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No-one in this world had ever dared to single-handedly challenge Ash Wolf!

But now, a daring young man with an azure gold lance was sailing across the sky. He traversed the air at a supersonic speed with the lance guiding his way.

Ash Wolf wielded its forelimbs; although those sharp claws of its had been trashed by the nuclear blast, its forelimbs were still strong. The forelimbs clashed with the blade of Chu Feng's azure gold lance.


The clash brought about a sonorous sound.

Chu Feng's golden lance swung and wobbled as it clashed with the wolf's wielding arms. It almost slipped out of the grip of his hand. The wolf was strong; it was stronger than any beings with whom Chu Feng had ever fought.

Chu Feng's hand felt numb, and the skin between his thumb and his index finger was ripped apart. This was the strength of a beast king!

Even though the wolf was injured, it was still a terrifying beast nevertheless.

However, Chu Feng was fearless. He was brave and resolute in action. Just as the lance in his right hand was blown away by the wolf's counterblow, his left hand had clenched to a fist. With power and speed, the fist struck frontwards at the wolf's head, and that power in his fist was unparalleled.


Suddenly, the sound of a primitive yak came out of void and broke the silence of the battle.

At once, sand started flying and pebbles began rolling. Towering trees in the surroundings fiercely rocked and wavered. Cracks and fissures crawled through the trunks while leaves whirled in the cyclone of air and filled the sky.


Chu Feng's fist clashed with the naked forelimbs of the wolf. He didn't fall back, nor did the wolf. Chu Feng was meeting tough with toughness, and in doing so, he could tell how powerful the wolf really was.

The clash of fist had delivered astonishing power. On the vast expanse of this open countryside, grass and woods burst into pieces. Breeze became gale then a tornado, sweeping the dust and pebbles into the sky.

Chu Feng was toppled by the blow. He felt numb in his arms, but he was not injured. He came out of the wolf's large bloody mouth unscathed.

Fighting one-on-one with Ash Wolf was something inconceivable for people in the past. Who would even dare to come near the beast?


Ash Wolf looked up to the sky and let out a long and mournful cry. The beast was furious. Men had come here again and again to offend its dignity, and the wolf could bear it no more. The wolf's roar trembled the primitive forest. Even the mountains were quivering.

"Oh god, what is our chief doing over there? He is single-handedly fighting with that beast! This is extraordinary!"

In the distance, Du Huaijin the Clairvoyant perched on the top of an ancient tree. He was witnessing it all with his own eyes. He was taken aback and astounded. "I know he has balls, but I never thought that his balls are this big!" Du Huaijin admired.

"Quickly! Record this! Find a platform and broadcast this live to the world. This is going to be an extraordinary battle achievement if our boss could single-handedly kill that wolf! And we need the world to see this," Ouyang Qing the Clairaudient shouted with excitement.

Ye Qingrou and Chen Luoyan were equally astounded. They perched on the top of a towering tree, standing in awe of the battle that was being fiercely fought at a forest that was one thousand six hundred meters away from them. Chu Feng was too brave and fierce. He was fighting tough with toughness.

He was not a man; he was a god!

Weeks ago, when the wolf was still wreaking havoc in the villages, it was invincible against all.

The wolf was a beast king after all. It could beat the most powerful mutant hands down in every battle. Humans were simply no match for this beast, even with the joint force of many formidable fighters.

There were other mutants from the neighboring cities who had come here either in groups or by themselves; and as they watched the fight being fiercely fought, they quaked with terror too.

They saw from a distance that someone was provoking the wolf and rendering the beast furious.

The Ash Wolf looked up to the moon and let out a long and mournful cry. Echoes resounded through the valley.

The cry was ear-piercing. It struck fear into the hearts of every creature that was close by. All the beasts were trembling with fright as they kneeled in worship of their king.

Birds plummeted from the sky. They then hid in the thick growth of grass while quivering in fear.

The cry sent out deadly sonic waves, which looked like black ripples. They came from the mouth of the wolf then dispersed outwards in the air.


Giant trees toppled; brambles burst to pieces; rocks and boulders shattered and erupted.

Chu Feng was fearless still. He clutched onto the azure gold lance, holding it over his chest. He roared like a beast, showing no signs of fear in face of the wolf.

He was making the sound of a primitive yak, but it wasn't exactly the sound of a yak either. It was more sonorous and grand!

The trees of the lush forest shattered while mountain boulders exploded. The sonic waves were spreading further and further into the distance.


