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Chapter 384: United Against Scum

Wan Shijie was stopped by the ball.

However, the referee did not blow the whistle.

This was because he got hit by himself. As far as everyone was concerned, it was not intentionally done by Tang Luo.

Only Wan Shijie knew that Tang Luo did it on purpose!

Xia Xibei got the ball, avoiding the others and quickly rushing to the basket.

The ball went in with a whoosh!

“Scored again!”


“Two more points!”

The audience cheered frantically. As for Wan Shijie, who was covering his chest, only his teammates cared.

Although he was quite handsome, Sister Bei was more handsome!

“How are you doing? Is everything okay?”

His teammates came over with concerned looks.

“He did it on purpose!” Wan Shijie said through gritted teeth.

“No way?!” People were surprised. “It can’t be!”

“That’s right! If it was a deliberate foul, the referee would have called a timeout.”

“Don’t think too much about it. It was probably an accident,” everyone tried to persuade him.

If the two sides were about the same strength, and the other side used such tactics, it would still be possible. After all, Wan Shijie was strong, and if he was missing, it would really have impacted the rest of the match.

However, Xia Xibei could crush the whole court by herself, so there was no need for her to do that.

Wan Shijie’s face darkened listening to everyone’s words.

However, he couldn’t tell them that he and Tang Luo had issues with each other!

Facing everyone’s persuasion, he could only endure it.

However, the game which followed made him understand why Tang Luo came to play.

Tang Luo wasn’t here for the game; he was here to hurt him!

Tang Luo and Xia Xibei had teamed up to give him a few more hits!

The two pretended to pass the ball, but the ball always ended up falling on him!

The most annoying thing was that neither of them was weak!

Tang Luo looked thin and weak, and he was not nearly as strong as Xia Xibei, but his strength was not weak either!

After a few hits, Wan Shijie felt that he had suffered from multiple internal injuries!

However, Xia Xibei and Tang Luo worked well together and moved stealthily, hitting him while not letting anyone else see that they had fouled.

Before anyone could tell, Wan Shijie was hit several times and his anger exploded.

After a “miss” by Xia Xibei, Wan Shijie got the ball and threw it hard at Tang Luo!

“Watch out!”

Everyone was stunned as they watched Wan Shijie’s moves, and some even shouted in alarm.

However, Tang Luo was alert and dodged the hit.

With a bang, the ball grazed his shoulder and hit the floor hard with a loud thud.

Everyone’s face changed.

If the ball had landed on Tang Luo, what would have happened?


The referee blew the whistle. That was a blatant foul!

“What was that?!”

Xia Xibei spoke first.

“Are you hitting the ball or hitting people?”

The others chimed in to support.

“That’s right! Even if you can’t beat someone, how dare you hit them? Do you have no shame?!”

“If you can’t beat them, admit you lost! How can you hit someone!”

“If you can’t afford to lose, don’t play ball!”

Everyone was very angry.

If this ball had landed on Tang Luo, how badly would he be hurt?! It was really too much!

The audience was angry and started to boo Wan Shijie.

“Shame on you!”

“Hitting people when you can’t play well?! It’s disgusting!”

“Go back to your school!”

“They were the ones who hit me first!” Wan Shijie’s eyes were red and his expression was distorted.

If someone hadn’t stopped him, he might have rushed up and made a move on Tang Luo.

“Who hit you?” Xia Xibei acted innocent, an expression of rage on her face. “When we hit you, they were accidental! If there was a foul, wouldn’t the referee and everyone else have seen it?”

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