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Chapter 45: A Real Treasure

Pan Yan’s heart thumped wildly in his chest at the sight of the beautiful girl, who had a cool, striking aura about her.

He had seen a lot of beauties in the entertainment industry, but this girl could be ranked top among the very best.

She wasn’t wearing any makeup at the moment, but that didn’t conceal her beauty in any way. If she had put on makeup, she would certainly be a beautiful female in a TV series!

Most importantly, she had a very high malleability.

Pan Yan had seen many beauties, but not all of them were made for the camera. However, he could guarantee that this girl would definitely look great on camera!

Although she was slim, she wasn’t scrawny!

That was the key point!

Many female celebrities went through great lengths to lose weight just to achieve such an outcome. After all, one’s figure would be slightly widened on camera.

A body shape like hers would be absolutely perfect on camera!

She could attract lots of fans just with that face!

“SY Entertainment has lots of experience and an abundance of resources. As long as you’re willing to join our company, we could make you a superstar!”

Pan Yan was quite eager to have her join, as he had ventured out this time just to find great candidates.

As the top manager at SY Entertainment, he didn’t have to take this upon himself, but he wasn’t in a good state at the moment.

Previously, a B-list celebrity under him, whom he promoted to an lister, had walked out on him after managing to curry favor with someone rich!

He had sustained a blow because of this matter, which was why he chose to come out on his own to look for new candidates.

He had thought Xia Qinghan was good when he first saw her.

However, after seeing this girl, he realized that she was even better!

He had already started contemplating various ways to polish and promote her.

“Superstar?” Xia Xibei asked, looking at him with raised brows, her lips curled into a cool smile.

Pan Yan couldn’t help but inhale sharply. This little girl was extraordinary!

With her brows raised, she gave off a whole different aura, one that was very attractive.

She was only a girl in her teens, but she had the kind of charm that kept people’s eyes glued to her. That was rare indeed!

Most importantly, she wasn’t attractive in the usual way, pompous but cheap. Rather, there was an air of nobility about her that commanded respect from people. She was a real treasure!

He would be insane to let go of such a piece of jade, which shone long before it was polished and refined!

“Yes, you will definitely become a superstar!”

Despite having seen many rough seas and strong winds in his life, Pan Yan still got excited when he saw such a great sapling, full of potential.

“Xia Xibei…”

Song Jiaren had returned as well, marveling as she looked at Xia Xibei in great astonishment.

Now that she had observed both, she could tell the differences between how Pan Yan treated Xia Xibei and Xia Qinghan.

When he met Xia Qinghan earlier, he had offered a passionate invitation, but did not force it.

However, when it came to Xia Xibei, excitement was clearly written all over his face.

Song Jiaren was delighted.

Although she didn’t really like Xia Xibei, she felt pride at Xia Xibei being treated with such enthusiasm by a star scout.

“Your name is Xia Xibei, right? If you have any doubts, you could come with me to my company! My colleagues happen to have time at the moment.”

Song Jiaren pouted, stating, “She can’t go with you, we are not free right now.”

“Oh, really?” Pan Yan voiced, a little disappointed, but he lifted his spirits up right away. “That’s alright. Visit anytime you’re free.”

“If she joins your company now, would she need to be a trainee first?” Song Jiaren asked, continuing to question him.

“Yes,” Pan Yan nodded. “However, I can arrange your schedule as soon as possible. You could train and perform at the same time!”

As she looked at the earnest Pan Yan, Xia Xibei smiled and nodded, “Alright then, I’ll go to your company on Saturday.”

“Saturday? No problem!” Pan Yan exclaimed, thrilled to have gotten her to agree to a visit.

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