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Chapter 62: Seeing the Scumbag Clearly

Song Jiaren had always had a hot temper. Otherwise she wouldn’t have had a reputation at school.

She hated people lying to her!

Earlier, while she had known that Yang Xuan was two-timing her, she didn’t want to do anything about it after her anger had worn off. After all, he had treated her quite well.

But Yang Xuan had lied to her again!

Saving a damsel in distress?!

Song Jiaren was so upset that her chest hurt, and she kept shaking her fists at him.

“No, no! Please don’t!”

Yang Xuan was so scared, desperately trying to hide.

Song Jiaren’s fists were so scary! If he didn’t escape, she would probably kill him!

Song Jiaren couldn’t control her emotions, her eyes were red.

She kept hitting, wanting to kill this scumbag!

“Alright!” a clear, sweet voice sounded.

Then, Song Jiaren’s fist was clenched by someone else.

She turned her head mechanically and met Xia Xibei’s gentle eyes.

“No more. Don’t kill him.”

Xia Xibe had stopped her movement, explaining, “Don’t dirty our hands.”

Song Jiaren was still numb. She hadn’t fully recovered, let alone noticed Xia Xibei’s strength.

Yang Xuan looked at Xia Xibei, who had suddenly appeared, in shock. He couldn’t help but widen his eyes when thinking about the people who had just left.

“It was you?!”

If it was earlier, he would not have suspected Xia Xibei. But after being beaten by her twice, how could he not know who she was?

With her strength, it was possible for her to drive those people back.

Yang Xuan gritted his teeth with hatred. He didn’t expect his plan to be messed up by Xia Xibei!


Song Jiaren finally came to her senses, her tense body relaxing.

Feeling wronged and sad, she hugged Xia Xibei.

How could she not be sad? Yang Xuan was the first person she had liked! But he had done this to her! He was despicable!

“It’s okay, let’s not be sad anymore.”

Xia Xibei patted Song Jiaren on the back, comforting her, “Now that we’ve seen the true face of this scumbag, we won’t be fooled anymore.”

“It was you!” Yang Xuan accused, pointing at Xia Xibei angrily, “You found those people! You were the one who caused all this trouble!”

Song Jiaren became angry once again, demanding, “Why are you still lying?!”

How dare he put the blame on Xia Xibei now?! He was so shameless!

Yang Xuan wanted self-respect, but he wanted money even more! He could not let Song Jiaren leave him. Otherwise, what was the point of him doing all that work before?

“I didn’t lie! She must have found those people to frame me! Jiajia, don’t be fooled by her!”

“Oh? I found those people, did I?” Xia Xibei raised her eyebrows. “So, you didn’t find those people, you didn’t give them the money, and you didn’t cheat either?”

“No, I didn’t!” Yang Xuan denied with a stiff neck. “It wasn’t me!”

Then he looked at Song Jiaren with a wounded face, “Jiajia, don’t be fooled by this b*tch!”

“Really?” Xia Xibei suddenly showed a sarcastic smile. She reached out her hand, snatching his phone out of his pocket.

“What are you doing?! Give it back!”

Yang Xuan was panicking, wanting to take the phone back, but Xia Xibei had grabbed his hand and twisted it behind his back.

“Ow, ow, ow! what are you doing?!” Yang Xuan yelled, unable to stop Xia Xibei.

Quickly, Xia Xibei unlocked the phone with his fingerprint.

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