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Chapter 69: The Same Exam Room

The moment she saw Xia Xibei, Xia Qinghan’s face fell.

The jealousy in her burned even more fiercely when she saw Xia Xibei’s gorgeous face.

She had always been very confident in her own beauty since she was a child.

However, Xia Xibei’s appearance made her realize that she never was the greatest.

She felt even more despondent when she heard what the other students were talking about.

“Hi there! You’re assigned to this classroom too?” Xia Qinghan quickly pulled herself together and flashed a bright smile at Xia Xibei.


Xia Xibei’s lips curled into a small, polite smile, then she turned around and sat down in the seat that was allocated to her.

Xia Xibei’s cold, detached response made Xia Qinghan pull a long face.

The rest of the students were paying attention to them, so she couldn’t do much except wear an awkward smile.

However, her mood was soon affected.

Because she found that her seat was right next to Xia Xibei’s, with just an aisle in between them!

Xia Xibei was equally speechless. She never thought that she would have such a strong “affinity” with Xia Qinghan.

Things like this hadn’t happened before in the past, had they?


Xia Qinghan forced a smile onto her face and tried to start a conversation. However, Xia Xibei didn’t even glance at her this time, her gaze fixed on a book instead.

Xia Qinghan was so mad at Xia Xibei’s reaction that her chest ached.

But she couldn’t let it show, because she had a reputation to uphold: that of being the school beauty!

Once everyone had taken their seats, the teacher arrived.

When she received the test paper, Xia Xibei flashed a placid smile at Xia Qinghan before beginning to answer the questions.

Xia Qinghan was disconcerted by that smile, which she found rather unusual.

She was vexed and confused. There wasn’t any love or hate between her and Xia Xibei, so why was she treating her like this?

Was she worried that she might hinder her from becoming famous?

Ha! She was very conceited, wasn’t she?

Xia Qinghan mumbled inside her head, the look in her eyes mildly sarcastic when she looked towards Xia Xibei.

It was true that Xia Xibei had fairly good looks, but it wasn’t very easy to become a celebrity.

Without any talents or gifts, that pretty face alone wouldn’t get her very far.

No matter how lenient the fans were, they wouldn’t persevere for long once they found out that their idol was an airhead.

Not to mention the fact there were many beauties in the entertainment industry. What would Xia Xibei even amount to?

Besides, with Xia Xibei’s background, how could she possibly have any talents?

She had even heard that Xia Xibei had needed to take up part-time jobs to support herself. She couldn’t even maintain average results as a result.

A person like Xia Xibei was trying to rival her? That was absolutely ridiculous!

“Focus on your paper! Do not look around!”

The teacher knocked on a table from the podium, pulling Xia Qinghan back to reality.

She hurriedly pulled her thoughts together and shifted her focus to the paper in front of her.

Xia Xibei had no idea about the thoughts going through Xia Qinghan’s head, fully focused on the paper.

As far as she was concerned, the questions weren’t that difficult for her. They were the same questions from the textbooks, just phrased differently.

As for reading and comprehension, it was also a piece of cake once you mastered the correct techniques.

For essays, she was able to compose smoothly based on her many years of experience and views on life.

Xia Xibei completed the language paper in less than two hours.

Xia Qinghan was startled when she saw Xia Xibei submitting the paper ahead of time, then sneered with sarcasm.

She handed in the paper earlier because she couldn’t do it! That must be the case, right?

It wasn’t just the language paper. Xia Xibei had also submitted the papers for the next few subjects earlier than scheduled.

It made everyone wonder whether she was really able to do them. Was she submitting them now because she was so bad at it that she had got nothing left to lose?

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