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Chapter 386: You Did It On Purpose


The principal of Qing Ye High School was so angry with Wan Shijie that his face turned red. This wasn’t Mei Hua High School, he couldn’t allow them to be out of control!

“Tang Luo, what’s going on?”

Of course the principal knew Tang Luo and Xia Xibei. After all, the previous incident had happened not too long ago, and he had a deep impression of them.

Now the two of them were involved in another incident, giving the principal a headache.

“Principal, we can watch the video. The video does not lie.”

Tang Luo stepped forward, his posture erect and his handsome face very serious.

“I have the video!”

Song Jiaren rushed inside, handed her phone over, and glared at Wan Shijie.

The principal played the video.

The angle of the video was following the ball, so everyone could clearly see that the ball was going back and forth between Xia Xibei and Tang Luo.

Everyone could also see that after Tang Luo threw the ball, he called out to Xia Xibei to catch the ball, and when the ball hit Wan Shijie, he looked surprised and shocked. When the ball reached Xia Xibei, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Xia Xibei also had the same reaction.

“Look guys! They didn’t do it on purpose!” Song Jiaren exclaimed, pointing to the video.

“It’s true, they didn’t do it on purpose,” everyone nodded.

Their expressions wouldn’t look so surprised if it was intentional.

“They are acting!” Wan Shijie gritted his teeth.

He didn’t expect these two to be so sinister!

“Acting?” Xia Xibei grunted, “Why do we need to act?”

“Yeah, who’s capable of acting when playing?” Tang Luo frowned. “Besides, our side scored so much, why would we target you?”

“That’s right! You guys didn’t score a single point. How dare you have the nerve to say we’re targeting you?”

Song Jiaren had a face full of contempt. Her eyes were rolling skyward.

“Not a single point?” The principal and directors froze for a moment.

“That’s right!” Song Jiaren nodded. “It’s 34:0 now!”

Several people drew in a breath.

This score was too intimidating!

However, they finally understood the situation.

Meihua High School didn’t score at all, so that’s why they said the other team had played a trick! They were cheating!

Looking at the school administrators’ faces, the other students of Meihua High School were red with shame. They were tempted to say that even if they lost, they weren’t so bad as to not admit it!

“You guys obviously did it on purpose!” Wan Shijie insisted. He covered his chest, his face a little white.

After being hit by the ball several times and being kicked by Xia Xibei, he wasn’t doing so well now.

But in the eyes of the others, this was a sign that he was unrepentant.

“Why would we deliberately target you?” Xia Xibei was angry and aggressively slapped the table, “It’s your first time here. We didn’t know each other before, and we have no grudges against you, so why would we deliberately target you? Is it because we think you are too weak, so we want to cripple you, so that you can’t lose any more in the future?”

These words mortified the other students.

Wan Shijie’s accusation did not have any strong evidence, but rather, it sounded even more humiliating now.

Facing Xia Xibei’s accusation and ridicule, Wan Shijie blurted out, “You obviously know who I am!”

Xia Xibei froze, “What?”

Tang Luo’s eyes widened, a little hesitant. “Wait, what’s your name?”

“His name is Wan Shijie,” someone answered weakly.

“Wan Shijie, Wan… Hah! I got it!” Understanding dawned on Tang Luo’s face. “You and Miss Zhang are family!”

Miss Zhang?

This name appeared very frequently these days, and the crowd of Qing Ye High School students couldn’t help but draw in a breath.

The teachers and students from Meihua High School’s side, on the other hand, had embarrassed faces.

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