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Chapter 42: Same Last Name, Different Treatment

When the students who had not left school yet saw Song Jiaren and Xia Xibei walking together, they were shocked.

With those two walking together, the resulting effect was outstanding!

One was tall and the other was short, one fat and one thin, one beautiful and one ugly… The juxtaposition was glaringly strong!

The first one they saw was Xia Xibei, who made people feel comfortable.

And when they turned their heads, they saw Song Jiaren, which completed the effect.

Compared to Song Jiaren, Xia Xibei was prettier,as Song Jiaren was quite scary, visually speaking.

“So, this is a red flower and its green leaves!”

“Wow, this is too much of a contrast!”

“What is Song Jiaren doing?”

“Who is that beauty next to her? She’s even prettier than Xia Qinghan!”

The looks and whispers of the people around them made Song Jiaren feel upset. The one thing she hated the most in the world was a beautiful woman.

When the two of them walked together, they received a lot of attention, but the gazes directed to Song Jiaren were very unfriendly. If she didn’t think that Xia Xibei could help her lose the extra weight she had, she would have turned right around and left.

When they reached the entrance, the car sent to pick up Song Jiaren was already waiting.

The driver was a little surprised to see that Song Jiaren had brought a beautiful girl along with her. There were no beauties such as Xia Xibei around their young miss!

Xia Xibei didn’t give the slightest bit of attention to the driver’s gaze. After saying hello to him, she smiled and said, “Uncle, I forgot to buy a washtub. Can we go to Zhonghong Street?”

Zhonghong Street was a well-known area to shop at. It was near the commercial business district and had everything, including washtubs.

“What are we buying a washtub for?” Song Jiaren asked.

“For baths!” Xia Xibei replied, “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you see results today.”

The driver watched the two of them, hesitating but deciding not to say anything.

Soon enough, the car stopped outside Zhonghong Street, the block forbidding the presence of cars.

After they got out, Xia Xibei took Song Jiaren towards a specific store.

As they were walking, Xia Xibei suddenly stopped and looked ahead of them.

Song Jiaren saw that she had stopped and looked over in the same direction to see what had caught her eye. She saw three girls, one of whom looked very familiar.

“Hey, isn’t that Xia Qinghan, our school’s beauty queen?”

Although Song Jiaren wasn’t pretty and didn’t get along that well with other people, even she knew who Xia Qinghan was.

After all, the girl was the famous beauty queen of their school!

She was good-looking, had a great figure, an excellent family background, aced school, was athletic, and combining all of that with a gentle personality, she always had an overflow of suitors around her. She was a goddess to many guys.

She supposedly had an excellent boyfriend too!

This made Song Jiaren, who was often ignored and had just been cheated on by a scumbag, quite envious.

She hadn’t expected to run into Xia Qinghan here.

“Do you know each other?” Song Jiaren asked casually.

“No,” Xia Xibei’s eyes slightly cold, even as they burned with a silent fire.

How could she not know her? 20% of the initial pain she had suffered had been at the hands of Yang Xuan, another 10% caused by those irresponsible parents, and the leftover 70% was all due to Xia Qinghan!

Song Jiaren didn’t notice the expression in Xia Xibei’s eyes, murmuring to herself, “Yes, your last names are both Xia, but you probably wouldn’t know her.”

Just because they had the same Xia surname didn’t mean that they had any ties connecting them.

Contrary to Xia Qinghan, Xia Xibei didn’t have much going for her other than her appearance. Of course, if one only looked at her face, Xia Xibei was much more beautiful than Xia Qinghan!

“Hey, what’s going on over there?” Song Jiaren asked, walking ahead in an attempt to sate her curiosity, finally realizing what was happening. “Star scout?”

She watched with surprise as the man took out a business card and gave it to Xia Qinghan.

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