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Chapter 78: Mine Tastes Better

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Faced with her daughter’s condemnation, Fang Yongxin blinked innocently and immediately changed the subject. “Oh, your classmate is here. Let’s not talk about such depressing things!”

Then she handed Xia Xibei a cup of milk tea. “Come, try my recipe!”

“I want one too,” Song Jiaren said unhappily.

“What are you talking about? Aren’t you on a diet? You can’t have any,” Fang Yongxin refused without any hesitation.

Song Jiaren was speechless.

She was obviously her real mom!

After Fang Yongxin refused her daughter, she put the cake in front of Xia Xibei.

“Come and try the cake. This cake shop’s creations are delicious!”

When she said delicious, her eyes seemed to glow.

The corners of Xia Xibei’s mouth twitched. She felt as if Aunt Xin was trying to feed her.

“It’s okay, Aunt Xin. I can feed myself.”

“Mom, she knows how to eat!” Song Jiaren was clutching her forehead in resignation.

She had known that when Xia Xibei visited, she would be greeted very warmly.

What could she do? Fang Yongxin was very into external appearances.

Her level of enthusiasm was directly correlated to the appearance of the other person. If someone had an ordinary appearance, she would not be rude, but neither would she be enthusiastic to meet them.

Song Tianqin, who was next to them, finally spoke up, “Yongxin, enough. Let’s talk business first.”

Fang Yongxin rolled her eyes at the father and daughter duo. “Bei Bei is so thin, she’s different from you!”

Song Jiaren simply stared at her mother in silence. It was heartbreaking!

“It’s okay, don’t worry. Let’s eat the cake first!” Fang Yongxin turned to Xia Xibei once again. “You are so thin; you must eat more!”

Xia Xibei was about to be overwhelmed by her enthusiasm. She quickly replied, “Aunt Xin, I can do it myself. Actually, I’m not very hungry. Let’s talk business first.”

“Let’s eat and talk!” Fang Yongxin replied.

Xia Xibei could only nod.

After Xia Xibei had a few bites of cake and drank half a cup, Song Tianqin finally spoke up again.

“This cup of milk tea and the one you made… Which one do you think is better?”

Xia Xibei smiled. “Aunt Xin’s recipe is very good, but I still think mine tastes better.”

Since she was here, she would not mince words.

“My milk tea is different from the ones sold on the market. It has a special formula, a better taste, and lower calories too.”

Seeing her confidence, Song Tianqin felt a little admiration for her.

When Song Jiaren came home last night, she also brought back a few cups of milk tea.

He had thought it was just ordinary milk tea, so he hadn’t expected more things.

Moreover, Song Jiaren had also told them all that Xia Xibei had said.

When he heard that Xia Xibei wanted to partner with Song Jiaren and open a store, Song Tianqin’s first instinct was to question her intentions.

Many people had tried to get close to Song Jiaren after knowing her identity, and Song Tianqin had never been weak in dealing with these malicious people.

He didn’t think Xia Xibei would be this forthcoming.

And she had helped Song Jiaren lose weight!

Song Jiaren’s weight-loss challenge had been troubling their whole family, but it had not been effective.

But after only a few days in Xia Xibei’s company, the changes in Song Jiaren were visible to the naked eye.

She had lost almost 10 catties in just a few days!

Although the effect was significant partially because of Song Jiaren’s high initial weight, it still showcased Xia Xibei’s ability.

This was why Song Tianqin had asked Xia Xibei to come over.

Now that he had met her, he realized that his understanding of Xia Xibei was still very shallow.

Setting aside her beautiful appearance, just her confident and open attitude was enough to make Song Tianqin value her.

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