A windstorm had swept across the space between Chu Feng and the Ash Wolf. As the waves spread further and further, the sound of erupting trees and shattering boulders became incessant.


Chu Feng clutched onto the golden lance. His eyes were as sharp as lightning. The smile on his face were no more. He looked like a murderer whose killing hand was swift and deadly.


The wolf was ferocious. Although it had lost half of its torso, it still moved blazingly fast with only its forelimbs. It roared and bellowed, limping frontwards like a crippled mad dog towards Chu Feng.

This time, its bloody mouth was gaping wide. It wanted to bite onto the golden lance.

Chu Feng's eyes were sharp. He fiercely accelerated. The blade of his golden lance was trained on the opening of the wolf's mouth. He saw this as an opportunity to pierce the beast's throat and puncture its lung.


But Ash Wolf was no ordinary beast—is instinct was still as astonishing as before. It bit onto the spearhead.

Its buckteeth were lost in the nuclear blast, but even so, what had remained of its teeth were still terrifying. They stood firmly in the way of the spearhead, guarding against the cutting blade.

The spearhead was made of a mysterious metal, which was only found after the upheavals. It was firmer than diamond, but more durable than steel.

However, Chu Feng could hear an ear-splitting noise coming from the wolf's mouth. The spearhead was being deformed!

"What a beast! How tough are its teeth?!" Chen Luoyan was astonished. He clutched onto the broadsword in his hand. He had experimented on the firmness of his sword; the blade of a weapon made of this special metal could cut steel like chopping mud. However, it still couldn't stand a chance against the teeth of the wolf.

"Are you recording? We've gotta make sure that our chief is not risking his life for nothing. If he dies in the battle, the world needs to know that he dies to a noble cause! He is a martyr to the cause of human freedom!" Ouyang Qing the Clairaudient said.

"Hey! Shut that big mouth of yours!" Ye Qingrou scolded.


Suddenly, Ash Wolf swung its head. Its teeth still firmly clutched onto the lance, causing the spearhead to become contorted.

Chu Feng exerted all his strength, pushing his lance towards the wolf's throat. He tried to pierce through the wolf's throat, but its teeth had formed a sturdy fortress. For Chu Feng, however, there was no heading back. He pushed and pushed, because the wolf needed to die!


At this critical moment, the lance suddenly snapped. The bite of the wolf had overcome the sturdiness of the lance. The wolf was still fiercely swinging its head, and Chu Feng was flung away.

The look in the wolf's eyes became fiercer. As it pounced forwards, the wolf's forelimbs stirred up furious winds. With a pair of trashed claws, the wolf still had terrifying strength and power. Before, the beast was capable of puncturing a metal wall as it went on to destroy a city with its claws; the nuclear blast had maimed its physical body, but that didn't mean that the wolf was any less capable now.


Chu Feng guarded himself with the bladeless lance as well as his own fists. He was fighting back.

From the distance, the crowd of onlookers could see the ancient trees of the forest toppling one after another. As the wolf leapt and pounced, the giant boulders of the mountain cracked and exploded. The wolf had gone berserk.

Chu Feng was injured. The skin and the muscle between his thumb and his index finger had been ripped apart, causing blood to drip from it.

Chu Feng gasped in horror. The judgements he had on his opponent were horribly wrong. The wolf wasn't injured as severely as he thought. It seemed to have recovered a little.

However, Chu Feng was still fearless. For the past few days, he had been practicing the special breathing exercise with perseverance. This helped him improve his body constitution drastically.

Without these improvements, he would have lost his life by now!

"Oh goodness! Chu Feng is injured! Let's get ready for reinforcement!" Ye Qingrou said. From the distance, she saw Chu Feng's blood-sodden hands.

"There is no reinforcement. We can't do anything here. We will only prove to be a liability for him if we join the fight!" Chen Luoyan sighed. He had realized that they were no match for the wolf.


The Ash Wolf pounced on Chu Feng with its gaping mouth. It stirred up furious winds, shattered numerous stones ,and toppled acres of ancient trees. Nothing could stand in its way as it charged forward.

Chu Feng was thrown into the air as he spewed out blood.

Humans were still no match for the beasts, even when the latter had lost half of its body.

"Quickly! Our chief needs our help! Let's bomb that son of a b*tch with our rockets and missiles!" Clairvoyant said.

Chen Luoyan shouldered a rocket launcher without hesitating, but he didn't fire. He had scruples about accidentally injuring Chu Feng.

