained. Now, it, too, was damaged.


Many people cried out in alarm. They all felt Chu Feng was in danger, and it was likely that he would perish.


His helmet had fragmented.

At this moment, everyone was staring attentively. Initially, this man was wearing a helmet, so his appearance could not be discerned.

The peoples' emotions were a mixture of expectation and fear—they hoped to catch a glimpse of this mysterious man, yet they were deeply afraid that he would be wounded in this clash.

Suddenly, the live stream was broken off again.

No signal.

"God, how come it's been interrupted again. Just what is happening? It truly makes one anxious. Please don't die!"

"Why is that Ash Wolf so hard to kill? It massacred so many humans, and yet it can still act so wildly. How hateful!"

Many people were getting nervous. It wasn't easy to find such an expert who could clash head-on with the Ash Wolf. This kind of bloody valor greatly motivated the masses—if he fell in battle, it would be a great loss.

Following the destruction of his helmet, with a bang, Chu Feng was also sent flying. Grasping the longsword firmly, he rapidly retreated after landing on the ground.

There was a bone chilling coldness in the Ash Wolf's lone eye as it charged towards Chu Feng at a dreadful speed. It was almost as if it was flying, and the distance of a few hundred meters was nothing before it.


An ear-splitting wolf's howl shook the entire ancient forest.

The Ash Wolf knew that the human was nearing his limits. Using such a speed to battle, and with his stamina largely depleted, it was time to finish him off.

"Die human! A beast king cannot be disgraced!" The Ash Wolf's words were cold as he closed in for the kill.

As expected, this human was exhausted. Even his strength had decreased considerably. At this rate, he would fall very soon.

The Ash Wolf was cruel—he attacked without the slightest mercy.


Suddenly, Chu Feng roared!

Within an instant, his breathing had changed. White mist appeared with every exhalation as he utilized the special breathing technique. In but a few moments, his strength and speed had rapidly risen.

During his seemingly weakest moment, he suddenly burst forth with power. This caught the roaring Ash Wolf unprepared.

Chu Feng's eyes were frosty as torrential sword beams rained down on the enemy like a silver waterfall—each blow was followed by the next.

At the same time, he regained his former supersonic speed and explosive strength.

"Finally, we have signal again, it almost feels like my life is fluctuating along with the connectivity." Someone sighed.

"Oh god, what just happened? That man suddenly burst forth with such power and ferocity, forcing the Ash Wolf into a retreat while bleeding profusely."

The masses were astonished. The image of his back was like a god of war, advancing relentlessly. A longsword in hand, his incessant blows leFt the Ash Wolf howling in anger.

At this moment, the Ash Wolf's head and forelimbs were covered in blood. Innumerable wounds were present on his skin, body, and even his mouth.

Chu Feng madly attacked, with every slash more violent than the last. He knew he had to kill the wolf quickly, or else he would truly lose the opportunity.


The Ash Wolf's head was wounded as it failed to block in time. The blade was embedded into its skull, causing it to experience extreme pain. As fresh blood flowed from the wound, it let out a mournful howl.

If it wasn't for the mysterious protective energy on its body, the sword would have cleaved through its skull and killed its.

That was a beast king's energy—it could almost be treated as a god-like ability.


The Ash Wolf was desperate. Its only remaining eye shone brightly as it reactivated his terrifying ability, disregarding all costs.

Within an instant, flames flew out of his nostrils and smoke diffused into the surrounding air, poised to burn Chu Feng to death.

However, the drain on his wounded body was too great; he could barely maintain the attack. Otherwise, he wouldn't have hurriedly stopped the assault after just a moment.

At this rate of consumption, he would become disabled after this battle.

Within an instant, the battleground was covered by black flames and thick smoke—only two indistinct silhouettes could be seen fighting within.

Chu Feng utilized his special breathing technique, covering his body with a mysterious energy and defending against the onslaught of the black flames.

He gathered all his power and brandished the long sword, increasing his strength to its greatest extent. He truly wished he could decapitate the enemy with a decisive slash.

"Dang, dang, dang..."

