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Chapter 101: 101
Chapter 101 – Revival (1)

“Young Miss, this man has no heart beat or pulse any more . He is beyond help . ” The young man shook his head, picked up his medical kit and rushed away . Before he took off, he didn’t forget to remind her, “Whose kid are you anyway? Stop messing around . You don’t want to be blamed!

The servant that came with Landlord Ding shoved the crowd aside forcefully as he shouted loudly, “Move! Move! The doctor from Jimin Hall is here!!”

A path opened up in between the crowd and the servant dragged with him an old doctor in his 50s . Covered in sweat, he said to the doctor, “Doctor, the master of my house just collapsed, please take a look at him quickly!”

The old doctor checked for his pulse and then leaned down over Landlord Ding’s chest to check for his heartbeat . Then, shaking his head, he sighed and said, “Your housemaster had severe heart problem, how could you let him go out on the streets? It’s too late already, Start arranging for the funeral!”

“Master! Oh, Master!” The servant cried like his own mother has died . Why was he so unfortunate? Dragged to the herbal market by his Master and now this had happened . The old Mistress would for sure beat him to death!

“Stop crying! We might still be able to save your master!!” The servant immediately stopped bawling after he had heard that and hope was reignited in him . Yet when he looked toward the sound and saw that the one who spoke was a young girl, his face dropped again .

“Do you want to save your master or not? If you do what I say, there’s 50% chance we can save your master . If you keep crying, your master will truly be hopeless . ” This was an emergency, there were fierceness and impatient in her voice .

The old doctor frowned and scolded her, “Landlord Ding had already stopped breathing . Unless you can bring the dead back, how could you revive someone who had already stopped breathing?”

“Just because you couldn’t, doesn’t mean nobody could!!” Gu Ye ignored him and immediately checked for the patient’s pulse from his neck . Yup, there was still a very light pulse .

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She had her grandfather laid the patient down flat and knelt down next to the patient . She place one hand on his forehead and the other below his chin and lifted his head up to open up his windpipe .

Pointing at the chest of the patient, she said to Gu Xiao, “Grandpa, do as I am doing right now . Put one hand on top of the other, lace your fingers and place them right here . Use the force of your upper body and press downward directly . Yup, a little more . Don’t bend your arm . Press down and let up immediately . Yes, just like that! Here, follow my rhythm, one, two, three, four… . ”

Gu Xiao followed her beat and press down on the man’s chest over and over again .

“You!” Gu Ye pointed at the servant and ordered, “Pinch your master’s nose and blow air into his mouth . ”

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“Eh? Mouth to mouth?” Mouth to mouth with an old man? The servant was hesitant .

“Do you want to save your master or not?” Scolded Gu Ye sternly .

“Yeeesss… . ”

“Then do as I say!!” fulminated Gu Ye . Her solemn face exuded undeniable authority .

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The servant immediately leaned down and pinched his master’s nose and obediently started blowing air into his mouth .

“Deep breath . Hold it . Covered his mouth with yours and quickly blow the air into him . ” Gu Ye saw that the patient’s chest expanded from the forced air and quickly said, “Now let go of his nose . Blow into him one more time… . . ”

Under her direction, cardiac compression and artificial respiration were performed alternately . At the same time, Gu Ye paid close attention to the life signs of the patient: temperature of his hand was returning and pulse at his neck growing stronger… .

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