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Chapter 89: Frame-up (6)

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“Who stole it?”

With a stern expression on his face, the discipline master glanced at every single person inside the room.

Upon meeting his stern gaze, everyone couldn’t help but timidly tremble in fear all of a sudden.

After all, as a discipline master for so many years, he had also become quite formidable and much-revered by the students.

“It was her!”

Tao Yueying pointed at Xia Xibei. “After she bumped into me, my bracelet went missing!”

The discipline master frowned as he looked at Xia Xibei. “Did you do it?”

Xia Xibei immediately shook her head. “I did not! She’s the one who bumped into me, not the other way round!”

“You’re lying! It was you!”

She originally had no intention of making such a big fuss out of it, but Xia Xibei’s reaction had utterly displeased Tao Yueying, and she felt very frustrated about it.

Therefore, as soon as the discipline master appeared, she immediately fanned the flames further. Xia Xibei would have to take the blame anyway, so what would she be afraid of?

“Her friend told us that she’s stolen lots of jewelry from the store before! My bracelet cost ten thousand! It’s beautiful and expensive, how could she not be tempted!”

The teacher’s eyes went wide at her words. “Is that true?”

“Of course not! I did not steal!”

With a furious look, Xia Xibei pointed at Tao Yueying as she said in a cold voice, “Who said that I had stolen from the jewelry store? Step out!”

Jin Yazhen shivered. She wanted to move out of the way, but she got jostled forward nonetheless.

“It was you?”

Xia Xibei grinded her teeth in rage. “You tried to slander me?!”

With all eyes pinned on them, Jin Yazhen became rather timid. “I-I wasn’t trying to slander you! You-you did steal!”

“Bah!” Xia Xibei went ballistic. “When did I ever steal? It is you who has a thing for stealing, and you’re trying to use me as a scapegoat? You’re disgusting!”


The others were stunned for a moment. It would seem like there was more to the story!

Jin Yazhen’s face fell. “I don’t! You’re slandering me!”

“It’s you who’s slandering me!”

“Shut up!”

The discipline master broke off their squabble in annoyance. “Stop bickering! Speak one by one!”

His aura was so powerful that all the girls cowered, and no one dared to continue the quarrel.

“Talk first!” The discipline master pointed at Xia Xibei.

“Sir, I’ve never done anything like that before! Besides, she’s the one who likes to steal things, not me!” Xia Xibei pointed at Jin Yazhen as she spoke, “She also used to make a lot of false claims against me before!”

“I can testify on her behalf for that!”

Tang Luo stood up from the side.

The discipline master looked at Tang Luo with surprise.

The form’s top student—how could he not know him?

His attitude turned slightly better. “Tell me, what’s going on here?”

Seeing the change in the discipline master’s attitude, the girls couldn’t help but exchange worried glances.

Would the story…take a turn from this point?

Tang Luo ignored the reactions of the rest, looking only at the discipline master as he unhurriedly recounted the event. “This group of students rushed inside just now and claimed that my deskmate stole this girl’s bracelet. They even wanted to search her bag. Meanwhile, this student named Jin Yazhen said that my deskmate used to steal things often. In my opinion, however, this is probably her revenge.”

“I did not!” Jin Yazhen’s heart skipped a beat, her face turning pale as she quickly denied it.

Tang Luo didn’t pay attention to Jin Yazhen’s denial. “Why do I feel like this is her revenge? Because she used to be good friends with Xia Xibei. In consideration of their friendship, Xia Xibei lent her and Yang Xuan quite a lot of money…”

“That’s nonsense!” Jin Yazhen panicked, stepping forward and interrupting Tang Luo.

It was Xia Xibei’s problem to begin with, so how come she was implicated?

The discipline master frowned. “Yang Xuan? Why does it sound so familiar?”

“The one whose parents came to the school last week and put on a huge drama,” Xia Xibei reminded him.

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