The Ash Wolf was wounded again, and its pupils contracted as it discovered that the flames were ineffective against Chu Feng.

Furthermore, its divine sense was now ineffective—this meant that Chu Feng was almost on the same level as he was and that they were evenly matched.

The Ash Wolf was shocked. It was not because the human had grown stronger, but rather because it had grown weaker. Such an occurrence was caused by being forced into using its god-like abilities despite the colossal drain on its stamina.

"After massacring several tens of thousands of people, I don't believe I can't kill a single human," roared the Ash Wolf. In desperation, it fully utilized its abilities to the the point of reaching the natural dao [1].

Chu Feng was unable to find steady footing upon the upturned earth and rocks as he battled the Ash Wolf upon the earthen waves.

Smoke and dust filled the skies, and the mountainous lands quaked. Like tidal waves of earth and rock, some parts of the land were elevated, and some caved in.

"Die!" The Ash Wolf utilized its greatest abilities, charging forth and drowning Chu Feng under the rocks.


Chu Feng's snowy longsword was fractured. At this moment, the Ash Wolf not only had god-like abilities, but its body was also incomparably tough. He had broken Chu Feng's weapon!

The wolf violently opened its bloody maw, closing in to swallow Chu Feng.

In the outside world, the people were all terrified. Although the visibility was not optimal, they could vaguely see the Ash Wolf pounce onto a grounded Chu Feng and was about to swallow him.


Chu Feng broke free from under the rocks, and a peerlessly sharp black light flashed out with extreme speed.

The Ash Wolf's neck was slashed open, causing blood to incessantly flow out.

At this moment, it felt its life force flowing away, greatly weakening it.

The Ash Wolf howled in fury as it attempted to use the mysterious power in its body to stop the hemorrhage. Retreating rapidly, it avoided the black light.

Chu Feng closed in—he had been waiting for this opportunity. The moment his longsword fractured was when the Ash Wolf would be the most confident. At this exact moment, he used the black dagger to great effect.

Now that he had the advantage, how could he not press the attack?

The jet black dagger was truly sturdy; it repeatedly cut through the Ash Wolf's skin and fur, dealing serious wounds.

The Ash Wolf felt fear for the first time; it felt its life force flowing away at an alarming rate. Especially right after it had used his god-like powers to overturn the earth, its powers were almost depleted.


The next moment, Chu Feng slashed into the wolf's neck, greatly extending the wound and very nearly decapitating it.

"What just happened?"

The people were astonished. As the quaking land stilled, amidst the dust cloud, a man was seen suppressing the Ash Wolf—advancing and attacking relentlessly.

The Ash Wolf roared in anger. Utilizing all the force it could muster, it knocked the short sword out of Chu Feng's hands.

"Die!" it roared, pouncing forward with opened jaws.

Chu Feng was not panicked due to the loss of the dagged but instead had calmed down. His fists were covered in a mysterious energy while he activated the special breathing technique. He was readying his Demon Ox Boxing Style.

Bang! Bang! Bang…

His fists were like the horns of the demon ox, as sharp as a blade's edge—nothing could withstand its force! As the blows landed on the wolf, a large amount of blood blossomed from its wounds.

The masses were stunned by the terrifying scene. The man had turned the tables on the Ash Wolf, and was now beating the latter. He was like a demonic god, advancing in large strides and unceasingly releasing fist blows, truly ferocious.

"Aou…" The wolf panicked. It felt its strength was noticeably waning. It knew it couldn't hold on for much longer after exhausting so much energy.


Chu Feng leaped forward. His fists were firm and violent. With a tyrannical momentum, his right fist transformed into the horns of the demon ox and was thrust into the only remaining eye of the Ash Wolf.

"Aou…" The wolf was unable to dodge. It let out a miserable howl which shook the ancient forest and gave flight to streams of rustling leaves.

Its solitary eye ruptured, and its life force rapidly depleted. The Ash Wolf, at the moment, appeared on the verge of death.

"Oh god, he actually killed the Ash Wolf?!"

"He's simply a demonic god!"

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