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Chapter 44: Brainless Boasting

“She’s right,” Tao Yueying stated, nodding in agreement. “Our Qinghan is the face of the school! And in addition to her good looks, her results are tip-top, and she has a Grade 10 in piano as well! If she can debut right away, what’s the point of making her a trainee?”

Only when Tao Yueying finished blabbering did Xia Qinghan give her a light tap, telling her to hush.

“Aiya, you’re exaggerating! I’m not that great, okay?”

“How am I exaggerating? The boys at our school go crazy for you! We settle your breakfast for you every morning, or have you forgotten?” Liu Zhijing flattered her.

Every morning, Xia Qinghan’s table would be full of the various breakfasts given to her by her many admirers. Although she had rejected them many times over, many of the boys still hadn’t given up. Eventually, all the food would go into someone else’s stomach.

To keep herself in shape, Xia Qinghan dared not eat too much, but the other girls did not have any such worries.

“Alright, stop saying that, it’s embarrassing!” Xia Qinghan’s cheeks flushed red, “We are talking about the trainee matter!”

Pan Yan smiled indulgently, saying, “Being a trainee is only the initial phase. Not everyone has to spend that much time on it. Some trainees are outstanding enough that they graduate and debut in just a fortnight.”

What he didn’t mention was that there were hardly any prodigies like that, even in the entertainment industry, where geniuses were produced in frequent batches.

Without a long period of practice, how could one perform with ease, composure and natural elegance on stage?

The old industry saying, “It takes ten years of practice to put on a google one-minute performance on stage,” wasn’t a lie by any stretch of the imagination.

“Then our Qinghan will surely be a prodigy who can debut in just a week!” Liu Zhijing replied, singing Xia Qinghan’s praises immediately.

Further in the distance, Song Jiaren’s lips twitched, the look on her face not exactly flattering.

Although she knew that Xia Qinghan had a few sidekicks that followed her around, she hadn’t expected Liu Zhijing and Tao Yueying to boast about their friend so much!

Debut in a week? They didn’t stop to consider Xia Qinghan’s capabilities at all, did they?

To be fair, Xia Qinghan was a pretty well-rounded person. She was good-looking and was talented on top of that. However, that talent would fade away in comparison to those of professional artists.

What on earth gave them the courage to boast like that?

Pan Yan remained unaffected as he listened to these little girls and their brainless boasting.

Having worked in the entertainment industry for a long time, he was used to fans flattering and fawning over their idols.

Those brainless fans could twist their idols into whatever they wished, taking a “dead-faced, soulless-eyed” look and turning it into “aloofness and confidence”. These little girls still had a long way to go if they wanted to reach that level.

“We can only know for sure once the training is done, but I believe that you definitely have the potential to become a famous celebrity.”

The girls’ words didn’t cheer up Xia Qinghan much, but Pan Yan’s words did excite her. He was a professional after all, his words carried much more weight!

She had also heard Bai Xuemei say that Pan Yan was indeed a top-notch manager from SY Entertainment. Having been recognized by him, she felt as if she could fly, she was so delighted!

“Yes, Qinghan! You can do it for sure!”

“If you get rich and famous one day, don’t forget us!”

The two of them made pouting faces at Xia Qinghan, both encouraging and pleading with her.

“But I have to seek permission from my parents…” Xia Qinghan voiced hesitantly, acting restrained.

She knew that her parents would support her in whatever she chose to do, but she had to put up a reserved front.

Sure enough, Pan Yan knew what she was thinking, and nodded, “Once you’ve thought about it and talked it all over, you can contact me.”

“Sure, I’ll do that,” Xia Qinghan reassured him.

“Then I’ll stop bothering you for now. I’ll leave first.”

Pan Yan turned around to leave, but his gaze quickly fixed onto something in the distance.

Making a split-second decision, he walked toward a girl with quick, wide strides, holding his name card towards her.

“Hello! I am Pan Yan, a manager at SY Entertainment. May I know if you have any interest in becoming a celebrity?”

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