"Chief! Retreat!" Ouyang Qing yelled. He was astounded by the ferociousness of the beast too. If this fight were to let continue in this way, it would only end when Chu Feng died a hero's death. However, no-one wanted this to happen.


In the end, Chen Luoyan fired nevertheless. He was a dead shot with the rocket launcher. He aimed the rocket on the bottom half of the wolf's body. BANG! The place suddenly became enveloped in a dust cloud. Giant trees tumbled, and big boulders shattered.

However, the blast was of no avail!

Because Chen Luoyan feared of injuring Chu Feng by accident, the rocket fell inches off its target. But so long as the rocket did not land on Ash Wolf's body, the beast would suffer no injuries.

The shock wave of the explosion and the fragments of the rocket were useless against the wolf.

In fact, it was impossible to land a rocket on the Ash Wolf anyway. The beast could employ its sharp instinct to evade all incoming projectiles.

Meanwhile, the fight continued. The violent clashing between the two shook the earth and moved the mountains!

Chu Feng remained on his position. He showed no signs of fear; only the dogged determination to murder this wolf was written on his face.

Meanwhile, the people behind him were getting anxious. The Ash Wolf was too fierce of a beast, so Chu Feng could not afford to be careless for even a fraction of a second. This had reached a point where his very existence was hanging between life and death.

The situation was very much different from what they expected. In their mind, they had been picturing a weak and injured wolf whom Chu Feng could easily deal with. No-one had expected the wolf to undergo such a speedy recovery. The beast seemed to have regained most of its terrifying power, and so, Chu Feng's life was very much at stake here!

"Have we started live broadcasting yet?" Du Huaijin the Clairvoyant asked.

"Yes, yes! We are broadcasting. The world is watching! Our chief may die, but at least the world will remember his name and remember that our chief dies a hero's death!" Ouyang Qing the Clairaudient solemnly said.

On a usual day, the two were a pair of mischievous clowns who seemed to care nothing about what happened around them, but right now, anxiety seemed to have completely changed them as a person. They seemed worried. They looked concerned. After all, they were still a pair of uncalculating and sentimental persons just like everyone else. This was their true nature.

The two shouted and cried until their voices turned hoarse.

"Kill the beast! Perish that bastard!"

"Hold on, chief! Hold on!"

Commotion suddenly broke out on a mutant forum. There was something broadcasting there.

"Is this really happening?"

"Oh my god! Someone is fighting with Ash Wolf?!"

News like this had wings; it spread wide and fast. Soon, many mutants logged onto the forum and began watching the live broadcast.

"This is real. This is real! Because there is evidence to suggest that Ash Wolf is not dead. It lost half of its body, and it was hiding in the primitive mountains!"

Someone confirmed that this was certainly not a bogus video.

"This is real! Everything we see is being live broadcasted to us! A beast that fierce and that terrifying must have been Ash Wolf! But who is that fighter? Who is this brave man fighting with the almighty Ash Wolf?!"

The mutant forum boiled over with excitement!

People were recording the broadcast live as well, then they shared it with others. Suddenly, the broadcast could be seen all over the internet.

To have something like this on the internet was like to throw a stone into a lake. The still surface suddenly became raging with billowing waves.

People around the world couldn't stay seated. More and more people had heard about the news. Some were watching segments that were extracted from the broadcast, while others were watching it live. Everyone was flabbergasted.

"Here, Brother Wang! Come and have a look! Someone is fighting with Ash Wolf!"

"Sister Juan! Quickly! Check the news! Something big is happening!"

The news swept across the world like a hurricane. People went on to the internet and were immediately dumbstruck by what they saw.

"Oh god! Did you see what remained of that wolf? Only half of its body! Yet, this beast is still so powerful! Still invincible against most of us mutants! Wait, who is that man there? Is he fighting with the wolf?! Holy sh*t!"

"Oh, no! That man's lance was bitten in two by the wolf, and his hand is bleeding! He is injured!"

People who were watching the recordings of the live broadcast quaked with terror.

People put down everything in their hands and joined the broadcast. Some were watching it live, while others were witnessing the fight through the rebroadcast. Their state of mind fluctuated along with the status of the fight.

"The camera is a bit far from where the actions are taking places. Who is that man? I can't really see his face. Everything looks so blurry! Go closer! Cameraman! Go closer!"

"We'll see his face sooner or later!"

"Oh, no! He is at the disadvantage. He's gonna be killed by the wolf!"

