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Chapter 86: Frame-up (3)

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Jin Yazhen came.

“I have something to ask you,” Liu Zhijing said as she pulled Jin Yazhen close, “I heard that you are good friends with Xia Xibei. Is that true?”

Although she had rehearsed it all beforehand, Jin Yazhen still got a little nervous. “We- We used to be good friends, but we are not… Not anymore…”

As she thought of being isolated by her classmates, Jin Yazhen felt sadness welling up inside of her. “I never thought she could be so vicious!”

“Vicious?” All of them were puzzled. “What did she do?”

Tears trickled out of Jin Yazhen’s eyes as she began sobbing uncontrollably. “I have no idea how she got her hands on some photos, but she’s using them to spread slander about me, claiming I’m having affairs with other guys, and now… Everyone’s avoiding me!”

Her words sparked anger in the other girls.

“My goodness! How did that happen?! How could she do that! That’s totally wicked!”

Liu Zhijing seemed especially exasperated. “That’s going too far! How could she treat you like that?! People like her have no conscience at all!”

Jin Yazhen wiped her tears and smiled bitterly as she explained, “I didn’t see it coming. I was good to her, I helped her hide everything, and that’s how she treated me! No one believes me now…”

As she spoke, she started weeping again.

“I heard that you treated her really well too!” Tao Yueying joined in.

“I shared everything with her, I even helped her conceal the fact that she stole… But who knew…”

“She stole something? What did she steal?” Some of the attentive ones caught that word, their eyes growing very wide. “She stole things?”

“No- Nothing!” Jin Yazhen put on an apprehensive look, as if she had spilled a secret that she shouldn’t have, hastily clasping her mouth. “I-I didn’t say that!”


“Stop covering up for her!” Liu Zhijing put on a righteous front. “Why are you still being so good to her when she treated you like that! She’s not worth it!”

Jin Yazhen hung her head low, looking like a damsel in distress.

A while later, she spoke in a very soft voice, “She has stolen some chains at a jewelry store before…”

“Chains?!” Tao Yueying exclaimed in shock, “She likes chains?”

“Yes,” Jin Yazhen nodded. “She loves jewelry, but she can’t afford it. I’ve given her a few necklaces and bracelets before, but I never thought that she would actually steal the things that she likes…”

Tao Yueying gasped sharply, then proclaimed confidently, “Then she was definitely the one who stole my bracelet!”

The looks on all of their faces changed upon hearing her claim.

If it was true, then a girl like Xia Xibei was just downright obnoxious, wasn’t she?

“We can’t just sit here anymore. Let’s go look for her and find out the truth!”

With a wave of her hand, Liu Zhijing strode forward.

The rest of them exchanged glances, getting the feeling that the current situation was somewhat bizarre.

However, if even Jin Yazhen said that Xia Xibei had stolen things before, then it shouldn’t be wrong.

Moreover, Tao Yueying’s bracelet cost ten thousand yuan!

He Xuanyu was one of the most popular young celebrities at the moment, and the products he endorsed were all expensive. However, whenever a new endorsement was made public, fans from all over the country would break their necks trying to get it.

You wouldn’t get it if you weren’t fast enough, even if you had the money!

So the bracelet wasn’t just a matter of money, it was a pretty meaningful object!

If the bracelet was theirs, they would panic terribly too!

As this thought occurred to them, they quickly followed Liu Zhijing as she marched off.

This group of people stomped all the way to the classroom of Third Form.

There weren’t many people in the classroom, all of whom couldn’t help but be shocked when they saw the group of fuming girls that had just appeared.

“Xia Xibei!” Tao Yueying dashed toward Xia Xibei, growling furiously with a straight face, “Did you take my bracelet?!”

A commotion broke out among the crowd when her words sounded out like a bolt of thunder.

All eyes were pinned on them now.

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