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Chapter 63: Solid Proof

After unlocking Yang Xuan’s phone, Xia Xibei went into his Penguin account and opened his gallery.

“Give the phone back to me!”

Yang Xuan was scared out of his wits, his face having turned pale.

“Give it back to me!”

He was ready to fight, reaching out to snatch his phone back, but Xia Xibei raised a leg and kicked him to the side.

Before Song Jiaren had a chance to marvel at Xia Xibei’s prowess, she saw the photo displayed on the phone’s screen.

In the photo, Yang Xuan and Jin Yazhen’s heads were positioned right next to each other’s, looking very intimate, and they were both wearing bright, blissful smiles.

Song Jiaren’s breath caught in her throat upon seeing such forthright evidence.

With a simple swipe of Xia Xibei’s fingers, the next photo appeared.

It was still Yang Xuan and Jin Yazhen. This time, their lips were touching.

The look on Song Jiaren’s face turned even more awful.

The next photo also showed Yang Xuan, but it was a different woman this time.

Song Jiaren snatched the phone and browsed through all the photos on her own.

The more she saw, the more appalled she appeared to be.

It was exactly as Xia Xibei had said. Yang Xuan was a downright womanizer!

These were photos of Yang Xuan with several girls, and Jin Yazhen was only one of them!

Yang Xuan finally scrambled up from the ground. Sweating profusely, looking overwrought and anxious, he demanded, “Give me my phone back!”

Song Jiaren turned the phone straight to him, and his heart went cold when he saw the photo on the screen.

“Explain to me. Who are these girls?”

Yang Xuan felt chills cascading down his spine. He never thought that these photos would be discovered!

He remembered setting a privacy restriction on these photos, so how did Xia Xibei find out?!

“You said that Beibei was falsely accusing you. So did Beibei take these photos, then?” Song Jiaren asked through gritted teeth, her expression vile and ferocious.

“Please… Please listen, I can explain this…” Yang Xuan stuttered, panicking.

This time, however, Song Jiaren didn’t bother to listen to his explanation anymore. Instead, she grabbed the phone and smashed it violently into his face.


The pain of being hit in the face by the phone was too excruciating. Yang Xuan felt like his nose was falling right off his face.

The phone fell onto the ground, but he didn’t bother picking it up. He was filled to the brim with panic and dread, just wanting Song Jiaren to turn around.

Song Jiaren turned around indeed, but she swept him to the side with a hard slap on his face.

“Yang Xuan, how dare you fool me?!”

Song Jiaren pointed at him in fury, the look in her eyes perilous.

She was a little embarrassed that Yang Xuan had nearly convinced her. She had even doubted Xia Xibei, wondering if she was lying to her!

But eventually, it turned out that Yang Xuan was the jerk that had been lying to her!

And he didn’t lie to her because he liked her! He only did that because of her father!

Having thought that, she got so angry that she laughed. “Yang Xuan, since you know what kind of man my father is, you should know what the consequences of lying to me are! You’re never gonna get away!”

Once she was finished, she snorted and turned around to leave.

Yang Xuan was anxious and terrified. He would be doomed now that he had offended the Song family!

However, he didn’t have the courage to go pursue her, because Song Jiaren’s fury wasn’t something that he would be able to withstand.

Xia Xibei’s lips twitched. She took Song Jiaren’s hand and left.

After taking a turn, they reached the side of the road.

“Alright, don’t overthink. We have to go back and carry on with our weight loss plans! Once you slim down, there won’t be any guys out of your reach!”

Xia Xibei didn’t bother to comfort her, changing the subject directly.

Song Jiaren couldn’t help but laugh through her anger when she heard what Xia Xibei said.

However, before she could respond to that, a hunky figure appeared before them.

“Is it over now? Let’s go.”

Song Jiaren raised her gaze to look and became dumbfounded instantly.

——What a handsome man!

“This is Mr. Qiao,” Xia Xibei introduced him to her.

“Mr. Qiao?” Song Jiaren gasped, the look in her eyes changing. “That impotent Mr. Qiao?!”

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