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Chapter 41: Two-timing

After saying those fierce words, which terrified Yang Xuan greatly, Xia Xibei calmly left.

Before she returned to the classroom, however, she ran into Song Jiaren.

Song Jiaren’s expression was very complicated: suspicion, fear, sadness… So many emotions mixed together, contorting her large face into a mess.

Of course, she had heard of the incident with Yang Xuan’s mother, and someone had shown her the recording too. That was why her emotions were so complicated.

Yang Xuan was pretty good to her usually, and behaved well, like a mild-mannered gentleman.

He had mentioned his parents once before. In his words, his parents had very good personalities. They were gentle with others, and would never dislike her.

But today, that impression of goodness had been broken. Yang Xuan’s mom’s ferociousness was more terrifying than that of any thug!

Although Song Jiaren was the gang leader’s daughter, and everyone avoided her at school, she was not as fierce as everyone thought she was.

——She had no choice. She was fat, sweated profusely whenever she moved, and sometimes didn’t move at all if she didn’t have to.

Then Song Jiaren heard the whole story.

After understanding things more clearly, she became disillusioned.

How could Yang Xuan have done such a thing?! He had denied borrowing money, then lied about being beaten?!

She was devastated, feeling as if her world had been turned upside down.

However, after struggling with the situation and feeling sad, she still came to Xia Xibei, because she wanted to understand the whole truth!

“You came?” Xia Xibei didn’t seem to notice Song Jiaren’s reaction. Smilin, she continued, “Then let’s go, I’m ready!” She showed off her backpack, which held all the herbs.

“Aren’t you going to react at all?” Song Jiaren asked with a frown.

“React?” Xia Xibei was startled for a minute before responding. “Oh, you mean that whole thing with Yang Xuan?”

Song Jiaren nodded, so Xia Xibei continued, “There is nothing to react to.”

She shrugged her shoulders, acting as if this was all normal, “As soon as they said I was a couple with Yang Xuan, I knew what they thought. ”

“You’re really not together?”

“No way!” Xia Xibei exclaimed, looking shocked, “I’m not blind! How could I be into him?”


The corner of Song Jiaren’s mouth twitched. Xia Xibei was not blind, only she was the blind one.

“Besides, he’s two-timing a bunch of people. I’d be a moron to be into him!”

“Two-timing… Several people?”

“Yes!” Xia Xibei nodded, counting off on her fingers, “I figured there’s at least three or four people!”

“What?” Song Jiaren shouted, “Three or four people?!”

“Yeah,” Xia Xibei nodded her head, acting as if she didn’t notice Song Jiaren’s emotions and continued, “Other than Jin Yazhen, there are a couple of girls from other schools. Why do you think he needed to borrow so much money?”

These words made the look on Song Jiaren’s face become worse.

There were others besides Jin Yazhen? Then what was she?

At that moment, all of her feelings dissipated!

Seeing Song Jiaren’s vicious look, Xia Xibei smiled internally, becoming very happy.

If this had happened a year later, she wouldn’t have been able to make Song Jiaren abandon Yang Xuan so easily.

Well, that hadn’t happened yet.

Although the current Song Jiaren liked Yang Xuan, she had not yet reached the point where she couldn’t live without him.

If Song Jiaren didn’t like Yang Xuan anymore, his life would be much more difficult.

“OK. Don’t think too much about it, we’ll deal with the important things first. Let’s go!”

Xia Xibei began to leave first, heading towards the school gate.

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