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Chapter 385: Ruining Wan Shijie

Everyone recalled the previous situation and couldn’t help but frown.

Although Wan Shijie did get hit by the ball a few times, those were all accidents! Who told him to run into the middle of Xia Xibei and Tang Luo when he was defending Xia Xibei?

“If a foul was committed, would the referee not be able to see it? Wouldn’t everyone see it?” Xia Xibei demanded righteously with an angry face.

Tang Luo was also very aggravated.

“I didn’t mean to do it!”

“If you can’t afford to lose, say so! You can’t hit people!”

Everyone was furious.

The game was going well when suddenly Wan Shijie went crazy!

“They obviously did it on purpose! Are you guys blind?!”

Wan Shijie was losing it as he was being criticized by everyone.

Blind? His words made everyone explode.

“Who are you calling blind? If it was intentional, then why could no one but you see it? Are you the only one who’s any good?”

“There’s two teachers here, and there are teachers from your school too. Are you saying they can’t see it?!”

“That’s right! Why is Tang Luo targeting you? You’re the best, huh? You didn’t score a single point, yet you still have the nerve to say that people are targeting you!”

“How dare you have the nerve?! Not a single point. Who would hit you on purpose?!”

“We’re the only ones who are blind, you’re the only one who sees everything!”

If it weren’t for the referee teacher, everyone would probably be fighting.

“Too damn shameless! It’s obvious that he’s deliberately picking a fight!”

The audience was also enraged.

They had never seen such a shameless person!

The audience from Meihua High School couldn’t help but cover their faces in shame.

The previously gentle and polite school idol had become so rude and savage! It was horrible!

Listening to everyone’s accusations, Wan Shijie was about to turn insane from anger.


He couldn’t hold back anymore. His face red, he roared angrily and rushed forward while waving his fists.

“He’s hitting people!”

“Watch out!”

Everyone was startled and immediately called out.

Seeing that his fist was about to land on Tang Luo’s face, Xia Xibei’s right foot moved and Wan Shijie felt a pain in his chest. His whole body flew backwards, and he landed among his teammates.

Several people were almost pushed backwards by Wan Shijie.

After staggering back a few steps, they were able to stabilize themselves, all with horrified expressions on their faces.

Such a strong force!

“Stop hitting!” The teacher was furious. “Stop it!”

The two referees, one from Qing Ye High School and the other from Meihua High School, were both in an uproar at this point.

They didn’t expect to have this kind of problem, they were just playing a game.

“Teacher! It’s him who hit someone!”

“That’s too much! If you can’t win, you just hit people?!”

Everyone got even angrier, and the audience on the court jumped to their feet.

Wan Shijie was so shameless!

The students of Meihua High School continued to cover their faces in shame.

Was he still their school idol? His persona had completely collapsed!

Meanwhile, Wan Shijie covered his chest and was restrained by his classmates, almost unable to breathe.


The teachers were pissed off. How could a game between schools end up like this? It was nonsense!

“Stop playing, all of you! Come with me to the principal’s office!”

And so, the game was over.

The score on the scoreboard became 34:0.

Seeing the shocking score and what Wan Shijie had done, the students of Meihua High School covered their faces and fled.

What a shame! They had lost face at another school!

After arriving at the principal’s office, Wan Shijie finally got his breath back. He looked at Xia Xibei and Tang Luo with a murderous look in his eyes.

At this point, if he still didn’t know that he was being screwed with, then he would really be stupid.

Xia Xibei immediately pointed at him and complained, “Principal, teacher, he also tried to hit someone!”

Everyone turned their heads to look at him, their faces dark.

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