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Chapter 235: 235
Chapter 235: Chapter 235 the guardian

Because the old drunkard was worried about his disciple, so he was also going with Zhou Yu . Along the way, he kept asking Zhou Yu to check Xiaobao’s martial arts instructor learning progress, so this journey began with checking Xiaobao’s learning progress .

Although Xiaobao became an actor and fell in love with an actress after he left the village, he didn’t forget about his main task . What exactly was the work of a martial arts instructor, he already had some ideas . Although he hasn’t completely finished studying the elementary martial arts instructor guide book, he was pretty close to finishing it .

“Xiaobao, after this trip is over, do you want to continue your acting career or stay in the amusement park? I recently started an animation studio, if you want you can join in as a martial arts instructor . ”

This was what Zhou Yu originally wanted . But Xiaohai still needed to decide for himself . The movie assassin was a good movie . If Xiaobao wanted to start his acting career, this was not a bad starting point . However, it was a pity that he, who was heartbroken, developed a great aversion to the entertainment industry, so he directly shook his head and said that he would work in the amusement park .

Xiaobao could do a lot of things . In addition to being a martial arts instructor of a studio, he could also be an actor in an amusement park or a martial arts instructor for the students, who came to the park for vacation . Even if he didn’t want to be an actor, he could still live happily .

The two brothers looked quite young, but they didn’t have playful characters like young people, nor were they having some interesting topics that the typical young people would have . Instead, they were like two old men in some serious discussion . This gave Xue Xueyan a lot of headaches . Although she sat in between two men, there was no chance for her to talk .

To be honest, both men were nice . A rich CEO, a handsome star, she was almost like the female protagonist in a Korean drama . However, the sad thing was that both of them didn’t land their eyes on her for more than a second . Xue Xueyan couldn’t help but complain, ‘dang-it, those two gays!’

Their destination should be a tourist town that has some tourist attractions . But what Zhou Yu did next made people really confused . “Xueyan, you can show Xiaobao around, I have something else to do . ”

After he said that, he just left alone, leaving two people looking at each other in speechlessness .

As soon as Zhou Yu crossed the boundary of this place, he immediately felt that this place was very strange . Because he didn’t see any mini people of the ACG world here . No matter in ordinary people’s homes or shops, there was no existence of the mini people . It was the same on the train as well . All the mini people on the train earlier all scrambled to get off the train at the previous stop, as if there were some scary monsters at the front .

And in the eyes of the ACG world, this place was like a post-apocalyptic town, that was full of ruins and grassy fields .

It was a good place to shoot horror movies .

Lilith’s home kingdom – Excalibur city was also here before it was destroyed by the Mojibake beast . This desolate and horrible atmosphere, however, was very fitting with the feeling at the moment . Especially Lilith, who was revisiting her old kingdom . Seeing the ruins of her old kingdom, it was inevitable that she would be feeling sad .

Although she was accompanied by several men, no one knew how to comfort her . They could only watch Lilith weeping and mourning before embarking on the search for the code of law .

According to the text on the back of the ice coffin, the code of law was hidden in the depths of Sword Pavilion . But Excalibur city had been destroyed beyond recognition, it would take some time to locate Sword Pavilion .

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“Sword Pavilion is the most dangerous place in Excalibur city, there are so many traps inside . If ordinary people got inside, they would be dead for sure . Do you really want to go there?”

Lilith was still worried, but traps were nothing to the king of thieves . After so many years of traveling, the only trap that he fell into was the infinite hourglass . But he was still able to hold on tenaciously in the hourglass for many years . Until he was finally rescued, his physical skills and mentality have been greatly honed .

So the king of thieves said with confidence, “don’t worry, I can go to the Sword Pavilion alone . If you go with me, I would be distracted . ”

Jack the mouse also thought that the king of thieves was the best person to deal with those traps . After all, he was a professional . But with the instinct of an adventurer, he noticed that something was amiss, so he whispered, “young man, something isn’t right . We are being watched as soon as we enter this ruined city, and our opponents are very powerful . So far, I still can not find out where they are . ”

Zhou Yu was dazed for a second, he then looked at the King of thieves and the old drunkard . They two also noticed, but they also could not find the people in the dark . No wonder Jack would say that the people in the dark were very powerful . Not only were they able to keep themselves from being detected by three masters, but they were still able to watch them from the dark . So their strength should not be underestimated . It was just that he did not know who they were and why they were hiding in the dark . Could it be that they were here to steal the code of law from them?

The code of law was indeed a good thing, and it was not impossible to cause a fight . This was also the reason why Zhou Yu had to bring several masters with him . But it was just that Zhou Yu was very confused about why they were following him . If the code of law was still in Sword Pavilion, and the people in the dark were indeed very powerful, they should be able to take it away before them . Why did they have to wait until the opponents showed up?

Anyway, thinking this much would not help them in any way . It was still much better to keep looking for Sword Pavilion and get the code of law as soon as possible .

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Relying on Lilith’s vague memories, they wandered through the ruined city . And as they got closer and closer to the right direction, the feeling of being watched became stronger and stronger . It seemed like the goal of the people in the dark was the same as them . And according to Jack, there was definitely more than just one person in the dark .

Finally, in front of a destroyed house, Zhou Yu was stopped .

In a place that did not have a single mini person of the ACG world, anyone, who appeared, could be an enemy, so Zhou Yu immediately realized that it was trouble . In The Eye Of The Real World, it was the place outside a cafe, so Zhou Yu just found a seat and sat down to see what would happen . He needed to protect Lilith and not let her get involved in any fight .

A man covered in a black robe, with a black cloth over his face, said in a hoarse voice, “traveler, everything here has turned to dust . There is nothing valuable here that is worthy of taking a risk . Turn back and leave . ”

Hearing what he said, it did not sound like he was here to steal the code of law from them . Instead, it sounded like the guardian of this place . But this place has already turned into ruins, and the people originally in Excalibur city should have already been killed by the Mojibake beast, who would still protect this land?

As the black robe person finished, hundreds of people suddenly appeared out of nowhere . Those men were all dressed in armor . Clearly, they were soldiers, and they looked like the veteran soldiers . It was just that most of their armor was tattered, and the flags they carried were also broken . Even so, it was impossible to fight an army with the strength of three men .

But just Zhou Yu wanted to come out and made it clear that he was ready to give up, Lilith finally saw the army’s flag on the other side and shouted out in surprise, “Xuanyuan sword flag? The dragon’s wing army?”

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