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Chapter 87: Frame-up (4)

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Xia Xibei stood up from her seat immediately. Despite the cool and composed look on her face, she gave off an aura that was much stronger than Tao Yueying’s.

“What did you say? Come again?”

Her aura was so powerful that Tao Yueying couldn’t help but take a couple of steps back.

As she realized how cowardly she was behaving, her cheeks flushed red and she pulled herself together immediately.

“My bracelet went missing after you bumped into me just now. Did you take it?” She questioned with righteous indignation.

Looking at the group of girls and Xia Qinghan, who was hiding at the back and enjoying the drama, Xia Xibei couldn’t help but sneer, “What does your missing bracelet have to do with me? Besides, if you’re searching for any lost items, you should ask the teachers or the police. Why did you look for me instead?”

“Xia Xibei, hand over the bracelet and we can pretend as if it never happened. If we report the matter to the teachers for real, you’ll be done for.”

Liu Zhijing and Tao Yueying echoed each other in perfect harmony.

“Haha,” Xia Xibei chuckled. Then her face fell the next second, bellowing, “Get lost!”

The shout made the group of people before her jump in fright.

“You- You- What are you yelling at us for?! How dare you deny stealing the bracelet!”

The other girls were also enraged by Xia Xibei’s reaction.

“Who told you that I stole anything? Do you have proof?” Xia Xibei shot them an icy-cold glance. “Without any proof, are you here to scam me or force me to confess to a crime that I didn’t commit?”

Tao Yueying grinded her teeth. “Hmph! You’re a repeat offender, what more proof do you need?!”

“A repeat offender?” Xia Xibei’s face sank. “What did I do? Did I steal the vegetables or rice at your house?”

She caught a glimpse of Jin Yazhen standing at the back and couldn’t help but laugh, “Looks like you came prepared today!”

Jin Yazhen couldn’t help but shiver a bit, shrinking behind someone.

The rest of them were infuriated right away.

“Don’t threaten anybody! You’d better hand over the bracelet obediently! Otherwise, we’re gonna call the cops!”

“Right, if the police are alerted, this matter will no longer be easy to deal with!” others added in unison.

“Enough, don’t get all worked up,” Xia Qinghan finally spoke, offering advice with a gentle look on her face. “We’re all schoolmates, so don’t end the matter in such a nasty way.”

“Qinghan!” Liu Zhijing cast her a disapproving look. “Some people can’t be dealt with in a normal way! You’re being so nice to her, but she won’t even appreciate it!”

The disdain in Xia Xibei’s eyes intensified as she watched the two of them sing the same tune.

“Xia Xibei, we have no intention of taking such radical measures. It’s just that the bracelet really means a lot to Yueying!” Xia Qinghan looked at her with sincerity. “Could you please return it to her?”

Xia Xibei snorted at Xia Qinghan’s admonishing words. “You guys are hilarious. You ran to me and claimed that I stole her bracelet. Are y’all brainless or something?”

“It was you who stole my bracelet!” Tao Yueying argued furiously. “My bracelet went missing right after you bumped into me!”

Xia Xibei sized up Tao Yueying with a measuring glance. “You really have no brains, do you? It was you who bumped into me just now! I haven’t even settled it with you, and now you’re accusing me instead?”

Tao Yueying replied boldly and righteously, “It was you who bumped into me! People like you…”

“What’s the matter with people like me?” Xia Xibei looked at her nonchalantly. “You’re trying to say that poor people like me would want to take possession of the things I like, aren’t you?”

Tao Yueying got tongue-tied all of a sudden, at a loss for words.

Although that was what she was thinking, it felt somewhat wrong when Xia Xibei said it out loud.

Liu Zhijing stood up, declaring, “Cut the nonsense! Hand over the bracelet, or we’re going to search for it!”

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