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Chapter 64: He’s Not a Bad Guy


The bodyguards standing not too far away burst into laughter.

Qiao Yanjue’s face turned overcast.

“What did you say?”

He gnashed his teeth in anger as he looked at Xia Xibei, fighting back the urge to smack her on the butt!

What nonsense did she tell others?!

Xia Xibei never thought that Song Jiaren would remember it clearly, or that she would spill it at a time like this.

She felt kind of awkward. Laughing dryly, she told Song Jiaren, “Haha… You’re mistaken, it’s not him…”

“Oh, it’s the other Mr. Qiao!” Song Jiaren came to a sudden realization. “This Mr. Qiao and the Mr. Qiao who delivered food to us aren’t the same person!”

Xia Xibei’s lips twitched, not daring to sneak a glance at Qiao Yanjue.

Qiao Yanjue’s face had completely darkened, because he was the same Mr. Qiao who had delivered food to them yesterday!

Little had he thought that Xia Xibei would speak of him in that way!

Xia Xibei felt chills cascading down her spine, sensing that Qiao Yanjue’s eyes were filled with a murderous look right now.

She changed the subject immediately, “Alright, let’s get back as soon as we can. It’s late already. Oh, right, where’s your driver?”

Song Jiaren fumbled to get out her phone. “I’ll ask him to come over now.”

“No need for that, I’ll send the two of you back,” Qiao Yanjue spoke up.

The reason he came here today was to bring Xia Xibei to the pharmacy.

“No need, we have a car!”

How could Xia Xibei have the nerve to stay in the same space as Qiao Yanjue? After what Song Jiaren said just now, it was way too embarrassing.

“Miss, I happen to be going the same way. We should go together.”

Out of nowhere, Qiao Yanjue flashed a smile at Song Jiaren.

Song Jiaren’s eyes went wide immediately. He was so charming!

He was tall and handsome and graceful and elegant, so much more attractive than the male celebrities out there!

At that moment, Song Jiaren forgot that Yang Xuan even existed.

——The two of them just weren’t on the same level, able to be compared!

“Sure, sure, sure! Let’s go together!” Song Jiaren’s eyes were shimmering.

It wasn’t that she had any feelings for Qiao Yanjue. Just being able to travel in the same car with such a handsome man was a blessing!

As she watched how Song Jiaren had succumbed without any hesitation, Xia Xibei’s lips twitched in frustration. How she wished she could give her a slap!

Although Qiao Yanjue was very handsome indeed, he was venomous!

With Song Jiaren’s brains, she might even help him count his profit if he ever sold her to someone else!

Song Jiaren had no idea what Xia Xibei was thinking, looking at her expectantly. “Since you know each other, we should go together!”

Xia Xibei pulled her to the side, and asked through gritted teeth, “Aren’t you afraid that he might be a bad guy?”

Song Jiaren blinked, looking bewildered. “He doesn’t look like a bad guy though!”

She had followed her father around and seen quite a lot of people.

Sure, she wasn’t a hundred percent accurate in telling the good guys apart from the bad guys, but there was no way a man as outstanding as Qiao Yanjue could be bad!

Even though he might not be a good guy, he certainly wouldn’t hurt the two of them.

“How are you so confident in your judgment?” Xia Xibei was exasperated that Song Jiaren was so easily influenced.

If Song Jiaren really was good at discerning between good and bad, she wouldn’t have been cheated by Yang Xuan!

She might have spoken her thoughts if not for the fact that she didn’t want to unravel Song Jiaren’s wound.

However, Song Jiaren’s self-healing ability was unexpectedly great. “Yang Xuan was an exception! He’s different from Mr. Qiao!”

Song Jiaren could tell that the car behind Qiao Yanjue had cost at least a few million!

How could someone like that do bad things to her?

“Okay then. Putting all that aside, you know him, don’t you? If he’s a bad guy, why would you bring me here?”

Speaking more precisely, what she really believed in was Xia Xibei’s judgment.

Xia Xibei was rendered speechless by her question.

Although Qiao Yanjue wasn’t really a good guy, he didn’t count as a bad guy either.

“Can we leave now?” Qiao Yanjue finally spoke, an enchanting smile on his lips.

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