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Chapter 92: Chapter 92 The Bracelet Was Found

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When they finally reached a consensus, the discipline master heaved a sigh of relief.

If the group of students could resolve this in a way that would not affect the school, then that would be good enough.

Although the discipline master was relieved, Xia Xibei was far from done.

“Oh, by the way, not only should you check my bag, you should check hers, too!” She pointed at Jin Yazhen as she spoke.

“Why so?!” Jin Yazhen stomped in rage.

“Why so?” Xia Xibei chortled. “Because you have a lot of previous recordspast convictions!”

Before Jin Yazhen could blow her top, she shrugged. “If you agree, then we can begin.”

If she were to disagree, however, then they would be at an impasse. return to the deadlock moments ago.

Before Jin Yazhen could say a word, Liu Zhijing shot her a glare.

Upon meeting Liu Zhijing’s meaningful glare, Jin Yazhen had no choice but to nod in grievance. “Fine! Check mine if you like!”

Deep inside, her resentment for Xia Xibei had escalated.

She just couldn’t figure out how Xia Xibei had turned into the person she was now.

She had felt defeated so many times in front of Xia Xibei that she was on the verge of a meltdown.

Nevermind; once the bracelet was found later, there was no way Xia Xibei could argue further!

Once solid evidence was presented before their eyes, no one would believe in Xia Xibei’s words anymore!

When that time comes, all of them would regard Xia Xibei as a thief and a habitual liar. Who would still believe her?

Having thought of that, Jin Yazhen’s fury finally dissipated a little.

“Alright then, it’s getting late, let’s hurry up and start.”

After Jin Yazhen agreed to it, Xia Xibei acted fast and placed her bag up front without further ado.

Jin Yazhen also took her bag and put it there.

“To ensure fairness, let’s have someone else do it,” Tang Luo suggested.

Liu Zhijing shot daggers at Tang Luo.

She had no idea why Tang Luo was being so good to Xia Xibei.

They couldn’t be romantically involved, could they?

No matter what the reason was, her thoughts did nothing to affect the bustle around her.

The discipline master called on a girl who was watching the scene in the classroom to carry out the search.

She started by looking inside Xia Xibei’s bag.

The girl opened the bag and rummaged out all the things inside it.

Everyone stared straight at her, watching her movements with full attention.

With all eyes focused on her, the girl’s hands couldn’t help but tremble a little, but she persevered through it, taking things out one by one.

There wasn’t a lot of stuff in Xia Xibei’s bag, but there were several compartments inside the bag.

After she had fished out all the things from a large compartment and found nothing unusual, the girl then unzipped the smaller compartment.

There were some tissue papers and two bank cards tucked inside the smaller compartment.

The girl took out all of those in a handful, but the next moment, the looks on all their faces changed.

“My bracelet!”

Tao Yueying pounced on it immediately, grasping the bracelet that was wedged between the two bank cards.

Many of them heaved a silent sigh of relief the moment they saw the bracelet.

Even Xia Qinghan felt as if the oppression in her was instantly relieved, and she beamed with a smug smile.

“My bracelet really was with you!”

Tao Yueying was so furious and agitated at the same time that her face became distorted.

“Xia Xibei, what more do you have to say?”

Liu Zhijing stepped forth, biting her lip in an attempt to refrain the wild joy in her as she stared at Xia Xibei with a righteous, indignant look on her face.

The looks on the others’ faces changed as well.

The bracelet really turned out to be in Xia Xibei’s bag. So were the words that she just said only a pointless struggle before her appalling deed got exposed?

It seemed more ridiculous now that they thought of it.

Xia Xibei panicked a little with all the enraged looks pinned on her. “That’s impossible! This isn’t your bracelet!”

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