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Chapter 90: Frame-up (7)

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“It was him?!”

The discipline master finally came to his senses.

So it turned out to be that Yang Xuan!

“Which means, she was the girl who got beaten up last week?”

The discipline master glanced at Jin Yazhen and looked her up and down. When he saw the bruises on her face that have yet to fade, he finally remembered.

It couldn’t be helped that the matter had developed into such a massive drama.

How could he not have a deep impression when it was the very first time that such a thing had happened in their school?

“Yes.” Tang Luo nodded. “It’s them. Classmate Jin and Yang Xuan are a couple, but classmate Jin tried to throw mud on my deskmate, saying that she and Yang Xuan were together. However, based on what we know, the real couple are actually classmate Jin and Yang Xuan!”

Tang Luo’s words left Jin Yazhen speechless and defenseless.

They hadn’t expected things to turn out this way when they started the drama in the first place!

“Tang Luo, you’re lying!” She screamed in a tearful voice.

“Shut up!” The discipline master rebuked with an awful look on his face. “It’s not your turn yet. Do not speak!”

The teacher’s face had looked so grave that Jin Yazhen didn’t know how to begin even if she wanted to explain.

Xia Qinghan and a few others exchanged glances, clueless about why Jin Yazhen had suddenly become the center of attention.

But upon seeing the grim and dismal look on the discipline master’s face, they remained silent.

The discipline master was someone who would disregard even his kins all in the name of justice. If it were proven that Xia Xibei has committed theft, her punishment would be severe.

However, if they were the ones found guilty, he wouldn’t be any less dissatisfied either.

Therefore, they had no choice but to keep their mouths shut at this point.

“Thus, I believe that she was lying when she claimed that Xia Xibei steals often!” Tang Luo remarked in a loud and clear voice, “I’ve been deskmates with Xia Xibei for a long time, and I know that she’s a good student! Besides, she is also a hardworking learner, and she even got fifth place in the form for the monthly assessment this time!”

When the discipline master heard his statement, he became even more surprised. “Fifth place in the form?”

He finally came to his senses.

“You were the dark horse!”

The assessment this time wasn’t a difficult one, but it had not been—in any way—an easy one either.

They remembered it well because Xia Xibei made it to the top five out of nowhere.

He just didn’t expect that she would be involved in such incidents.

After hearing what Tang Luo had said about her, the discipline master developed a favorable impression of Xia Xibei.

While results cannot solely determine the personality and moral character of a person, she nevertheless couldn’t really be such an atrocious person if even Tang Luo trusted her that much.

Having observed how the discipline master’s attitude had changed, the faces of Liu Zhijing and the other two began to slightly change.

“Sir, I can guarantee that I have never stolen anything before, and I do not have the slightest clue about where her bracelet is!”

Xia Xibei looked sincere. “I’ve been studying in the classroom all the while, and I’m planning to achieve better results in the next assessment. It’s not like I have time to go about stealing things.”

Her words made the discipline master nod in approval.

If every student were as fond of learning as she were, they wouldn’t have had to worry so much, would they?

Seeing that the discipline master was about to take Xia Xibei’s side, Tao Yueying stepped forth right away.

“Sir, that bracelet was given to me by my father, and it cost ten thousand yuandollars! We have searched the entire school, but we couldn’t find it. Apart from Xia Xibei, I can’t think of any other possibilities!”

“Sir, we’re not really trying to put the blame on anyone for stealing. Perhaps someone has stumbled upon it on the floor but can’t find the owner, so they brought it back.” Xia Qinghan also chipped in, “We’re just trying to get our heads around what really happened. We’re all schoolmates, we also don’t want this incident to turn ugly.”

Xia Qinghan’s words had eased the frown on the discipline master’s brows. “That’s not unlikely, too.”

He believed that the students of their school weren’t petty thieves.

However, it concerned a bracelet that cost ten thousand, so the issue simply couldn’t be brushed aside either.

“That’s why I’m suggesting we search through Xia Xibei’s bag,” Xia Qinghan raised her opinion.

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