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Chapter 156

He was at his prime, and there would not be much trouble if they merged .

“Then, I’ll be leaving . Have fun . ”

Let go of my wrist and let me leave . However, Mr . Young Shards did not let me go but actually pulled me in . If he only had a few memories before the return, I might win . However, another part of me whispered that I would find myself in the afterlife .

“You’re heartless . ”

“You tied me up with a chain and dumped me in water the first time we met . I would lose any affection I had for you before . ”

“I dragged you out, dried you, and changed you . And I also accepted you inside me . ”

“That was to save you-“
“That was not me, Yoojin Han . ”

He was right, and the eyes that bent down to me looked foreboding . Hyunjae Sung seemed to be in a foul mood . Well, if he were at the brink of being swallowed whole, even Hyunjae Sung would not be confident, and he was younger mentally .

“Should I apologize?”

“Give me something else instead . ”

“Like what?”

“My body . ”

“I’m sorry, but that’s impossible . Play rock, paper, and scissors between the two of you . I can be the judge . ”

It would be fun to watch, while the current Hyunjae Sung would win in all probability . The shard smiled at my words .


“It’s impossible for me to take my current body . However-“

The end of his finger gently tapped my chest, and he traced my wound hidden under clothing with it .

“You have something that can replace it . ”

“What? Wait . ”

Was this bastard really after this?

“It’s a combination of an SS class magic stone and a cracked one that’s at least an L class . ”

“That’s nice . ”

“I can’t give this to you even if you give the entire Sesung Guild!”

I would never be able to get the Diarma one . What was only a shard who could not even pay thinking?

“The magic stone will not wake properly in the present situation . ”

Hyunjae Sung spoke with conviction .

“How do you know that? You said you don’t remember . ”

“I did not lose them all . I remembered a bit about that foolish lizard . ”

Was he telling the truth? I was suspicious but had no way to confirm it . However, the fact was that the combined magic stone did not respond after all this time .

“So what? Would a Hyunjae Sung replica spring out if I give you this stone? That’s horrible! Damn!”


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It was a sight that made me curse just by imagining it . I really did not want it to happen, and it would be better to not open the wound and take out the stone . One Hyunjae Sung was enough in my life . While he would be useful, he was still a Hyunjae Sung .

“You’ll hurt my feelings . While I would like to be shifted like that, it’s impossible . ”

That was expected . If it was possible…actually, there might be a way . I shook my head to get rid of all foolish thoughts .

“I would become a different person, something like a beast . ”

“Then, just be swallowed now and here . ”

“It’s not in me to give up so easily . ”

The face that smiled at me looked like the current Hyunjae Sung . He was the same person . I furrowed my brow for a moment and opened my mouth .

“Will you help me succeed in completing the beast?”


“I’ll make sure of that . Your problem is that the higher class magic stone is not whole . Magic is faintly leaking out of it now . ”

Hyunjae Sung spoke that the beast would be complete in at least a month if he supplemented it . While I was weary, I did not just want to lose these stones for nothing . Also, while he was a shard which had no memories before the return, Hyunjae Sung was Hyunjae Sung, and there was a high possibility of the beast stats increasing .

Of course, what irritated me was that he was Hyunjae Sung .

I did not think for long, since I wanted as many cards as possible .

“I’m in . What should I do?”

“You only have to return there and take me with you . I can move onto the stone by myself . ”

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“You won’t take my body for your use?”

“If it were possible, I would have asked you to find a stronger one . ”

I apologize for having a weak body, even though I thought I was above average .

I turned off the skill with Hyunjae Sung’s shard . I blanked out for a second before my eyes opened again .


My vision was blurry . I took out a mana potion, but I still could not see well . My eyesight seemed to have decreased, and I hoped it was a temporary condition .

I also ached everywhere, and it took a few vitality potions to get on my feet . The magic stone in my chest seemed to be the same .

‘I’m going to die . ’

I could not speak well, and as I woke up on a bed instead of a sofa, Hyunjae Sung seemed to have returned properly . Then why couldn’t I see?

The question was on the tip of my tongue when I heard the sound of water falling from far away . I did not know what happened, but I immediately thought of that massive aquarium . I stumbled out of the room, and Irin popped out from somewhere and led me after a glance .

It was Yoohyun, and there was no one else anyway .

I nearly fell from the stairs while I was following Irin . There must be an elevator around somewhere . I saw that the aquarium had disappeared, and the two drenched men as I stepped into the garden .


“Hey, are you all right?”

Yoohyun looked back at me as he let go of Hyunjae Sung’s collar . The ground became muddy because of the water, and cleaning would be hell . Why did Hyunjae Sung have something like this in his house? There was a lovely floating garden right over there .

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“Why did you come in? You should have waited for a bit longer . You’re dripping . Shouldn’t you manage your household facilities better?”

“I managed to avoid a fire . ”

My brother seemed to have been a little agitated . However, he had a reason to be . Was not burning down the garden a bit trivial compared to what Hyunjae Sung did to me? I did not know whether Yoohyun knew that .

“Anyway, Yoojin Han . ”

Hyunjae Sung suddenly lifted his fingers toward me .

“How many fingers do you see?”

“Three . ”

I can distinguish that much, although things were a little blurry .

“You’re wrong . ”

“Yes? There are definitely three . ”

I grabbed Hyunjae Sung’s hand and pulled it close against me . He was holding three fingers up .

“Why are you lying?”

“Your vision is compromised since you had to pull me closer to check . ”

The clever snake spoke, and Yoohyun stared at me with surprised eyes . Hyunjae Sung complicated things .

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