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Chapter 88: Frame-up (5)

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“Search for it?” Tang Luo stood up from the side and shot a cool, indifferent glance at the group of people. “I didn’t know that you’re even better than the police, that you get to decide everything.”

Upon meeting his cold, wintry gaze, many of them couldn’t help but shudder a little.

He was such a good-looking, exquisite young man, but why was his character so cold and aloof?

Even worse, he was taking Xia Xibei’s side!

Why? Because of her looks?

Tang Luo looked towards Tao Yueying and the rest. Ungraciously, he stated, “Something like this has happened, but you didn’t look for the teachers or call the cops. Instead, you came here to make a big scene. Are all of you legal illiterates?”

“Not just that,” Xia Xibei added, “From what I see, they think that the school is their home and they are free to do whatever they feel like. The rest of us, we don’t even have the right to speech, do we?”

The conversation between the two of them put dismal looks on the faces of the girls, making them seem embarrassed and awkward.

Now that Tang Luo had said things in such a way, they were at a loss for what to do next.

Liu Zhijing gritted her teeth, cursing him in her mind, ‘God d*mn Tang Luo, what do these girls’ affairs have to do with him?’

Since when had the two of them become so close?

Tang Luo was the top student and the face of the school.

Although he didn’t have a tall and hunky build, his cold, aloof temperament, his extremely outstanding results, and his impressive talent in sports were enough to make a lot of girls fall for him.

He was one of the most popular guys in school!

Although they heard that he didn’t come from a wealthy family, the rest of his qualities were eye-catching and remarkable enough to put him in the center of attention.

However, he chose to take Xia Xibei’s side!

As she looked at Xia Xibei’s face, Liu Zhijing gnawed her teeth in rage.

“In fact, we prefer to deal with the matter behind closed doors.”

Xia Qing stood up.

“They only talked nonsense because they were anxious. I don’t believe that Xia Xibei would steal things, but that bracelet cost ten thousand yuan and it’s meaningful… So I’d just like to know if Xia Xibei happened to come across a bracelet. If you could return it to us, we’ll be very grateful!”

Her words put a sarcastic sneer on Xia Xibei’s lips.

“Enough! Cut the sweet talk. No matter how you put it, you still think I was the one who stole your bracelet, don’t you? I’m telling you for the last time, I did not steal it! Besides, this is the classroom of Third Form. If you aren’t students in our class, please leave!”

Tao Yueying got anxious when she saw how adamantly Xia Xibei was behaving.

She was certain that she had taken the bracelet.

However, now that Xia Xibei was reluctant to let them search her bag, and Tang Luo was watching them at the side too, they couldn’t just do it by force.

Xia Qinghan couldn’t help but scowl as well.

They knew that it was wrong to search her body and her bag by force.

But if they didn’t do it, their plan would be foiled, wouldn’t it?

If they had known all of this beforehand, they would have laid out a much more detailed and feasible plan.

The current situation was a bit too awkward.

Luckily, the discipline master arrived and broke the tension in the classroom.

“What’s the matter?”

The discipline master wore a look of displeasure as he looked at the students in the classroom. “What are you fussing on about here rather than studying?”

Upon seeing the discipline master, Liu Zhijing became agitated right away.

“Teacher! We lost a bracelet that cost ten thousand!”


The discipline master was stunned as well.

The school would be concerned if even a hundred yuan was lost, let alone a bracelet that cost ten thousand.

He walked up to them hurriedly, questioning them, “What actually happened?”

Liu Zhijing nudged Tao Yueying gingerly, bringing her back to her senses instantly.

“Teacher, my bracelet went missing! It must have been stolen!”


The look on the teacher’s face turned even more awful.

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