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Published at 8th of February 2021 11:49:52 AM

Chapter 166


TL: Daemon

ED: PuffyPyjamas

The third quarter of school began and during that time, I continued to worry over my issues, in contrast to Hiiragi-chan, who continued to proceed as normal .

“Third quarter is… super busy… there’s so much work to do…”

Over the weekend starting on Friday, she was exhausted as usual, and was in a state where both her HP and MP were almost at zero .

She showed herself less and less at club activities, and she also started going home later on the weekends .

Still, it’s not like our club activities were anything like real club activities . It was mostly us three gathering up after school and talking, and everyone in a while Rei-chan would stop by and we would add her into the conversation .

That was the situation, and yet I wasn’t able to open up about my worries . Even if I were to tell people that we were going to break up in a month, no one would believe me .

The reason that she is so busy, is because in a short span of time, there will be both midterms and finals . Due to that, the work needed to prepare for tests is considerably compressed into a short amount of time .

“I’m not great at organizing things, so it can’t be helped . ”

Or so Hiiragi-chan’s expression turned from tired to a smile . As she was concentrating on work, it was hard for us to have a serious conversation about our relationship .

Once things calm down for Hiiragi-chan more—

While thinking that way, a month passed and midterms ended . Continuing to look for a chance to talk again, we rushed into the second half of February .

“Hey, Sanada . Are you going to get chocolate?”

“I don’t know . Getting something even like 2 obligatory pieces would be a huge win . ”

Fujimoto spoke again while trying to hide his voice .

“That’s not it, I meant real chocolate . ”

“From who?”

I played innocent, but from the way he was speaking does he think that I’m guaranteed to get one?

“…No, it’s nothing . ”

“Hey, Fujimoto, do you possibly…?”

“Don’t know what you’re talking about . ”

“I haven’t said anything yet . ”

“Even if you were to date someone, that isn’t something that concerns me . It wouldn’t make me popular after all . ”

He made it as if he was speaking to himself, and then soon changed the topic . Talking about things like, who confessed to who .

Maybe, he knows about Hiiragi-chan, and he’s been following up for me at various points in time without me knowing .

“Fujimoto, how about I get you some chocolate . Filled with my everyday gratitude . ”

“That’s disgusting . I don’t need it . ”

I laughed .

Fujimoto looked at the hallway and made a small sigh .

“…Geez, Sanada . You made my heart skip a beat there . ”

He pointed outside with his thumb .

“Sanada, over there . They’re calling you . ”

Fujimoto was pointing at two girls . When our eyes met, one of them nodded .

I stood up and walked over to the hallway, the girl that nodded asked me for a moment of my time . I recognize her, but I don’t remember her name . I shouldn’t have had many interactions with her .

The other girl was Ougoshi-san, from one of my elective classes .

After telling her okay, the two of them walked down the hall towards an area with less people . Perhaps this was planned already, as neither of them spoke to each other as they led me out of the school building in front of the tea ceremony room .

Without saying anything, the other girl patted Ougoshi-san on the back before turning on her heels and leaving .

There was silence for a while, with the tension of the moment even being transmitted to me .

…A little bit later, Ougoshi-san opened her mouth to say something, and then stuck out her hand, which was gripping onto a small paper bag .

I couldn’t quite hear what she said very well as her voice was very quiet, but I was able to hear the most important part of it .

That reminds me, the previous time, this also happened around this time…

I gave a reply refusing Ougoshi-san . I was hesitant on whether to accept the chocolate or not though, and as I was wondering what would be ruder, Ougoshi-san forcefully handed it to me, before running off .

It was like this the previous time as well, however, I can never get used to this indescribable sense of punishment .

◆ Hiiragi Haruka ◆

When should I hand him the chocolate?

Should I call him out after school—I was thinking of such a high school student-like plan .

While walking down the hall and worrying about a good timing, I found Seiji-kun walking behind two girls . Dokun, my heartbeat started beating harder .

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This feeling of pain within me was on a different level from before .

I can’t explain it very well, but it was different from jealousy or even anxiety .

Seiji-kun will definitely be confessed to . I wasn’t worried specifically about that, as he will definitely turn her down . I trust him .

——Sensei is an adult, you should just have a romance with other adults . Why are you with Nii-san .

——Sensei, Nii-san is just caught up in the moment . There are definitely a lot of other people out there, he’s just in a state where he isn’t looking at them .

The words that Sanchan said at the end of the year resonated within my mind .


At that time, I argued with Sana, however that blade was constantly stabbing into my chest .

Am I limiting Seiji-kun’s choices…?

I wouldn’t like that…

I stood there in the hallway, as if time had stopped for me . After a while, one of the girls came back and returned towards the classrooms, and a little while after that, another girl passed by with red eyes looking downwards as she ran .

He’s dependable, although sometimes perverted . Even at work, he’s excellent and kind .


Being caught up in the moment and not looking elsewhere . That’s something that also applies to me . Wanting to monopolize him, to prevent him from being taken by anyone else, I may have unknowingly blocked out Seiji-kun’s ears and eyes .

Seiji-kun’s best option, might even be someone other than me .

Do I happen to have any charm in being an adult woman?

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I’m bad at work, and often clumsy . A terrible drunk as well .

Your charm is only in your body and family—I can’t laugh at that .

In the end, I couldn’t hand over the chocolate that I had poured my love and gratitude into .

“…Seiji-kun, sorry, I thought to prepare one, but I got busy with work—”

I ended up lying to Seiji-kun . Something inside me seemed to grind down .

“I see . It seems like a lot of hard work after all . ”

Well, it can’t be helped, Seiji-kun said over the phone . As usual, he’s a student but it helps that he’s very understanding when it comes to work .

That’s why, an even larger amount of guilt flooded in .

It was a waste to throw it away, so I gave it to Natsumi who came to hangout over the weekend .

The beautiful wrapping that I gave it was thrown away as it would have given it away .

Without being able to have a proper conversation with Seiji-kun, we headed into the final testing period .

For the final exam results, Seiji-kun scored an average score as usual .

Finals testing ended, and the last thing that was left for school was graduation, filling the school with a relaxed atmosphere .

Before final exams, I was absorbed into work as if I was running away from my problems . However, after that was all done, I ended up thinking about it . About Seiji-kun .

What would be best for Seiji-kun? What would be best for me? What would be the best for both of us?

An amazing person likes me . Loves me . That’s something that I’m very happy about, but a shadow is cast over it .

I’m fine with it, but is he really fine with just me?

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