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Chapter 68: Astonishing Results

In the first round, every contestant had to answer a hundred questions. Each question was one point, leading to a total possible score of one hundred points.

Any contestants who achieved 85 points and above would proceed to the next round.

There were contestants who had achieved full marks in the past, but not within such a short duration!

The time limit for each question was twenty seconds, which meant it would take approximately half an hour to complete the entire round.

Those who worked fast could complete all the questions in around twenty minutes.

However, this was the first time the crew had seen a full score attained at such a speed!

“Amazing, getting a full score in just ten minutes… This speed is lit! Six seconds per question! Did he even finish reading the questions?”

“Even the question creators need to spend some time, don’t they?”

“Could he have had access to our question bank?”

Although it was mentioned, all of them knew that it was impossible.

Their question bank contained several tens of thousands of questions. It wasn’t so easy to achieve such a score, even if the contestant really did take the shortcut.

“Let’s take a look at the questions! Perhaps it’s just some very simple questions!”

They could view what questions were answered by the contestants behind the scenes, but they had no right to interfere with it.

Upon opening the questions, all of them were stupefied.

“D*mn! These questions are tough!”

“I don’t even know the answer to this question!”

The questions in their question bank were categorized by their respective levels of difficulty, the highest level being five-star and the lowest being one-star.

Among the questions answered by this contestant however, more than thirty were three-star and above, and more than ten of them were four and five-star questions!

They might not get the questions correct, even if they were to answer them.

“This will definitely be a strong competitor afterwards!”

One of the workers marked the results of this particular account red, only continuing to browse others’ results after another round of discussion.

Xia Xibei knew nothing about all of this. She went straight to bed after taking a shower once she had finished answering the questions.

Early the next morning, she woke up for a jog and found a spot along the way for cultivation.

Her martial strength wasn’t very high. After all, her occupation in the second life was a doctor and a naturalist, so there was no need for her to spend too much time on cultivating martial strength.

Although her occupation was a vulnerable one in the Land of Fantasy, her martial strength was enough to defeat many people in this place.

Not to mention the fact that she had other capabilities!

One hour later, she went to school after having taken a shower.

The monthly assessment would be taking place today.

After completing two assessments, it would be the weekend.

Upon going to school, Xia Xibei happened to run into Liu Zhijing.

Xia Xibei paused in her tracks when she met Liu Zhijing’s hateful, vicious gaze, flashing her an evil smile.

Liu Zhijing’s heart skipped a beat. What did that mean?

When Yang Xuan came back yesterday with a swollen face and hideous bruises covering him, she was flabbergasted!

Once she learnt about what actually happened, she found out that the godd*mned Xia Xibei had intervened once again!

What was the matter with Xia Xibei? When had she acquired such capabilities?

However, Liu Zhijing was more worried about Song Jiaren.

Who didn’t know that Song Jiaren was the boss of the school? The consequences of offending her would be disastrous!

She felt angst lurking within her. When Liu Zhijing went back to the classroom, she still seemed a little unnerved.

“What happened? Are you alright?” Xia Qinghan asked, expressing her concern.

“No, nothing,” Liu Zhijing hurriedly shook her head in denial and forced a smile onto her face. “I’m just a little nervous.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll definitely get good grades!” Xia Qinghan comforted her with a warm smile.

“Yeah, you too!” Xia Qinghan nodded with a smile, but it disappeared very soon.

Much to her surprise, Xia Xibei turned out to be in the same examination room that she was in!

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