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Chapter 97: The Result Had Been Determined

Jin Yazhen’s words stunned everyone.

Was this drama also related to Xia Qinghan’s trio?

Xia Qinghan’s trio were also dumbstruck by Jin Yazhen’s sudden explosion.

Why was this idiot exposing the matter?

But no matter what Jin Yazhen claimed, they would never admit to it.

“You are talking nonsense!” Liu Zhijing reacted quickly. She stepped forward immediately, fury all over her face. “You’re the one who did wrong, how dare you slander us!”

Tao Yueying added, “Yes! How is it related to us? You’re the one who stole my bracelet!”

Xia Qinghan appeared helpless and distressed. “Jin, are you trying to drag us through the mire?”

The reaction of the trio made the onlookers waver.

Who was telling the truth?

Xia Xibei smiled scornfully. “Discipline master, it seemed that things are not as simple as they appear!”

The discipline master’s expression had turned completely dark.

He never expected that things would progress like this.

“All of you, come with me!”

He was extremely indignant.

“Teacher!” Xia Qinghan’s trio said in unison, “We are being wronged!”

“Whether they are wronged or not depends on the evidence,” Xia Xibei slowly said. “Teacher, I think this matter should be investigated carefully. If they were really slandered, then the slanderer has to be punished; but if it is true… ”

The disciple master nodded and stated coldly, “I know what to do.”

Xia Xibei shrugged.

“Teacher, I’ll have to leave this to you. I still have other things to handle, so I have to go back first.”

Xia Qinghan was stunned for a moment. She hadn’t expected that Xia Xibei wouldn’t use her advantage.

She thought that Xia Xibei would definitely refuse to let her go!

Meeting her confused eyes, Xia Xibei smiled brightly.

Xia Qinghan turned away immediately, as if scalded by scorching flames.

Seeing her guilty look, Xia Xibei smiled once again.

Of course, she knew what Xia Qinghan must be thinking.

It’s just that she had already foreseen the final result.

Since they dared to involve Jin Yazhen in this matter, they must have ensured that there wouldn’t be any evidence left behind.

So, even if Jin Yazhen wanted to expose their evildoing, it would be useless.

They weren’t fools who didn’t know how to defend themselves.

When that time arrived, it would be another round of never-ending quarreling.

Even after the quarrel, the result would remain unchanged.

No matter what happened, the final result would be that another wrongdoing would be added to Jin Yazhen’s crime, but nothing would happen to Xia Qinghan’s trio.

But Xia Xibei did not care about what happened to them.

After all, whether or not they were convicted, they couldn’t erase this matter.

Since the enmity between them had already been established, why waste any more time on them?

After this, the discipline master took those people to the office, and the rest of the students dispersed.

While Xia Xibei was packing her bag, she said to Tang Luo, “Should I give you a new bracelet?”

“No need,” Tang Luo shook his head, “It’s just a worthless object, no need to give me back.”

“Thank you, then. Next time, I’ll treat you to milk tea!”

Xia Xibei did not insist but nodded readily.

If Xia Qinghan heard their conversation, she would be furious!

Unbeknownst to her, Tang Luo happened to discover that Jin Yazhen had put the bracelet in Xia Xibei’s bag.

Tang Luo had informed Xia Xibei of this matter.

Originally, Xia Xibei only intended to place the bracelet in Jin Yazhen’s bag, but Tang Luo happened to also have a knockoff bracelet with him.

After adding this bracelet into the drama, the effect was even better.

After setting those girls into the trap, Xia Xibei was in a very good mood.

On the way home with Song Jiaren, she suddenly stopped and said that she wanted to head to the shopping mall.

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