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Chapter 287: 287
Chapter 287: Chapter 287 Grant event

The rainbow dragon ball floating in mid-air seemed to have a few small dragons circling on it, and there were sounds of dragon’s roar as it moved in the air . The people who participated in the competition tonight all stared eagerly at the Dragon ball, even if there were performances on stage, it would still not distract their attention .

A fallen idol with excellent qualities, although he had a “ladies’ man” this strange attribute, for a fallen idol, such an attribute could be considered to be a positive buff . In this way, his value was inestimable .

It was also quite surprising that after the lord of Luhua city got such a good idol, he could still keep his promise and used him to host a throwing embroidered ball event . If it was other lords, they definitely would not do such a thing .

All the people who came to participate in the competition were all using the fallen legal system . Although there was no rule that the city that used the Starlight legal system could not have fallen idols, after years of conflict between two factions, both sides have become very sensitive about this matter, and of course, Luhua city was an exception .

In order to get an excellent idol, basically, all of them were doing their best, and the adventurers that they had sent out were all equipped with excellent equipment . There were even people who spent a lot of money to hire powerful masters, so the competition tonight was definitely going to be very exciting .

The performance on the first half of the event finally ended, and the embroidered ball competition that people were waiting anxiously was finally about to begin .

Then everyone suddenly noticed that the rainbow dragon ball floating in the air earlier disappeared all of sudden, and when it reappeared again, it was already in the hands of the fallen idol on the stage .

Unfortunately, before it was thrown, according to the previous rules, the idol who threw the embroidered ball needed to perform a ‘playing with the ball’ performance for the people on the scene .

Singing while dancing, the fallen idol’s skills were also very good, plus those other wandering idols that were hired to dance with him, it won a round of applause .

The rainbow dragon ball seemed to become more excited after this “playing with the ball” show, even its body also became slightly bigger . Then it suddenly shot into the sky like a rocket, at the same time, many fireworks exploded brilliantly, one after another, lighting up the night sky . Not only did mini people find it very enjoyable, even little Rat and other children also applauded constantly .

It almost felt like the Chinese new year .

The movie that brother Yu showed them tonight was like a fantasy CG blockbuster, and what comes next was even more exciting . The explosion of fireworks was the signal of the start of the competition . Those who had huge flying bird mounts, flying moth mounts, flying horses, and even flying swords, all flew into the sky searching for the real rainbow dragon ball in the fireworks .

In every firework that exploded, there would be countless smaller rainbow dragon ball, these were all fakes, there would be no reward if someone got them . And among those fake ones, only one was the real one . It was moving in between fireworks, switching positions leisurely .

Participants for this competition not only had to be agile, but they also had to have a good ability to tell if something was fake or not . Otherwise, it would be very embarrassing to catch a fake one after a long time of hard work .

There was one contestant who always took the wrong ball . In the end, he was so angry that he started to destroy every ball he saw . Whether it was real or not, as long as he got the ball, he would immediately pop it, and whenever the ball was popped, it would cause more fireworks to appear .

When other contestants saw this, they couldn’t help but think . “Actually, this is not a bad idea . After all, it is really difficult to find the real one with so many fake ones around . Not only such an approach could reduce the number of fake balls, but it could also cause a disruptive effect on those, who were originally able to recognize the real ball .

So more and more people began to follow the first guy and started to destroy fake balls .

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Seeing the originally poetic and elegant competition was gradually turned into a violent and destructive fight, many old people shook their heads and sighed .

However, most audiences preferred this kind of exciting fight . Especially with the special effect of some adventurers’ ultimate skills, it could always receive many applauses .

Although the event was going well, Zhou Yu was still a little nervous . Various bets had been made during the competition, and Zhou Yu, as the dealer, must ensure that there were no dark horses like the last one appearing in this game and causing no one else to win the competition . Last time, because there was no limit on the number of people, anyone could participate in the hunt, but this time every participant had to register, so if there were troublemakers, they would be directly kicked out of the city .

After all, there were hundreds of thousands of people on the scene . There might be some powerful master hiding amongst them .

Therefore, Zhou Yu could not let down his guard until the end .

Under the work of many adventurers, the number of fake balls was gradually reduced, and the real rainbow dragon ball gradually showed its whereabouts . Its speed was completely different from that of fake balls . It was as fast as lightning . Generally, people could only see a red line, and when people finally realized what it was, it would often disappear again .

So it was quite difficult to catch it .

Some adventurers used ice magic, hoping to freeze the ball for a while, but not only did they not freeze the ball, but they often froze other adventurers .

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Therefore, the competition in the sky became even more chaotic . All kinds of flying mounts began to fight each other, all sorts of disruptive magic were used while chasing the ball, knocking the riders off the mounts, making little Rat and other children very excited .

Brother Yu ‘s movies were getting better and better, although they didn’t know why he made a movie using the Vermilion Bird stadium as a background, and it seemed like the movie was mainly about a singing and dancing performance .

After a while, the winner finally appeared . This time there were no more accidents like the last time, which made Zhou Yu relieved . But this lucky winner was not from the fallen city, it seemed that there were still powerful masters that were without any factions .

The sad black wizard was extremely angry . The first wild idol was taken by Zhou Yu, the second one was taken by the stupid flying bird . Originally, he was very confident that he would be able to get the idol this time, but he did not expect that it was taken by an unknown person .

“Just who the hell are you!”

Asking people’s names seemed to have become the black wizard’s habit .

“Oh, I am nobody, so you don’t need to know my name . ”

Unlike the stupid flying bird, he was smart . And he used the codename for the competition, which was basically the same for other people . It seemed that no one wanted to offend powerful forces such as the Fallen City .

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Helplessly, the black wizard could only stomp his feet while watching this hateful guy take away the fallen idol . Waiting in this place for about two months, but the result was that he would return home empty-handed . He did not know how he would be scolded by the lord of the fallen city .

Thinking about this, the black wizard could not help but bow his head down in disappointment .

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