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Chapter 46: Discrimination

Xia Xibei remembered Pan Yan, a well-known manager in the entertainment industry. He was known for his outstanding capabilities, as well as his bad luck.

He had produced a twenty-year-old list celebrity, but unfortunately, she managed to curry favor with someone rich and terminated the contract right after.

After that, he didn’t give up, going on to promote Xia Qinghan instead.

Under his guidance, Xia Qinghan quickly became a great sensation who was much sought-after.

Nonetheless, Xia Qinghan kicked him out once she became famous too.

The reason he got terminated was because some artists stepped up and came clean about him sexually assaulting his artists.

When it was first revealed, he became a scumbag that everyone abhorred and rebuked!

Although they couldn’t find any evidence, his reputation was irreversibly damaged.

As for Xia Qinghan, she wasn’t really impacted by the matter. Her character was the daughter of a wealthy, prestigious family, and after combining her own talents with her family’s wealth and power, Pan Yan dared not do her any harm.

However, the public still sympathized with her, because she had once been so close to a wolf!

Therefore, Xia Qinghan’s popularity rose even after Pan Yan got into trouble.

Back then, the topic #my heart aches for Xia Qinghan# trended for quite a few days!

However, Xia Xibei did not believe it.

She had once rubbed elbows with Pan Yan, and she knew just how capable, honest, and righteous he was. He never demanded his artists attain resources through illicit channels.

Unfortunately, such a righteous manager was badly destroyed by Xia Qinghan.

Pan Yan had left the entertainment industry and gone missing even before Xia Xibei’s incident.

When she first met Pan Yan, Xia Xibei already had a manager, but her career development wasn’t very impressive.

At that time, Pan Yan had sighed with regret and said, “If I were the one who was guiding you, you would have become the queen a long time ago!”

It was because of his words that Xia Xibei managed to pull through the difficulties she encountered in the complicated entertainment industry. She had to prove herself!

However, Pan Yan got into trouble soon after.

Now that she thought about it, Xia Qinghan might have been there and overheard what he said.

Considering Xia Qinghan’s animosity towards her, it wasn’t impossible that she would vent her anger out on Pan Yan.

As the thought occurred to her, Xia Xibei offered an even more sincere smile to Pan Yan.

“Rest assured, I’m free on Saturday, so I’ll be there.”

“Sure, sure!” Pan Yan nodded immediately. “How about we exchange our contact information for now?”

“No problem,” Xia Xibei said, taking out her phone and noting down his number.

After attaining her information, Pan Yan’s smile turned even brighter. “I’ll wait for you on Saturday then!”


Only then did Pan Yan leave, with the bright smile still on his face.

“Xia Xibei, you’re going to be a celebrity!” Song Jiaren was very excited. She had never expected Pan Yan to hold Xia Xibei in such high regard.

When Xia Qinghan said she would consider it, Pan Yan was at ease. He didn’t even get her contact information. However, he took the initiative to request Xia Xibei’s number. That was a world of difference!

“Yea,” Xia Xibei nodded with a smile, joking, “I’ll sign an autograph for you, then.”

“Hahaha… Thank you in advance!” Song Jiaren laughed along merrily.

It was a fascinating feeling, when someone around you would soon become a celebrity.

At that moment, a sarcastic voice cut through their joyful moment.

“Is becoming a celebrity that easy? Don’t think that you can become a star just because you have a pretty face! Don’t trip over yourself by then, that will be so humiliating!”

Xia Xibei and Song Jiaren looked in the direction of the voice, only to see Liu Zhijing staring at them with blazing eyes, her face almost distorted by jealousy.

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