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Chapter 110

Desiring to sleep under the sun on a fine day was a universal idea in the world .

Rave didn’t have to remind Hadith to work, or to be called a pathetic god by the latter—which was also his own vessel . Hadith was off duty while his cute bride had just returned from practicing with her two knights in the courtyard .

The gentle spring breeze was blowing across the terrace of the palace where Hadith was napping with Jill . With the right amount of sunlight, the sofa became a great place to take a nap .

As it was, even the Dragon God should be allowed to roam .

“Peace is good…”

“—Where did Hadith escape—!?!?”

Said peace had shattered in an instant . Rave raised his upper body .

The one who burst in was a member of the Rave Royal Family, one whom Hadith recently came to refer to as, ‘older brother’ . Technically, it might be false, but as long as Rave permitted it, he was considered apart of the royal family . Quick to understand, that person adjusted his collar .

Listeard Theos Rave .

“Are you here, Hadith!? You are not hiding, right!?”

Listeard, who has no hesitation in entering the emperor’s chamber and flipping over the sheets, was by no means polite . He was trying to show Hadith,‘I’m your older brother!’

Apart from Listeard, there was also one other person whom was trying to nail the same point to Hadith .

Certainly, if Listeard is the ‘Older Brother of Light’, then that other one is the ‘Older Brother of Darkness’ .

Rave didn’t know which one was better for Hadith .

However, Rave didn’t hate Listeard . He was a person who embodied the imperial ideals like that . Hadith, who had a lot of accumulated darkness within, might consider such a person, ‘too dazzling’—

—but Hadith certainly needed such a person .

“Not here? Where did he escape to…?”

“Did that idiot escape again? I’m sorry…”

“No matter how much I speak to anyone, no one listens! Why don’t they just leave everything to me!?”

“By going to you when you called out, I’m already making an effort, here…”

Rave knew Listeard couldn’t hear him, therefore, they couldn’t speak . He floated and tried to circling around Listeard but to no avail . However, amidst leaving, Listeard suddenly halted .

“What’s wrong? What are you looking at—oh, Haddy?”

Although there was no reply, Listeard picked up the teddy bear on the side of the bed . He was staring at a doll with furrowing eyebrows .

“How in the world can this be such a killing weapon…”

“Well, because it was magically sewn with the blood of the Dragon god . ”

“In the first place, it’s ridiculous to have give this to that little girl . ”

“Hmm, I disagree . She’s still a girl, too, you know . Sometimes the Little Miss even works with Haddy as a team . ”

The good thing about not being noticed was that he could perch himself on Listeard’s shoulder .

“Seriously, that moron—huh? My shoulder suddenly feels heavy… could this be, a symptom of stiff shoulders?”

“Well, it’s probably my fault . Although you can just think of it as Hadith’s fault . ”

“Moreover, this was handsewn…?”

In silence, Listeard gazed at Haddy’s cloak .

“Koke . ”

Sauté chirped to call for his attention from below . Sauté seemed to think that Haddy was his subordinate or something . As such, Sauté was often within reach .

“N-no, you’re wrong, I’m not trying to steal it… On another note, my little sister, Frida, likes stuffed animals . ”

Listeard, who fixed his posture, awkwardly began to make excuse .

“For a moment, I thought it was Hadith… okay, time to stop . I don’t know what I was doing…”

That was the right decision .

“…I just wish there was an opportunity . ”

At the words muttered by Listeard, Rave blinked .

“Are you trying to fix Hadith’s relationship with your little sister?”

“However, her first impression of him is…”

“Ah . ”

Frida’s first meeting with Hadith consisted of her father begging her half-brother to spare his life while he was strangely looking down at said father . Moreover, near the end, Hadith was a little blunt .

It made sense for the little girl to fear her half-brother whom had abandoned her biological father . Along with Listeard, Rave also gazed into the distance .

“Isn’t that just impossible… I can’t guarantee that such a thing will never happen again…”

“It’s not impossible . Hadith may be spoiled, but he should be a good brother . ”

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Surprised, Rave looked at Listeard’s profile .

Listeard wasn’t staring at him, but at Haddy .

“Even I, whom was once a spoiled younger brother, is now trying to be a good older brother . ”

Rave was the God of Reason .

Therefore, he couldn’t comprehend wishful thinking that made no sense whatsoever .


“…That would be nice . ”

“Rave, are you there? Older brother Listeard hasn’t come—”

Hadith, peeking through the open door, looked inside and froze .

Listeard laughed .

“Hadith, found you—!!!”

“Older brother Listeard, you’re too persistence! If you have this much free time, you should be focusing on work, instead!”

“You’re one to talk! Oi, wait, Hadi—ah . ”

Probably because he tried to chase after Hadith, Listeard’s hand hit the vase, and Haddy fell from his grasp . Haddy hit his head on the corner of the shelf before then rolling onto the floor .


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Haddy’s cute arms twitched .

Hadith looked down at it with a straight face while Listeard’s feet trembled .

“N, no way, is the doll considering that an attack?”

“Well, yes . I improved its ability to detect attacks . ”

“Why did you do that?! Remove that feature immediately!”

“Don’t move, older brother Listeard . If you stay still, you won’t be attacked . ”

Haddy was a killing weapon that targeted everything within its sight and laid them to waste . Therefore, Hadith’s advice was technically correct, however—

“—Well, good luck with that!”

“Are you trying to use this situation to escape!?”

“If it’s my older brother, he’ll live!”

The Dragon Emperor’s older brother was resilient .

Sauté had already hide . Haddy stood up with gleaming eyes . Rave sent an inaudible blessing to the pale Listeard .

“Do your best . You’re that moron’s older brother, right?”

He was sure that made sense—he hoped so .

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