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Chapter 96: Xia Xibei’s Anger

At first, Jin Yazhen was confident that the bracelet would be found in Xia Xibei’s bag.

However, the course of events that followed stunned her.

Where was the bracelet?!

She couldn’t help but panic.

If the bracelet was not in Xia Xibei’s bag, then where could it be?!

Although she knew that it couldn’t possibly be in her bag, while watching the girl search her bag, her hands and feet started to turn cold.

When the girl pulled out a silver-white bracelet with a surprised expression, her heart stopped beating for a few seconds, her entire body now stiff and unable to move.

How could it be?!

Why was the bracelet in her bag?!

But no matter how surprised she was, she couldn’t alter reality.

“This is your bracelet, isn’t it?” Xia Xibei asked Tao Yueying.

Before Tao Yueying could speak, the discipline master took the bracelet.

“Well, this is a real platinum bracelet with some small diamonds on it.”

The discipline master swiftly verified the authenticity of this bracelet.

Tao Yueying and Jin Yazhen reacted in the same way, both of them dumbstruck.

How could the bracelet be in Jin Yazhen’s bag?!

“I didn’t steal it! You framed me!” Jin Yazhen finally reacted, pointing at Xia Xibei with a mournful expression on her face, shouting, “It was you who framed me! It was you!”

Facing her accusation, Xia Xibei’s expression became stern as she exclaimed, “Enough!”

Xia Xibei’s face was gloomy, as if a furious storm would arrive the very next second.

“Do you think I’m so easy to bully?” She took a big step forward and approached Jin Yazhen in an instant, her movements intimidating. “Every time you steal something, you come to slander me and say that I stole it. Let’s forget about the events that happened earlier. I’ll endure them and won’t try to get even with you. But you’re still slandering me even now!”


A loud noise could be heard, causing everyone’s hearts to beat wildly.

Turning to the source of the sound, they all gasped.

Xia Xibei had kicked a table down to the ground, and all the books that had been stacked on top of the table were now scattered all over the floor.

What kind of force was this?!


The discipline master’s expression changed.

Xia Xibei flushed. She took several deep breaths, her chest heaving as if trying to restrain her anger.

She pointed at Jin Yazhen and spoke coldly, “Jin Yazhen, listen clearly. Don’t force me, otherwise I won’t be blamed for being rude! Next time, this kick will befall you, not the table!”

After she finished speaking, she turned around to face everyone.

“Sorry, I couldn’t hold it in.”

The others shook their heads quickly in response. They felt that she had been pretty good at holding it in.

If it were them who had slandered repeatedly, and now accused even when the evidence was revealed, they wouldn’t be able to hold back their desire to get revenge on Jin Yazhen!

Xia Xibei was already restrained and patient enough. If it were them, they would already have slapped Jin Yazhen’s face!

“Teacher, I’m sorry, I’m too agitated,” Xia Xibei said to the discipline master.

“It’s alright, I understand.” The teaching master could only comfort her, “Don’t worry, I will take care of this matter.”

Seeing the anger on Xia Xibei’s face, the teaching master also felt a little sympathy towards her.

Anyone who had to go through this would be furious!

Xia Xibei had already behaved well by not beating her up.

Thinking of this, he looked at Jin Yazhen, who hadn’t regained herself yet. “Go to the office! Give me a clear explanation!”

He appeared stern and infuriated.

“Such a rebel! How dare you do such a thing?! I have to call your parents now! I won’t accommodate this misdeed!”

Stealing things and slandering others, this student had gone too far!

When Jin Yazhen heard that he was going to call her parents, her face turned ghastly pale.

“I didn’t do it, they forced me!” Her hand immediately pointed to Tao Yueying’s trio.


Everyone present was once again stunned.

Was there a story behind this?

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