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Chapter 74: Meeting Bai Meixue

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Of course, Xia Xibei had no objection when Song Jiaren said that she had to think about it. She even made a few cups of milk tea for Jiaren to take home.

Then, she began to focus on other matters.

That evening, Xia Xibei received a call from Pan Yan.

Over the phone, Pan Yan enthusiastically set up a meeting with her for tomorrow.

The next day, Xia Xibei dressed up and went to Pan Yan’s SY company.

SY company was located in a building downtown. In a place where land was very expensive, the company had three floors, which showed that it was very well-off financially.

SY company was quite well-known throughout the entertainment industry in the country of Hua. There were two first-tier stars in the company, many second- and third-tier artists, and even more lesser-known ones.

However, they had never had a top star, let alone a queen who had gone to the international market.

Of course, these things had nothing to do with Xia Xibei.

In order for a company to develop, in addition to the top-tier, the foundation was indispensable.

SY company recruited some trainees every year, receiving decent results in this area in recent years.

When Pan Yan walked into the company with Xia Xibei, it attracted attention from many people.

Although Pan Yan didn’t have any great talents on hand right now, he was strong, and many people wanted to become his artists.

However, his standard was very high, and not many people qualified.

——Of course, if someone’s qualifications were very good, he would have to compete with others. After all, he was not the only agent in the company.

So, he liked to start with newcomers.

Everyone knew what he wanted, so the eyes that looked at Xia Xibei held intense scrutiny.

However, after seeing her face, everyone understood Pan Yan’s attitude.

Pan Yan took Xia Xibei all the way inside the company, introducing the company’s situation while doing so.

“Our company also has a dance studio and a recording studio. The facilities are comprehensive. Our trainee system is also very comprehensive, and as long as you pass the assessment, you can debut…”

He babbled about the company, but suddenly stopped.

“Hello, Sister Xue,” Pan Yan nodded politely to the woman in front of him.

“Little Pan, this is…”

When Bai Meixue looked at Xia Xibei, her eyes narrowed. Her expression was subtle, with a little bit of unknown shock.

“Oh, this is the trainee I just found. I’m showing her around the company,” Pan Yan said seriously.

A gleam of light flashed in Bai Meixue’s eyes, and the smile on the corner of her mouth became even more subtle when she looked at the pretty young woman.

“Oh, a new trainee. Very good.”

She smiled kindly at Xia Xibei, introducing herself, “Hello, I’m Bai Meixue.”

“Hello, I am Xia Xibei. I have seen your shows. Your acting is fantastic!”

Xia Xibei showed her a bright smile, somewhat giving off the aura of a fan’s excitement.

The two were all smiles, but each had their own ideas.

“Thank you.” Bai Meixue was used to seeing fans’ admiration and enthusiasm for her, so her smile remained unchanged. “Since you are a trainee for the company, we will be colleagues from now on. Please help advise me.”

“How dare I?!” Xia Xibei shook her head. “You are the trailblazer. I don’t know anything!”

Xia Xibei glanced at Xia Qinghan from the corner of her eye, but she sneered within her mind.

Seeing Xia Xibei’s somewhat timid appearance, Bai Meixue’s smile deepened.

“By the way, this is Xia Qinghan, and she will also be the company’s trainee. Little Bei, you two can be good friends in the future!”

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