The fight between the man and the wolf had created a new sensation that swept across the world!

The battle was getting more and more violent. Chu Feng was injured because the wolf was getting malicious. The beast shot out black flames, and Chu Feng was almost caught in the middle.

The flames touched the earth, and the earth became scorched; the flames touched boulders and stones, and these boulders were liquidized into lava.

However, the wolf produced the flames at a great cost. It was eating away the its vitality, exhausting its energy at an increasing rate. The flames only lasted for a few minutes before it extinguished.


Chu Feng sounded cold and murderous. His hands were bloody, but he had no intent to retreat. The azure gold lance was still in his hands, although the spearhead had gone missing. Chu Feng wielded what had remained of this weapon, using it like a cudgel.


The wolf had solid forearms. When they clashed with the iron pole of the golden lance, there was a metallic trill vibrating in the air. The sound, the scene, and the stern looks on the their faces were astonishing.

In terms of sheer strength, the wolf was superior to Chu Feng; after all, it was the king of mountains and the monarch of the plateau. Since the blast, the wolf had managed to recover from most of its injuries; its vitality and strength had recovered to quite some extent. This beast was a lot stronger than what Hollow Jade Temple had once believed.

The wound on Chu Feng's hand was widened, causing blood to cascade down without stopping.

At the same time, Chu Feng had been flung into the air.

The Ash Wolf suddenly leapt into the air like a bolt of lightning, pounding onto its enemy. The beast tried to bear down on Chu Feng in order to crush him dead under its great weight.

"Oh sh*t!"

People who were watching on the live stream couldn't help screaming. They realized that the man was at great disadvantage, and what they were witnessing was a moment of life or death.

People's heart palpitated with fear. They feared the death of this man because no-one was not sincerely wishing that he could butcher this ferocious wolf and live on to become the savior of human race.

Many were dying to offer this man some help. How they wished that they could dart to the frontline and battle out this goddamned wolf shoulder-to-shoulder with that fearless fighter!

The Ash Wolf lunged at Chu Feng. It had only a single eye, and this eye was gleaming with death.

The headless lance had long gone missing. The wolf's violent pounced knocked the weapon away.


Suddenly, a chilly gleam pierced through the air. Chu Feng had pulled out a shiny longsword from his hazardous suit, and immediately, the longsword came pelting down on the wolf's head.

Chu Feng had made some rapid calculations in his head. He was confident that this throw would terminate its life.


Blood drew an arc in the air. Ash Wolf roared and bellowed—there was a gaping wound around its neck! Blood spewed out from its jugular as the wolf toppled and fell.

Its roar shook the heaven!

In fact, Chu Feng felt even more perturbed than the wolf. "How could a cut like this not end its life immediately?" Chu Feng thought to himself. This was the blade made by Hollow Jade Temple. The metal was rare, and the craftsmanship of this particular longsword was even rarer.

However, there was a mysterious flow of force running in the veins of this wolf. At that critical juncture when the blade split its throat, the force stopped the blade of this sword from cutting any deeper. Normally, it should have beheaded the beast, but right now, the wolf still seemed somewhat intact.

"Human! I will skin you alive!" the Ash Wolf roared.

This beast might have never skinned anything alive, but it did have massacred the inhabitants of an entire conquered city. Seven hundred thousand people died under its clutch, and it was all single-handedly done by this ferocious wolf.

Back then, the beast was arrogant and unruly; it proudly claimed itself as the king of the mountains and the monarch of the plateau. Back then, it might have never thought that one day, it would be humiliated by the very species whom it had tortured and killed. The fact that a man could single-handedly fight him at such close quarters made the beast furious.

"Kill me? Skin me? No, you are not strong enough to do that yet!" Chu Feng's voice was hoarse. There was blood in his mouth, and there was fire scorching in his throat. He was injured, and the injury was rather severe.

This was the most arduous fight he had ever fought. The king of the beasts was indeed a terrifying opponent to challenge.

"I've killed seven hundred thousand, and you're no special than any of them!" The Ash Wolf's voice was low and deep, but it was loud enough to shake the entire forest. The sound waves spread far and distant, making the beasts of the entire forest quiver in fear.

"Avenge for the dead! Avenge for the seven hundred thousand brothers and sisters! I will eat your flesh and drink your blood, then hang your bloody skull to appease the ghosts of the dead!" Chu Feng roared! His longsword shone with great brilliance as he struck it forth at his enemy.

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